Does Walgreens Do Passport Photos? [price, Locations, Wait Time + More] 

Walgreens offer a range of photo services at 8000+ stores in the whole country.

If you have recently purchased a passport, you may be wondering if we do passport photos. Unfortunately, there is no place near our stores where we can take passport-sized photos. We can print them at home, but it will cost you. And, the best of all: you will not have to return to the store for more copies.

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Does Walgreens Do Passport Photos In 2022?

I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get that, but yes, Walgreens does provide a same day passport photo printing service in 2022 which costs $14.99 per pair of 2×2 inch photos. Over 8,000+ Walgreens locations provide this service — Monday – Sunday and requires no appointment. Additionally, Walgreens can take passport photos for babies and children.

You can find the complete requirements for obtaining a passport at the American Association of Travel Agents.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Passport Photos From Walgreens?

If you order a pair of 2×2 inch (standard size according to U.S. regulations) passport photos from Walgreens, they will cost you $14.99.

Also, you can also take a picture of yourself using your smartphone at Walgreens, which is not that expensive, around 3 dollars.

I don’t have a laptop.

This should be obvious, but if it isn’t, a simple Google search for passport requirements will be very helpful as well.

Do All Walgreens Take Passport Photos?

We are very pleased to partner with Walgreens and offer passport photos at all of their locations. As with the Walgreens brand, you can expect a professional and courteous service when you walk through that door.

How Long Does It Take To Get Passport Photos From Walgreens? 

You will have to wait a maximum of a one hour to get your passport photos from a Walgreens store. You can also get your passport photo’s in a couple of minutes if there aren’t many orders in the queue already.

What Do You Need To Take Along To Get Your Passport Photos Taken At Walgreens? 

you don’t have to bring anything to get your passport photos taken, only your ID document.

Walgreens does not provide paperwork for your passport applications. It only provides the passport photos you need for your application.

Do You Need An Appointment To Get Your Passport Photos Taken At Walgreens? 

If you have any problems with the photo, please go to your nearest Department of Health.

However, Walgreens does suggest that you call before to see whether the store has any openings available and avoid inconveniences.

Can You Order Passport Photos Online Through Walgreens?

* If you need photos with your passport, it’s best to send them to the agency instead of having the agency send them to you. If you send your photos in, you will have to show photo ID to the agency to prove you’re over 18.

Do Walgreens Stores Have Passport Applications Available? 

No, you can not find passport applications at Walmart stores. However, these are not processed by Walmart, you must complete the application yourself and have it processed at the post office.

You can learn more about the passport process at the official US government website. To download a passport application directly, you can visit this link.

For passport documents, you can also go to Walgreens. If you are an American citizen, you’ll also have the ability to print documents.
[B] If you do not have a passport, but just want to submit your own documents, you can do so at any Walgreens.

Also, the Walgreens policy says that they will give you a refund, but you have to contact them first for the reimbursement. You can also read up on their photo return policy.


A passport is a must-have travel document for all international visitors to the U.S. It can be obtained for free at the US National Passport Agency (NPA). In addition, the agency provides other travel-related services.

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