Costco Meat Wrapper (duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours, + More)

The Costco meat wrapper job is a good gig, but it’s different than a lot of other meat wrapper gigs. Here are all the things you need to know when applying to work at Costco.

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What is a Costco Meat Wrapper In 2022?

Workers in meat departments wrap food in meat wrappers and stock cases. They talk with customers, make sure the prices are correct, and sort products. They also need to be safe foodhandlers to work in this entry-level role. Starting pay is $13/hr and can be as much as $23 with experience.

I did some research about the Costco meat wrapper job, and I found out more details about this job. If you are interested in this job, keep reading for more useful information.

What is a Costco Meat Wrapper? 

Wrappers are used to wrap meat at the meat department. They wrap the meat cut by the meat cutter, and then deliver the meat to the market.

What are the Requirements to Be a Costco Meat Wrapper? 

 The position requires that the person must lift at least 50 pounds, must stand for an extended period, and use their hands to make calls.

The second essential job requirement is that you must have experience with handling, packaging and preparing food.

If you are interested in being a Costco meat wrapper, take the time to improve your communication skills with customers, even if it is not the reason for your job application.

People who work in a restaurant will have to be detail-oriented, because they have to check quality of the food they are selling.

Costco employees who handle food products at all of its locations, new and current, must undergo a year-long “food safety certification course” prior to starting on the job.

During this training, food workers in meat wrapping learn basic food safety requirements. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Identifying the potential health risks at work.
Identifying the most appropriate food handler equipment.
Knowing the basic food safety practices.
Identifying and avoiding cross-contamination risks.
Knowing the basic food handling procedures.
Identifying and preventing cross-contamination.

Finally Costco employees should be at least 18 years of age.
All employees must also have a high school education or equivalent.

What are the Everyday Duties of a Costco Meat Wrapper?

Costco is based on a philosophy of efficiency, therefore it’s their goal to get the most meat for the least amount of cash at the least amount of time.

Most people have experienced having a job where you have to stand in front of a bunch of other people as part of the group and help guide them through their orders. Sometimes you’re told what to do, sometimes you’re not.

Although meat wrappers rarely check customers out, they ensure that meat products are appropriately labeled and priced before being purchased.

The meat wrapper cuts trusses and ribs bones. Depending on the size and shape of the meat, it may cut the meat into quarters, slices, or chunks. I would expect the trusses to be the first to go and some bones to be cut for smaller pieces.

We will have to weigh fresh beef and meat and tightly close packages for freshness.

They might have to wash and freeze ice packs somewhere along the way.

Finally, once meat wrappers have completed the wrapping process, they ensure all products are placed correctly in the display case for purchase by Costco members. They also help members know if the meat has been properly cooked, such as by using a temperature probe and thermometer in the oven.

How Much Does the Costco Meat Wrapper Job Pay? 

Most restaurants and other food establishments require workers to provide their own equipment.

For this job, the highest pay is around $23 per hour, dependent on your location and your experience.

What are the Possible Work Hours for a Costco Meat Wrapper? 

You may earn more on a per hour basis at a meat wrapper than at a grocery store, as meat wrappers can earn more per hour than a grocery store employee.

You’ll want to be a part of the meat department during the busy days of the week. This means that you can work overtime whenever you’d like and get extra hours with a lot of available shifts!

How Do I Apply to the Costco Meat Wrapper Job? 

Applicants need to send in an application to the website, and include all the information that they need to apply for a visa to come to the United States.

Once your resume is submitted you will be notified of the status of your application within 24 hours.

Costco employees may ask applicants which meat products they would like and suggest that they should make a note of it on the meat wrapper.

Once you complete your resume, you can add the certification(s) you have completed to your resume.

Costco will contact applicants they want to interview after receiving their application information and reviewing all information included in the application.

Is the Costco Meat Wrapper Job a Good Career Choice?

Most of the Costco meat wrappers are young people, and it requires them to wear protective clothing to protect themselves from the dangerous chemicals that are used in the meat wrapping process.

This job is rewarding because workers get to work in fast-paced environment where they learn valuable food handling experience and job skills.

And it’s not just for school. This program helps people with a variety of different backgrounds in our community, including people with disabilities.

Costco is a company that does grocery shopping and other retail services. If you want to find a job there, you can search the job postings through our system and post your resume.


If the meat is raw, it is wrapped in cellophane, or butcher paper before putting it on the shelf.

Besides packaging meat, meat wrappers will also restock the shelves with new packages of meats and tidy up any spills that may have occurred.

And in case anyone is confused by the difference between all of the above, I’ve also included a couple of different versions of each to showcase the differences.

Meat wrappers are responsible for cutting, packaging, and storing fresh meats for grocery stores. The main job is to quickly organize, package, and sell fresh meat for grocery stores.

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