Does Target Make Copies & Print Documents? (full Guide)

When you go to Target, you can check off items on your list, including groceries, home goods, and even a wide range of office supplies.

So, you might be wondering whether or not Target prints and copies documents. I did some research into the topic, and here is everything I found.

Does Target Make Copies & Print Documents In 2022?

Unfortunately, at this time, Target does not offer copy or print services at any of its locations, so customers who want to copy, print, copy, or print a document will need to visit other stores such as Staples, Office Depot, and OfficeMax.

Target has a great, easy to navigate website and you can shop by department and brand.
There’s a huge selection of prints and some good coupons.
The website lets you check your order status and see your items right away.
And you can even pay for your order right then through the website.

Where Can You Make Copies And Print Documents Instead?

There are a lot of ways to get documents out there like the mail, fax, email or even the computer network.

– Staples
– Office Depot
– OfficeMax
– FedEx Kinko’s

You can also check if your service provider offers any coupon codes, rebate checks, etc. Here is a list of coupons and deals related to print, copy and faxing services that you can use.

You can also take advantage of hotel business centers if you have business to attend to. A simple, polite request can gain you access to the computers, printers, and scanners within the hotel’s business center.

If your print job isn’t too urgent, you can usually complete it the next time you are at the office, or if a friend has a printer!

Can You Make Copies At Target?

 People will also be unable to make copies in Target stores. That’s because the company, instead of having printing facilities in its stores, has outsourced such services to third-party companies.

But Target has been making things easier for customers by allowing them to upload documents and to print via their smartphones.

Target announced in its 2014 Earnings Report that they would be hiring about 3,000 new employees, including about 1,500 full-time positions.

When making copies of your own records, you can save yourself a ton of money by making copies at Office Depot or Staples.

Can You Print Documents At Target?

The only printing service that Target offers is in their photo department, where customers can have their photos printed out from their smartphone devices or a storage drive.


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To learn more, you can watch our other videos on if Walmart, Target, and Walgreens have a copy machine service for their customers.

Conclusion: Does Target Make Copies & Print Documents?

Target does not have printing or copying services. Instead, print copies of documents at the nearest copy shop, which may charge for copies.

you can only print photos at Target. if you have a document printing or scanning job, you can head to other office warehouses or copy shops.

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