Can You Print Documents At Cvs? (What To Know…)

You can print documents to protect and back up your valuable data. To print documents, you need to find a local store that offers such services.

You can walk into any shop that offers document printing services while you are out and about doing your shopping or running errands. Many shops offer document printing services in addition to their primary services.

CVS Pharmacy may be able to print documents. CVS Pharmacy is not only one of America’s largest pharmacies, but also offers other services that make it easy for customers to shop in their retail stores.

Can You Print Documents At CVS?

Yes, CVS can print documents. The copy machines can only be found in certain CVS stores. CVS invested in 3400 copy machines at their stores across the country to offer document printing services to customers.

Customers who shop at CVS can print copies at the KODAK kiosk available at the CVS they choose using both digital and physical files.

CVS can accept PDF files from USB thumb drives.

To find out if your CVS stores have copy machines, you can use the CVS store locator. CVS stores offer both photo and document printing services.

Are All CVS able to print?

Not all CVS offer a printing service. Only a few CVS pharmacies offer document printing services.

Use the CVS locator to find out if your CVS can print documents.

To find contact information for your closest CVS store, you may also use our store locator.

To avoid any inconvenience, contact the CVS pharmacy nearest you.

There are many types of printing services available at CVS

CVS has many printing and copy options.

  • Copy in black or white
  • High-quality, full-color copies
  • Single-sided copies
  • Double-sided copies

Scan your documents to save them on CD.

Is it possible to print from your phone at CVS?

CVS allows you to print directly from your smartphone. CVS offers mobile printing services for its customers via the CVS Mobile App. Customers can print photos right from their smartphones.

Customers can get the CVS Pharmacy mobile application from their Apple App Store or Google Play.

CVS also leverages technology from Kodak moments in order to offer print-to-store services to Google photo users. Kodak provides photo products and services.

Customers can order high-quality prints from their Google Photos app, and then pick them up the next day at a CVS Pharmacy.

These steps will help you get started:

  • Get the app for your iPhone or Android mobile device.
  • Choose CVS, then print photo prints
  • You can select all of the photos you wish to print from your camera roll
  • Select the size and quantity of copies that you require, as well as the CVS store where you would like to keep them.
  • After you are done checking out, your high quality photos will be available for collection at the CVS of your choice within an hour.

Is it possible to print documents from digital sources at CVS?

CVS allows you to print documents from physical documents, hardcopies, and digital files. Customers have the option to choose from a variety of sources including USB drives or flash drives that contain PDF files.

Connect your drive to the KODAK kiosk, then click the “print” option. Select the desired color, size and type of print, then click on the print button.

Is it possible to create photo gifts and Greeting cards at CVS?

CVS allows you to do so. Customers can now create greeting cards and photo gifts using the new in-store mobile printing option. To show their commitment to providing memorable shopping experiences for their customers, the company offers Wi-Fi access to their photo kiosks. To access this service, customers will need to download the Kodak kiosk Connect app. Customers can send photos directly from their mobile devices to the Kodak kiosk in the CVS to be printed.

CVS Printing Costs

CVS charges reasonable rates for the many printing services it offers in its stores. Depending on what printing services you require, the company charges rates from 19 cents up to $ 3.99

Take a look at the printing costs:

  • Black and white copies will cost you 19 cents per sheet for single-sided documents, and 38 cents for double-sided ones.
  • Color copies: You will pay 99c per page for single-sided colored documents, and $1.98 for double-sided ones.
  • CD copies: CD copies made from saved scanned documents cost $3.99



CVS provides reliable, reasonably priced document printing services. People with tight schedules will find it very convenient to print documents at CVS.

People who have hectic schedules may not be able to wait in line at printing shops. They can send photos directly to the CVS app via the mobile app.

CVS offers many services, including printing photos and documents, as well as personalizing gifts for loved ones.

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