Costco Food Service Assistant (duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours, + More)

Costco is a well-known store that sells all kinds of food, including pizza, chicken wings, fries, and many other kinds of food. This is made possible by the food service assistants.

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What is a Costco Food Service Assistant In 2022?

The starting pay for food service assistants is $15/hour in 2022. They learn to follow expected food safety protocols and clean up any work areas that may be in disarray. Food service assistants help maintain the cleanliness of the store and stock supplies. They make sure to refill drink stations.

Check out this guide about the Costco food server position. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the position.

What Does a Costco Food Service Assistant Do?

Costco Food Service Attestants are responsible for cooking, preparing, and serving food in the food court. They can make sure that the food at Costco meets company specifications.

besides cooking and serving, you will assist with food management to keep the restaurants, cafes and kitchens clean.

What are the Daily Responsibilities of a Food Service Assistant at Costco?

Costco food services assistants have many responsibilities to complete each day to serve customers. They help serve customers all day long. They have to prepare customers meals, take out trash, answer questions, help customers with food allergies and assist customers who have difficulty walking.

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There is a busy season when your school has extra classes so staff are needed in other departments such as food service.

What are Requirements For Becoming a Food Service Assistant at Costco?

Food service assistants must undergo a First Principles Program online certification training course. This program will help you to know how to handle food safely.

* How to select the correct application and data from an Excel spreadsheet.
* How to complete an OWA report and produce PDF files.

Costco associates should be over eighteen years, a high school graduate or equivalent degree like a GED and a clean criminal record.

How Much Does Costco Pay Their Food Service Assistants?

In Costco, food service helpers earn anywhere between $15 and $17 an hour.

What are the Hours Costco Food Service Assistants Work?

Although Costco food services may be flexible in scheduling its workers, the workers are still considered employees of Costco.

Does Costco Hire Seasonal Employees For Food Service Assistants?

When the busy times are come to visit Costco, employees can easily get a job to get more money. These can easily become temporary employees.

What is the Process For Becoming a Costco Food Service Assistant?

If you want to apply for a Food Assistant position at Costco, you will first need to view the position description, and then access the applicant portal here.

After entering the location information, the user is prompted to continue by selecting “Continue”.

After you click the button you will be asked to select a location to apply for a position.

After you enter the States, Cities, and Zip codes, you are presented with job openings at stores at the location you specified.

Click the application link and you will be redirected to the Costco applicant portal login page.

The new application is designed to be used in person, and you can pre-populate your application with previous information.

And if you make no progress, the status of your application will stay as a pending application.

Applicants will be asked to provide some basic information about themselves like contact information, education and work history, and references before submitting their applications to hiring managers. However, applicants should not feel compelled to provide information about their age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or marital/family status.

After applying you will have to go to an interview with Costco and they will ask you more questions about the position you’re applying for.

Do I Need to Pass a Drug Test Before I Can Be Hired as a Food Service Assistant at Costco?

The initial drug test may have caused a positive result for a candidate that had smoked marijuana in the recent past. The company is following up with the candidate.

Employers may not discriminate against applicants who fail to pass a drug test. An employer’s refusal to hire such a person because of a known inability to pass a drug test would constitute a form of illegal discrimination.

Is the Costco Food Service Assistant Position a Good Job?

As an entry level employee, working in the food service industry is a great way to get started in this industry. The hours are flexible and you get paid very well.

Food service assistants are among the highest paid among service jobs. They can work at times that are appropriate to their lives as well as take on extra work as needed. There are no requirements to obtain this position.

It can be really hard to find a job if you don’t have any prior experience.

Costco is a warehouse that allows you to earn a high hourly salary and continue to learn job skills as you work.

If you are wanting a job in a Costco, you can also check out our articles on how to make Costco cashier assistant, how to be a Costco baker, and how to be a Costco deli associate.


Costco food service assistants provide a high-quality customer experience for Costco members in food court areas. They often perform the tasks listed in the full-time job. However, some Costco food service assistants perform other tasks that are not listed. They also provide a high-quality customer experience for Costco members who visit the store.

Food service assistants start out gaining the skills they need in this position. They’ll be able to take those skills to other jobs as they advance in their careers.

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