Is Usps A Good Job? (Not What You Think)

United States Post Office is a popular company, especially for those who live in rural areas and have a driving license.

If you’re interested in the postal service, you can become a letter carrier or a clerk or work in a mail-processing center.

If you are looking to get a job with the postal service, maybe you should be wondering if or is actually a good job. Here is what I found out!

Is Working At USPS A Good Job In 2022?

The majority of positions offer competitive pay, with a starting salary of $21,000 for most entry level positions and the potential for greater pay to those who advance within the organization. Employees are rewarded for high levels of productivity with excellent benefits like paid sick, vacation, and parental leave. However, an employee must be willing to work in areas and times of the year that are often not suitable to many other careers.

So you’re considering this as a job option.
Then I think the best way to land that job is by creating your own.
Because in most cases a company hiring you will have their own in house research team and your job will be to research them.

Is The USPS A Stressful Job?

Past workers have complained that their working conditions are very stressful.

Customer service positions have a lot of work to do, so dissatisfied customers can sometimes cause the job to be stressful.

Employees say that they are not well-equipped to do their jobs, and that things have been changed around often.

What Hours Do USPS Workers Work?

The post office is very strict of the time frame of when employees should be at work. They are not allowed to do any other tasks on their job during work hours.

Although these positions only require a limited number of hours, you may need to work a few nights and weekends to make the schedule work.

The shift is usually a 4 hour rotation. However, shifts can last 6-8 hours.

Those who work at a processing plant may be required to work on holidays.

Fortunately, most (but not all) holidays that are widely observed like Christmas Day.

If you do not want to be a postal carrier, there are other jobs available!

What Is The Best USPS Job?

The most sought after position is Rural Route.

As a result, a Rural mail carrier is considered to be the best job at the US Post office.

Rural carriers earn a lot of money because they work hard and they are lucky.

Can You Retire From The USPS?

The Postal Service offers retirement benefits to U.S. Postal Workers.

The minimum conditions for OPM to claim tax exemption for employee and employer contributions to a retirement plan are that the contributions are made in lieu of income and that the pension payments are reasonably expected to be in excess of $400 a month.

Even though, the state pension he receives is higher than what he receives from the USPS.

What Is The Career Outlook For USPS Carriers?

Recent efforts to improve technology, training, and modernize the postal service have been input to improve community approval.

As a result of this, some job seekers may be wary of applying for job at the local USPS as they are unsure of what the new hiring standards are.

When the economy is struggling, you’ll find yourself having to go from job to job more frequently, which can be very difficult for job seekers who want to stick with one industry.

BLS projects the Postal Service will have a projected 31,900 openings, despite decreases in employment.

This number reflects the number of people that will need to be hired in order to replace the workers who have chosen to leave the labor force.

Is Working For The USPS A Federal Job?

Workers for the United States Postal Service are not considered to be federal employees.

Instead of a postal employee, they are also employees of the federal government.

However, this does not block the Postmaster General from benefiting from the same advantages offered to all USPS employees, but it does mean that those who work for the USPS will not be paid any higher than others who work for the federal government.

What Do USPS Workers Do?

A postal worker typically does many diverse things; a postal worker will typically perform different jobs, e.g. mail delivery, postal distribution, administrative, or management, etc.

There are a lot of postal jobs even just in California. This is why there are so many people seeking for jobs at USPS.

You get to work for the Postal Service in any of their offices, which gives you the opportunity to work at an Office Location that suits your needs.

What Are The Benefits & Career Paths Of Working For The USPS

For example, the USPS offers excellent employee benefits that you may not be aware of.

The postal service offers a very generous benefits package that is one of the reasons it maintains a high employee retention and high employee morale.

They provide flexible hours, vacations, health benefits, and more generous holidays than in other occupations.

What Does The USPS Pay?

When compared to other industries, the USPS routinely hires over 600,000 people every year and has more than 700,000 workers.

Surprised, the pay of USPS employees is very high; and it’s actually higher than minimum wage.

The United States Postal Service offers diverse and flexible career opportunities, allowing individuals paths for career advancement, especially because the Postal Service is constantly evolving.

In addition, the management positions offer competitive pay packages, bonuses, and more.

Things To Consider Before Applying For A US Postal Service Job

United States Postal Service (USPS) is an equal opportunity employer with a variety of careers – everything from customer service representatives to letter carriers.

In light of the many positions, searching for job listings on the USPS website is the best way to find jobs.

The US Post Service is always hiring new employees.

I’d recommend reading the [article] for more information.

They are looking to hire someone to do a full time, part time, or seasonal job.

If you’re a night worker or work on weekends or evenings, this might be a great opportunity for you.

With this in mind, if you want to apply for a postal position, you must be aware of the requirements that must be met.

How to Prepare For A Career At The US Postal Service

All people who want to be postmen or mail carriers must pass the Postal Exam.

A USPS exam is a series of tests that measure your comprehension of skills needed for a letter carrier job, including math, general knowledge, and logic.

What Are The USPS Qualifications For Employment?

US Postal Service jobs require you to lift heavy packages and stand on your feet for extended periods of time.

When an employee comes to work, he is expected to put on his required uniform.

Due to the physical and mental demands of the position, you must pass a physical and mental examination, drug screening, and extensive background check.

How To Apply For the USPS Job Program

You can also find useful information to help you apply for open jobs with the USPS on their website if you want to apply for other jobs with them.

You can apply for a job with USPS by going on the USPS Career Centers and clicking on the job that you wish to apply for and follow the instructions provided.

To see more information related to the USPS employee benefits website, you can read our post on USPS employees benefits.


USPS workers are a huge part of society. They deliver about 40% of America’s mail.

Since they are the largest employer in the United States people who work for the United States Postal Service are highly sought after.

When many people think of a career in postal service, they think of great benefits and a great salary.

Remember, all of the time, they have to be out in the cold and in the rain, delivering letters to people who don’t even bother to be there when the letter carriers come.

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