Does Ace Hardware Have A Contractor Discount? (+ Other Ways To Save)

 The Ace Hardware Corporation is the world’s largest chain of home improvement stores. Its products include lumber, building materials, electrical and plumbing supplies, tools, and hardware for home improvement.

You may wonder if Ace Hardware can offer store discounts to contractors, or if you can get an Ace Hardware discount online. You can find out more by following these steps!

Does Ace Hardware Have a Contractor Discount in 2022?

Ace Hardware cannot offer contractor discounts but they can offer some other discounts. The military is able to receive a big discount on home improvement items. If you’ve been a loyal customer, Ace Hardware will send you a free gift.

Find out why Ace Hardware doesn’t offer a contractor discount for their customers, and other ways to save money in the next section of facts.

Why Doesn’t Ace Hardware Have a Contractor Discount?

Contractor discounts are available at Ace hardware, just because they already offer other discounts doesn’t mean they aren’t in competition with other stores.

Ace Hardware is a cooperative, meaning many of the stores are independently owned, and therefore it is very likely they would not be able to give contractor discounts because of their smaller store structure.

What Other Discounts Does Ace Hardware Offer?

If you’re a contractor for Ace Hardware, you may be eligible for a $100-per-employee discount, as well as a discount for purchasing paint, cleaning supplies, and other items in bulk.

Ace Hardware offers special military and first responder discounts around 10%!

Senior discounts are only applicable for residents of the United States. You can get discounts or a free burger from McDonald’s for senior citizens.

While the Ace Hardware website is not always clear in their descriptions, I know that most of their home improvement stores do offer the discounts. I’ve heard that some Ace Hardware stores do not offer the discount, but I’ve not been able to verify this.

How Can I Save Money at Ace Hardware?

Another way to save money at Ace Hardware is by using coupons, which the company regularly offers.

While Ace Hardware does not accept competitor coupons but customers can use manufacturer coupons to buy company products.

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You can get coupons for Ace Hardware by visiting the company website and finding an advertisement in your local newspaper. You can also take part in rewards programmes or by completing a survey on the Ace Hardware website. And if you’re looking for a discount on purchases, you can find the best available coupons online on the websites that offer them.

What is the Ace Hardware Rewards Programme?

When you shop at the Ace Hardware, you can earn points that will help you save money. You are automatically qualified for the Ace Hardware rewards programme.

Benefits of the Ace Hardware rewards programme include that there are 10 points per $1 spent in stores or online, and a $5 reward for every 2500 points. Plus there is free delivery for certain purchases of $50.

In a similar vein to the above, you can save money through special promotions such as special savings on selected home improvement items, special offers on seasonal items and special deals on select services. Ace Hardware also offers members’ events such as car shows, garage sales, and other events.

Does Ace Hardware Price Match?

For those items, Ace Hardware will price match in-store for customers. For items where a price discrepancy is more than $10, Ace Hardware will honor a price adjustment on items within its store.

To get the best price at Ace Hardware, you must show a similar item is currently advertised at a competitor store for less than your Ace Hardware price.

Ace Hardware is able to match competitors like Lowe’s and Home Depot as well as local hardware retailers.

Which Retailers Like Ace Hardware Offer Contractor Discounts?

Ace Hardware is not able to offer a discount to contractors but other big box stores like Lowe’s can through their contractor discounts.

Through the Lowe’s contractor’s discount card, you’ll have the option of receiving discounts on shipping as well as exclusive discount programmes, but note that you’ll need to apply for the card before being approved to use it.

Lowe’s can help contractors save on their home improvement projects by offering contractor packages, which are items purchased in bulk to help contractors save money. In addition, Lowe’s offers volume discount pricing for purchases of $1,500 or more for materials for a project.

Home Depot doesn’t offer discounts for contractors, but they can offer discounts of up to 25% on bulk purchases of supplies for your job. Their quote desk helps contractors find the best pricing for their supplies.

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Ace Hardware only offers a contractor discount at their stores, but they have a variety of other discounts. They have a loyalty rewards programme and price match on large orders. They also offer a variety of other discounts to contractors.

Ace Hardware accepts company and manufacturer coupons as well as free shipping on your purchase. Lowe’s and Home Depot offers a very large variety of coupons for contractors too.

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