Usps Assistant Rural Carrier (job Description, Good Job Hours, Duties, Pay + More)

The good news is that the U.S. Postal Service is a very friendly place to work. Employees receive better pay and benefits, and you can work in a wide variety of locations. It’s also a good place for women looking for career opportunities and job growth.

As the name of the position suggests, the USPS Assistant Rural Carrier position is designed to give you a chance to work as a rural employee in a variety of jobs. So if you want to work as a rural postal worker, this is the position for you!

USPS Assistant Rural Carrier In 2022

This position is a part-time position that consists of delivering mail on multiple routes when full-time mail carriers are unavailable, meaning Rural Post is looking for people who prefer being a part of a team instead of working alone. These positions are highly flexible for the individual, and they also offer benefits. The pay varies by location, but Rural Post can offer a competitive wage.

The Rural Carrier is the most fundamental position of USPS in the rural United States. They’re responsible for delivering mail from local Post Offices to the public, as well as sorting and distributing mail to other Post Offices, in their region.

What Is The Job Description For A USPS Assistant Rural Carrier?

A job description indicates what a job is like, what skills and abilities are needed, and the work performed.

There are some exceptions. For example, you can find USPS job listings if you’re a member of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU). These job listings are not visible to the public. You can become a member of the APWU by contacting the local APWU office.

Unfortunately, the USPS does not recognize assistant rural carriers, as most of their positions are posted as full time and only a few are part time.

A carrier should be a very responsible person. He must know the locations of all the branches and service offices where he delivers mail. He must maintain a very clean vehicle and should be able to read and understand route maps and schedules. He should have a love of people and the ability to help and assist the customers. A carrier should be trustworthy and honest.

This other site says if you are looking at becoming an auxiliary postal carrier, check out the main US Post website.

How Much Does An Assistant Rural Carrier For USPS Get Paid?

US Post Office (USPS) employees are paid a standard weekly salary based on the amount of time they have worked for the company. The hourly rate is fixed, and the number of hours you work determines how much you’ll make.

However, most of the assistants work from home, so they don’t have to get to the USPS depot.

They also have one to two raises a year based on how well their Post Office location performs.

What Does The Schedule Of USPS Assistant Rural Carriers Look Like?

The schedule can be inconsistent because they are part time positions intended to cover full time rural carriers.

You can expect to be on call from Thursday through Sunday in a rotating schedule because of the rural nature of the district.

In addition, the Assistant Rural Carrier position is eligible to be bid upon annually. This is because the Rural Carrier positions are a temporary, annual position and will be a career position when the Rural Carrier is no longer able to work in a rural carrier position. However, after being bid upon, the position will be subject to a competitive bid process for the permanent Rural Carrier position.

Assistant Rural Carriers are employed by Rural Carrier’s as a part-time position that allows them to supplement their income and to provide needed service in rural areas.

If your facility doesn’t require you to work more than five hours a week, you can pick up extra hours at nearby Post Offices in the area.

There’s a way for you to make it easier on yourself.

For example, the Post Office has fewer employees, so the time will be less. It also depends on the time of year. For example, during Christmas, many people like to receive mail. So, there might be a higher volume of mail during the holiday season.

On holidays, the full-time carrier will usually be able to help out. Weekends are more of a problem, because there might be a shortage of full-time carriers available on those days. If someone is willing to volunteer, they can usually be called in to cover for other carriers.

What Are The Requirements To Become A USPS Assistant Rural Carrier?

You MUST pass the Virtual Application. This may be on-line or in person at a Virtual Applications center in your local office before you start your application.

There are many information pages available on this site, as well as info to help with the AS level examination. Also, to help with test anxiety.

You will only be able to be selected for the job as a result of having successfully completed the assessment, and training provided by the employer, in a manner which meets the legitimate expectations of the employer.

All of these are subject to a new rule that will require all carriers to pass a test before getting on a mail truck, but they will no longer be required to submit them for regular reevaluation.

Unfortunately (for applicant), none of the required KSAs disqualifies an applicant from the position.

Additionally, you must have a valid international driver’s permit, a passport, and you must not have an outstanding traffic ticket or arrest. In addition, you must not have a conviction for a controlled substance or a drug-related offense. You must also be able to prove that you’ve held a valid license to drive in Canada for at least one year.

– You must meet the requirements established by the publisher, such as the number of pages, content, etc.

How Can I Get A Job At USPS As An Assistant Rural Carrier?

To get an Assistant Rural Carrier job with USPS, you need to register an account at this website After you do this, you will then be directed to the official USPS hiring page for this position.

You can find a step by step guide on making an eCareers account, searching for jobs, and applying to different jobs here.

If you did not meet all the requirements for Assistant Rural Carrier, then you are not eligible to apply.

Once you apply on eCareers, if you aren’t prompted to take the assessment, you may be asked to take it a week later. Or, you may be contacted by a recruiter to take it.

The process begins when you pass the background check, drug screening, and provide proof of citizenship.

All in all, the application and screening process can take as long as three months to complete. If you don’t hear back from someone immediately, don’t get discouraged!

It is a good idea to visit your local post office to speed things up.

To learn more about the postal service, like how do you get a USPS PO box, if USPS is a good job, and if USPS is a federal job.


A USPS assistant rural carrier is a part-time, non-career, temporary position that primarily covers full-time rural carriers who cannot work their usual schedule. This position is not a career position.

While Assistant Rural Carriers (ARCs) typically make $19.00 an hour, and have flexible schedules, since they must cover for other carriers on relatively short notice.

An Assistant Rural Carrier, also known as a Rural Letter Carrier, is one who has been hired by the U.S. Postal Service to deliver and transport mail.

To work as a delivery driver for a Rural Carrier, you must be 18 years old, a citizen or legal alien of the United States, able to pass a drug screening and background check.

There is also an assessment and training modules that you must pass after applying on eCareers for USPS.

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