Does Rite Aid Do Passport Photos? (cost, How Long Does It Take + More)

The process of obtaining a passport is not easy. It requires you to have a photo, which you have to provide to the consulate as well.

Finding somewhere to get a passport photo taken can be tough. Rite Aid is a pharmacy that also has a printing department, but they aren’t the best for doing passport photos.

Does Rite Aid Do Passport Photos In 2022?

You can get passport photos at Rite Aid without an appointment. You are able to get passport photos even if you are not a customer. You can also get the passport photos done quickly. Make sure to call Rite Aid beforehand to check if passport photos are available at your local store.

Rite Aid passport photos may become obsolete as early as the end of June 2011.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Passport Photos Taken at Rite Aid?

The Rite Aid Pharmacy is one of the best places to get passport pictures and it also has a printer to make copies.

Furthermore, you can also take a photo yourself, then have it uploaded to your mobile device and have it printed at the nearest Rite Aid for only 19 cents.

The last one is the most popular because it is cheaper and more convenient.

Do All Rite Aids Take Passport Photos?

To take passport photos, you can either go to a photo center or just purchase the photos at a pharmacy, like Rite Aid.

The pharmacy can still print photos out if the store doesn’t take its own photos.

In case of emergency, call Rite Aid Customer Service at 1-800-743-0150 and you’ll be assisted by a Rite Aid customer service representative.

Also, not calling can only bring more to an already busy store.

How Long Does it Take to Receive Passport Photos From Rite Aid?

Usually it just depends on the kind of photo printer you have.

There are a couple of options: You can get them mailed directly to your local post office with a photo ID, or you can have them printed in a postcard format.

Once you place the order, a photograph of the person you want to represent you will be taken. The model will be provided with a photo shoot script.

And you might be able to just use a regular search engine and find one.

You could also get many other things printed from Rite Aid’s photo center, assuming that that the photo center has the correct infrastructure.

Do You Need to Have an Appointment to Get Your Passport Photos Taken at Rite Aid?

You have to go in and make sure you’re not too busy to get a photo taken. You’d better call ahead and make sure to have time set so you can stay a while.

You can order your own personalized picture online, and if you would like different types of pictures, you can ask for the pictures to be customized too!

Finally, if you have a passport with a photo of the old type, it may be worthwhile to see if your local library has any old-type photos of yourself.

Can You Order Passport Photos Online Through Rite Aid?

If you have a photo or picture on your phone that you think is appropriate, the Rite Aid site will allow you to order it to have it sent to you in the mail.

A friend of mine ordered an item from a website and found that she couldn’t print to a thermal printer and had to use a laser printer. I’m not sure if that will be the case here, but it is worth a warning.

This should be a picture of you and your passport. The passport number and name must be clearly visible. All text must be legible. All facial features, like the bridge of the nose and eyes must be visible and there must be sufficient detail so that the image can be read. There must be a clear and unobstructed view of the entire face.

There are many, many places that provide this information. Unfortunately, they don’t all have the same policies on how to handle an individual who is trying to commit or has committed a crime against a member of their organization.

The new features will allow you to take a picture using the Samsung Galaxy S9’s in-display camera.

If you want to learn more about whether Rite Aid sells stamps, or if Rite Aid sells cigarettes, or if CVS takes passport photos, you might consider starting to read the section on Rite Aid here, and the section on CVS here.


Unfortunately, the Rite Aid has an archaic software that requires you to print on the printer before you can scan, so you need to request a photographer to come to your location and do it.

However, if you want to make the process even easier there are some features on the website that you can set up. For example, you can use the Rite Aid photo kiosk for in-store prints.

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