Is Aldi Meat Halal? (all You Need To Know)

Grocery shopping with special dietary restrictions can be challenging. Muslims have to think about what is Halal and what is not.

If it is halal, it must comply with Islamic standards, but you may need to also examine each product very carefully.

Aldi is not only a small store, but they are also a smaller version of a store like Walmart or Costco. While they might not offer large selections of meat, they do have a wide variety of different meat options. So, if you’re looking for a meat option that is not on their list, your options are still good.

Is Aldi Meat Halal In 2022?

Aldi doesn’t always have their products halal certified so you can’t always be sure that it is.

However, Aldi does have a small amount of halal certified products and some of their food isn’t certified yet.

Why Isn’t Aldi Meat Halal?

Aldi’s main focus is on saving costs, and they have a big headstart in the market.

The fact that a business doesn’t want to provide halal meat doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with selling non halal meat. I mean, there are plenty of restaurants that sell non-halal meat and don’t have any problems.

What is curious about this story, though, is that the grocery stores are now carrying halal meat but they are not advertising it as such.

In a 2018 article on, some American grocery store chains are not publicly saying they serve halal food — at least, not in the United States.

Even if it was completely clear that every single animal they sold was halal slaughtered, there is still no way of knowing for sure that there was no meat, poultry or dairy products in the supply chain that was not halal slaughtered.

Will Aldi Ever Sell Halal Meat?

Islam is quickly becoming the second largest religion in the United States.

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I think this is one of the best parts about the site.

Even though the West has a large population of Muslims, many Western cities are full of halal restaurants, which cater to the Muslim population.

I am fairly certain that they will not offer halal meat in their stores. They already said that they are not interested in the niche of non-Christian religions.

Is Anything At Aldi Halal?

Unfortunately, Aldi doesn’t sell anything that indicates whether an item is kosher or not, so shoppers will need to be careful about those types of purchases.

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This is a question we receive often and we will respond in the first of a couple of ways. For the most part the Halal Commission is more concerned with the way food is prepared than what is contained within the food itself. There are a lot of misconceptions about what does and doesn’t meet the requirements of the Halal Commission.

What Is Halal?

Muslims believe in the concept of Halal food, but they are not bound by the exact rules regarding what it is. Instead, they determine if a dish is Halal based on how they personally feel about the food.

Pork is forbidden in the Quran, and Muslims must not eat meat that comes from the hindquarters. has an article on what halal means and what it doesn’t mean.

Where Can You Buy Halal Meat Instead?

This is because Muslims do not eat meat that is not halal or is not slaughtered properly.

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Halal meat is meat that has been slaughtered according to Islamic law, which is a requirement for Muslims in most cases.

However, these are just a few select stores in select areas, so it is important to do your research before shopping.

Find information on nutrition and the health benefits of the food you choose to shop for.

You might want to know where does Aldi’s chicken came from, where does Aldi gets their milk, and where does Aldi got their beef.


We can only guess what will happen, but we would expect more grocery stores to have choices for those who want to eat halal food.

While Aldi doesn’t sell halal certified or halal suitable meat in their U.S. stores, it would be very surprising – with the company having its finger on the pulse of food trends – if they didn’t begin selling it in the coming years.

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