Usps Seasonal Job (duties, Pay, Time Frames + More)

The U.S. Postal Service will have extra help during the busy season–like Thanksgiving and Christmas–with postal and delivery employees who volunteered. More than 7,000 people volunteered to help.

We’re talking about the United States Postal Service. USPS hires about 40,000 seasonal workers every year. If you want to know more about how long these jobs last, what they pay, and how to apply, then check out all the information I discovered!

USPS Seasonal Job In 2022

USPS hired most of its seasonal workers starting around 2021. Most seasonal workers only work about 21 days, but they can work up to 89 days at a time. Mail handlers, drivers, and mail carriers are the most common roles for seasonal workers, with starting pay being $11 per hour.

Now that you know the details of the requirements and the hiring process, you should be ready to join the team.
But first, let’s talk about what you need to know during the interview.

Does USPS Hire Seasonally?

The Postal Service does hire seasonal workers, primarily for the winter holiday season.
In 2021, the Postal Service planned on hiring more than 40,000 people in all zip codes temporarily.
The Postal Service does hire seasonal workers, particularly for the winter holiday season.
It was reported that the Postal Service plans on hiring more than 40,000 Temporary Employee workers in all zip codes immediately beginning in June 2021.

Well, there are several seasonal mail carrier job opportunities. There is also rural mail carrier and mail handlers job. There are also city mail carrier, mail handler, and driver jobs.

Mail Processing Posts, where workers sort and process mail, is the most popular seasonal job at the United States Postal Service (USPS).

This week, the USPS revealed that it has increased the number of seasonal workers it hires to deliver mail on special routes.

While there aren’t a ton of summer jobs being advertised, you might find your friends posting them on Facebook or Instagram.

Mail processing and package delivery are common jobs in retail.

How Long Is A Seasonal Job At USPS?

Seasonal Employees work during the two winter seasons, Spring Break, and Summer. Workers are provided no benefits and are paid a fixed wage. Seasonal workers are often hired by businesses to work within a particular geographical location and time frame, and are not intended for permanent employment.

A seasonal worker can’t work more than one 89-day term in a row.

And the ones who are hired for longer seasons like Christmas are usually paid less than seasonal employees who are hired for the summer.

A third type of worker are the **independent contractors**.

How Much Does A USPS Seasonal Job Pay?

Ultimately with the US Postal Service, how much of your income you can make depends on the position, experience, and whether or not you pass a mail exam.

While the low-wage positions are not in the legal definition of “executive,” many of the folks who work in them are, in the same way that the lower-paid part-timers or contract laborers are often the folks who would be considered “employees” for other purposes, and many of the folks who work in “executive” positions are paid much more than the $11.

However, if you have some experience or can pass a test, your starting rate for your first project can go as high as $15.03 per hour.

What Hours Do Seasonal USPS Employees Work?

Many seasonal jobs revolve around sorting and processing mail which usually occurs in the early mornings or late evenings.

The main delivery drivers are those working during day time hours.

If your worker is asking for a certain number of hours, it’s still important to make sure you’re being fair to him/her.

In addition to their normal duties, these workers may be called upon to work overtime or extended hours. This occurs when employers have a regular need for additional workers.

What Are The Requirements For A USPS Seasonal Job?

You’ll have to have a degree or a minimum of high school diploma, be able to pass a background check, and have a driving record clear of incidents in the past three years. You’ll also need to be able to pass a test to confirm your ability to drive a vehicle safely.

The government of India has decided to give higher pay to seasonal workers. People who take the test may be entitled to a higher hourly/weekly wage.

How Do I Get Hired For A USPS Seasonal Job?

If you meet all of the requirements listed above, there is a good chance you will get hired at USPS for this period of time, so you SHOULD NOT be being picky and should look to fill all available positions.

To find a job at a Post Office, go to the USPS website and find a hire page for the particular position you want. You’ll need to complete an application which can be done online.

Another benefit of getting a job at the Post Office is that you can earn a $1,200 bonus. And as we mentioned earlier, if you work there for a year, you can collect up to $2,400 worth of retirement benefits. So if you want to spend your days at the Post Office, it really can pay off.

When Does USPS Hire For Seasonal Jobs?

The United States Postal Service usually begins hiring for seasonal mail employees like mail carriers when the mail volume picks up in early September. This is usually around the same time the United States Postal Service began hiring for Christmas and Easter holiday mail carriers.

Also, when the postal service has more customers, you are allowed to hire as many people as you have jobs.

Why Does USPS Hire Seasonal Workers?

In late February, the USPS announced it was planning to hire 2,500 seasonal workers to assist with processing packages during the busy holiday season.
The mail processing jobs will take place at the main processing plant in Phoenix, Arizona, and at the sorting facility in New York.
“We are going to process as much mail as possible each night, working around the clock to make sure packages get delivered as quickly as possible,” said Richard K. Smith, director of Mail Processing Systems.

For the busiest months for the post office, October to the end of the year are the busiest months.

 The holiday season has gotten a little bit busier in the last decade but itâ€(tm)s not really different from any other busy time of year. It is important that you have all of your holiday shopping done at least 5 days before the actual holidays so that you have enough time to send them at the last minute.

The Postal Service has not been at full capacity in the past couple of years. In fact, in 2011, USPS delivered 3.3 billion packages. By 2020, that number was up to 7.3 billion. Based on these figures, it’s clear why The Postal Service needs extra help from time to time.

A lot of people want to be a postal worker. There’s just something that people can connect to.

As an example, USPS employees take time off during the summer and the holiday season, so USPS needs to cover their absences.

Can A Seasonal USPS Job Become Permanent?

A seasonal USPS job is an employee who is hired to work in one or more of the postal regions for a certain period of time, say one year, two years, three years, or whatever. Such a person would then return to their home area to retire, or work elsewhere.

There are very few details about how to transition to a permanent role.

While some questions are easier to answer, others may take longer. But the process is the same for all of them.

So keep reading.

We have a lot of employees on the rolls who will be furloughed, and the number will be in the hundreds of thousands. We do not have any vacancies at this time for employees whose positions are currently being furloughed.


If you do not have another job lined up, you will be paid for the remaining furlough period, through the end of the fiscal year (October, 2019).

You can also read our posts on if USPS is a good job and how to get hired by the United States Postal Service.


Seasonal work with the post office is a great way to make some extra money over the holiday season, but the pay might not be the best, and the schedule is unpredictable.


Just to supplement the other answer…
When I say “in-article” it’s the same as “in the passage.” The words appear in their ordinary order in the whole piece.

People don’t usually get hired in seasonal jobs. Getting a permanent job is not easy. Your seasonal job may even become permanent if you’re lucky!

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