Does Rite Aid Make Copies & Prints? (all You Need To Know)

You can’t scan your documents if you don’t have a scanner. Also, you need copies of your documents if your originals are lost, corrupted or destroyed.

 Because Rite Aid offers so many print options, whether you’re looking to print your own flyer, order a few for your staff or get a full set for your next event, you should consider which printing options are best for your needs.

Does Rite Aid Make Copies & Prints In 2022?

Many Rite Aids have an in-house picture printing department. At these locations, you may be able to print and copy documents, but the main purpose of these centers is to print pictures, so they aren’t very capable with documents as some other retailers, like Staples. Since this is a Rite-Aid (and not a Staples), always call and ask before you go.

To find more information about printing at Rite Aid, continue reading.

Does Rite Aid Print Documents?

Rite Aid allows you to access and print documents, both digitally and on paper. You can also access and print content using multiple devices.

While you can print from home, you can also print them on the go by using their mobile app. It takes a little longer to print items than using the paper route, but it’s much more reliable.

On the other hand, if your local Rite Aid has a photo center, you might be able to print your photo right outside the store.

Does Rite Aid Have a Photo Printing Machine?

Most Rite Aids will have a photo-printer inside them. This is often called a Photo Print Machine or a Photo Printer. If you want to print photos from a cellphone, you may need a wireless printer.

The company is moving much of its printing business online. So, many of the stores don’t have a photo printing kiosk for you to use.

You can use several different devices to load your images into the kiosks. You can also put information in the device to tell it what to do with the images once they are in the kiosk, like the date you want it to display on your pictures.

There may or may not be a kiosk at your mall for you to “scan your passport.” You will have to find it.

All you can do is print standard photos and get prints and collages from them. You can also pick up your enlargements and enlargement products from the kiosks. It takes about a week to get your print out.

In addition, if you purchase your product online, you will receive a credit for $5.95 shipping credit.

After you’ve selected an order to add, you’ll need to choose which type of processing you want to use.

For some pictures, you can select immediate printing. You can also time-delay it by an hour or a day.
*Note: The page shows only part of the current view.

If you are printing with different sizes, the photos will be scaled down so that they are in the same proportion for both of them.
Even if you are printing with the same size and the difference in the ratio is so big that the photo is stretched out, the photo will be stretched without cutting the area.

We recommend that you contact and find out if your local store has a photo printing kiosk before you go there to print your pictures.

How Long Does it Take to Develop Photos at Rite Aid?

Your photos will be printed instantly, however, you’ll have to send your photos to them, and they’ll print it.

For example, if you select 10 print copies, you can order for 10 prints to be made. It will then take approximately 10 minutes.

Moreover, Rite Aid provides several other ways for you to print pictures; For instance, you can choose photo books, and even items like bowls.

However, this item is usually only printed as a two-dimensional printed image, no larger than two feet tall by three feet wide.

Hopefully, this can help you figure out what you have in your photo storage system because it would suck if your pictures disappeared or ended up lost in the abyss because of a simple issue we weren’t aware of.

Can Rite Aid Print Pictures From My Phone?

Rite Aid has a program where you can have your pictures uploaded to a tablet called the Rite Aid Mobile Ordering Portal. Your picture will be uploaded to your tablet and you can download them onto a printer.

I don’t know if you can order prescription medication online, but you should be able to order digital images from the Rite Aid app, which makes things a lot easier.

You may also get special deals if you do this. Plus, you can select the pictures you need this way and order them.

If you need to know if a store like Walmart, Rite Aid, Staples or Office Depot will refill your ink cartridges, print photos or make copies, please read our review of Ink Cartridges, Printing & Copies for more information.


While Rite Aid can print pictures of all sorts online and at many in-store locations, that doesn’t mean that it can print and copy documents. While some stores may be equipped for this, others are not, so always check with the store to make sure you can print or copy or if they offer a paperless option.

Before you get a document copied over at the store, it is always best to ensure that you are getting the correct service. Before going to Rite Aid, call your local store to ensure that they can perform this service.

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