How Long Is A Seasonal Job At Amazon? (Hours, Benefits, & More!)

Amazon doesn’t offer every job that is part-time or full-time. There are seasonal jobs as well, which require a different level of commitment.

A seasonal job could be the perfect job for you, whether you are looking for extra income to buy gifts for loved ones or you have the time and desire to work.

What are seasonal workers? And how long do they last?

What is the Average Time It Takes to Get a Seasonal Job at Amazon?

Amazon seasonal jobs typically last for six months. However, the most common timeframe is November to January. While it is not a common practice, you can still be employed full-time after your contract expires.

These jobs are popular because they allow people to enjoy the holidays while also making a little extra money.

Amazon is hiring approximately 150,000 seasonal employees this year.

Continue reading to learn more about seasonal jobs, and the benefits they bring.

What is a Seasonal Employee?

Seasonal employees are temporary workers who are hired to work for a limited time in any position. They are usually similar to part-time workers and are employed when there is a higher demand. This happens when Christmas becomes a nightmare due to high demand.

Although seasonal workers can be found in any job, this article focuses on Amazon.

Seasonal employees typically work between 30 and 35 hours per week. However, the company has the responsibility of determining how many hours they should work.

Amazon offers benefits to seasonal employees

Amazon’s seasonal employees aren’t considered ‘full-time’ so they don’t get the same benefits as full-time employees.

Seasonal employees get $15 an hour starting salary, just like other employees

Is it possible for a seasonal employee to get a full-time job?

Amazon recognizes that seasonal employees are hard workers and may offer a full-time position to them.

Amazon will offer seasonal workers the chance to work for them after the holiday season. This is not a new idea, since they have had good results in converting hundreds upon hundreds of seasonal employees to full-time employees.

Amazon Seasonal Employees Are Paid Weekly

Amazon seasonal workers get paid weekly. According to Amazon, the average hourly pay for an American employee is $18. The Amazon employees also stated that they will be earning more if they work overtime, night shifts, and early in the morning.

Let’s take for example, an Amazon Delivery Station Warehouse employee decides to work Saturday through Tuesday from 1:00 AM to 12:00 PM. This will give you an idea of some of the benefits of working longer shifts. This employee could earn as much as $3 per hour and receive a bonus of up to $3000.

This is a great benefit, as long as the seasonal employee is willing to work a little harder than an average employee.

Amazon Seasonal Jobs

We are very close to Black Friday, Christmas and the end of the year. This means that Amazon is experiencing a high demand.

Amazon is hiring many seasonal employees right now because of this.

According to Alicia Boler Davis (Senior Vice President, Global Customer Fulfillment), the following was stated in a press release

We are proud to offer a wide range of part-time and full-time jobs, as well as great benefits and pay. We are able to deliver on our promises to customers and still offer flexibility for our full-time employees during busy times. Amazon offers part-time, high-paying work in seasonal positions. It also provides a pathway to full-time employment. There are benefits such as our Career Choice program that helps people further their education and career within Amazon.

These ideas are logical given the increasing demand Amazon has seen over the past few years.

Amazon offers seasonal jobs every year, but this year they want customers to be able to enjoy the benefits of shopping with Amazon no matter what the demand is.

Andrea Wilkerson, Amazon’s Staffing Coordinator:

“About four years ago, I began a trial run as a seasonal Amazon employee. I was promoted four times since then and now I help staff Amazon’s Delaware Valley facilities. I can tell you from experience that Amazon has a wide range of jobs, along with flexible work hours, that can be tailored to meet any employee’s needs. These include those looking to return to the workforce, start a new career, advance their careers, or simply to make some extra cash during the holiday season.

Learn more about Amazon’s work environment. This post will explain whether Amazon employees receive a discount and what business days are for Amazon. It also explains how Amazon employees can get Prime.


Both the employee being hired and the company hiring them are great at seasonal work. It’s a way to get a job without committing fully, but still make money and enjoy the benefits of Amazon employees.

Amazon offers the possibility of having someone work for them for a few months, just enough to sustain a large number sales and deliveries without the need to hire someone full-time.

Amazon may hire a seasonal employee as a trial in many cases. This allows Amazon to evaluate the person and determine if they are worth it beyond their seasonal contract.

You might consider Amazon if you’re looking for work and have free time during the holidays.

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