Can You Print Documents At Walgreens & Do They Laminate?

Walgreens photo labs offer a variety of services,
including various kinds of processing of different media.

This is how Walgreens treats their printing. It’s only available in the Walgreens website. You can pay $1 to print on letter size paper. It’s $5 to print on A3 size paper and the lamination is another $1.

Can You Print Documents At Walgreens & Do They Laminate In 2022? 

Walgreens has a great deal of locations at which you can print documents, including, which allows you to use a free application such as Google Chrome to browse and print documents saved to your computer.

To know more about the file types you can print, the cost to print large volumes, and the type of bindings you can get, continue reading.

How Do You Get Documents Printed At Walgreens?

If you need to get your documents printed, you can head over to the ‘Document Printing’ section of the Walgreens website.

Once you have selected the binding, page size, and number of copies, you will be taken to the next page where you can upload your document.

Finally, you will have to make the payment which will be based on all of the options that you selected. Depending on your preference, you can either pick up the documents yourself or have them delivered to your address.

Does Walgreens Offer A Service To Laminate Printed Documents? 

The Walgreen’s office did not include laminating services in the printed document on the table for the conference room.

How Much Does It Cost To Print A Document At Walgreens? 

Table 1: The following table shows the standard costs for printing multiple copies of single-sided pages on standard paper with no cover or binding for two sheet sizes.
[Table Caption] : Table 1: The following table shows the standard costs for printing multiple copies of single-sided black and white pages on standard paper with no cover or binding for two sheet sizes.

Walgreens offers volume discounts,i.e. the more the number of sheets in your order, the lesser you are charged per sheet.

Please confirm once you understand the content of the message.

Although the ink cartridges may seem expensive at first, the refill service will refill your cartridges with new ink and keep you from having to buy new cartridges in the future.

Which File Types Are Supported For Printing At Walgreens? 

Walgreens supports document files, image files, and the document/image format. If you do not specify the format, the images of your document are saved as the specified format. For example, if you select a text-only file, the images are saved as text.

How Long Will It Take To Get Your Documents Printed At Walgreens?

If you choose to print your ID and other important documents at the same time, you will have the chance to make any final changes on your printed copies right after they are finished printing.
If you choose to have your ID and important documents delivered to you 3-5 business days after your order is placed, you will have more time to make any changes you need.

If you need same-day pick-up for an auto-injector order, you will need to contact your local Walgreens and ask them for the closest location that can process same-day pick-up.
Note that there may be a certain time window before your local store is able to process a same-day pick-up, so it is possible that you will not be able to use this service.

What Can You Get Printed At Walgreens

If you can’t find your exact size, we recommend our best fit and match sizing guides.

For orders that are available within 3-5 business days with all the options included, you will be able to have all the options included in the same day pick-up service, but with additional limits.

However, this does not mean that if you wanted to print to other people, you cannot do this. That’s because if you take a picture of a document and put it in a document viewer, that will allow you to print the document and then send it to other people.

What Types Of Bindings Does Walgreens Offer? 

Walgreens has 5 types of binders for your documents: paper and plastic pocket, paper, plastic pocket, vinyl pocket, and wire binding.

If you need help with passport photos, see my guides on taking passport photos at Walgreens, scanning passport photos, getting a passport notarized, and Walgreens passport photo development.


You can however print your documents through Walgreens but they do not offer lamination. To print your documents, just visit the ‘document printing’ webpage on the Walgreens website and upload a variety of file types, including PDFs.

You can take the forms and have them printed at any copy shop to get the documents printed and bound in a matter of hours.

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