Usps Shoe Policy (What Kind Of Shoes, Black Only + More)

USPS can’t allow you to work there if you don’t follow their dress code.

Employees at the post office are required to wear shoes that conform to certain specifications. The specific guidelines can be viewed here.

USPS Shoe Policy In 2022

UPS workers have the same requirements as USPS workers.
Employees are expected to wear black, leather-style shoes that are easily visible to the driver of the delivery truck. An employee can wear any type of colored or branded shoe; however, the shoes should be of the same brand, model, and color as the service area.

Make sure to check out this article from the Huffington Post to learn more about the intricacies of the US Postal Service’s shoe policy!

What Shoe Materials Are USPS Employees Allowed To Wear?

You can wear leather shoes, but you can’t wear any kind of synthetic material. Also, please be aware that leather is a natural material that is not 100% waterproof. When you sweat and water hits leather, it will absorb the moisture and can leave it damp for several hours.

The USPS will accept canvas and nylon as a substitute for leather. However, only a certain amount of canvas and nylon is accepted. The synthetic leather must be able to withstand wear and tear.

* Footwear size will have to be measured from inner to middle toe.
* The sole of shoes will have to be at least 1/2 ” thick.
* Shoes will have to be in good condition.
* Shoes will be tested to avoid damage.

To know more about the safety rule for USPS workers, you can read the complete USPS handbook here.

Can USPS Employees Only Wear Black Shoes?

United States Postal Service employees are only permitted to wear SR/USA labeled shoes at work.

SR/USA is pretty much the standard if you want to ship. SR is more common for those doing the “big” jobs. For a general discussion, look at the SR label. For more specific information, see the SR discussion on the SR/USA forum.

I think the USPS employees can wear black shoes and if they would prefer, they can wear non-black colored shoes, but they just have to wear black shoes.

I am aware that USPS employee shoes cannot have green tags, but I believe the green tags on USPS employee shoes are only for identification purposes.

What Are SR/USA Labelled Shoes?

This translates to the shoes being made in the United States of America and slip resistant.

You can tell if a shoe is made in China by the label. If there is a “Made in China” label on your shoe, it is likely not made in China.


What you are describing here is not an error.
The correct way to present this example is…

If you do not have safety shoes at work, you will be fired if you get hurt, even if you are the one who fell.

Where Can You Buy SR/USA Labeled Shoes?

In order to purchase uniforms it is best to buy them from Postal Uniforms Direct, which you can find online here.

Shoes from SR/USA generally have a higher price tag in comparison to other brands, but you can find them at lower prices if you’re willing to shop around.

It is very unlikely that you can wear a pair of SR/USA shoes when you need to go somewhere like a meeting. You can, however, wear your normal shoes. You will notice that you can order your shoes at your local SR/USA store if you get there early enough.

Why Do You Have To Buy SR/USA Labelled Shoes?

The reason to follow the USPS shoe policy is that it is in place for safety reasons.

As far as comfort is concerned, slip-resistant shoes are more comfortable than the non-slip version of the same shoe.

There are a lot of issues to consider when considering the safety of your safety and comfort. It is important to make sure you are getting the right safety toe in an SR/USA shoe.

In the event that you’re hurt on the job, wearing SR/USA labeled shoes is an excellent idea.

If you’re injured on the job, you should be certain that you are wearing the SR/USA labeled shoes. You will need this information to be ready to take advantage of your right under the law to file a claim with your workers’ compensation insurer.

USPS hires a lot of people, but hiring is more selective than most jobs. Also, USPS hires a lot of temporary workers, just like any company. If USPS’s hiring practices seem strange, it is because they are different from most companies’ hiring practices.


Employees who work in USPS facilities are required to wear black, leather, or leather-adjacent slip-resistant, water-resistant, and dust-resistant shoes.

 All USPS employees are required, in most cases (especially when you are working in USPS facilities), to wear black shoes (though it is not expressly stated as such on the USPS website).

I’ve found that USPS Uniforms Direct is the most comfortable and easiest to find. They have a really great selection and you can get your items shipped within a day or two.

United States Postal Service employees can not wear any open-toed, heeled, or fabric, canvas, or nylon shoes.

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