Subway Dress Code (hoodies, Shoes, Hair, Tattoos + More)

Working at Subway is an excellent option for most people, especially if they lack work experience. But, if you have decided that Subway is the right job for you, then you need to know the job requirements of your job.

You can’t wear jeans, shirts, jackets, or any other kind of clothes you’ve worn before. (Or, at least, their color will be affected.)
Wrestling boots can be worn, but only if they’re white.

Subway Dress Code In 2022

Employees in Subway must wear a Subway hat that the manager at Subway will provide as of 2022. Also, employees must wear a Subway vest and either black or khaki pants. Subway asks that workers are neatly groomed and wear non-slip close-toed shoes.

If you’re still curious about the dress code at Subway, you can find more info about the dress code here.

Can You Wear Hoodies At Subway?

While Subway’s employee manual doesn’t specify that employees can wear hoodies, it would probably be safe to assume that they’re not allowed because Subway workers must wear a Subway shirt.

Although you can wear a hoodie or a jacket while at work, if you have questions about whether you can wear a hoodie or a jacket while on-shift at Subway, you should ask your Subway manager.

There are lots of different rules that a Subway franchise might have for dress code.

If I Have Tattoos, Do I Need To Hide Them While Working At Subway?

At Subway you have to be able to work in all parts of the store, and managers have the right to make their own decisions on this subject.

I’ve never found a place of work where the boss was offended because I didn’t cover up a tattoo. I’ve never had to, either.

Can You Have Facial Piercings At Subway?

There does not appear to be an official policy on facial piercings, but some Subway locations request that employees limit their facial piercings.

For example, a Subway franchise may require that their workers have only one ear piercing per ear. However, it is not uncommon for Subway to allow more than one ear piercing per ear.

If it’s something you have to do on a daily basis, then you should start with a one-on-one with your manager.

While it’s not necessary to clarify with a manager about face-piercing, it’s a good idea to be aware of possible prohibitions.

Can I wear Leggings To Work At Subway?

The subway’s policy allows for wear of pants of more structured material such as black jean material or khakis. However, if in doubt, again check with your manager.

If you want to wear leggings, they will not be allowed in a business setting. While you can wear leggings in certain social settings, like a beach, gym, or pool, it is not recommended for business.

The employee manual says the leggings will be removed if the employee needs to enter the area where the cash is counted.

Can You Wear Fake Nails To Work At Subway?

As long as the nail is clean the employee is free to cut them, though this is not a legal requirement.

– The restaurant also has a separate section for gluten-free foods, with items marked by green and yellow labels.

How Do I Wear My Hair At Subway?

– Yes, you can wear your hair down.
– You can wear your hair down.
– I advise you to take off your cap before entering the job site.

According to the franchise’s job description, the employees must wear a hair style that protects their clothes from soiled food and that prevents them from getting into food.

What Makeup Is Acceptable While Working At Subway?

You can wear makeup while at work if it is professional and does not disturb others.

While this may seem obvious, there’s a large possibility that something would fall onto food while it was being prepared. This could result in unsanitary food.

Can I Wear Black Jeans To Work At Subway?

Yes, black jeans is a permissible Uniform at Subway. However, it should be in a regular length and not too Distressed as well as faded.

What Shoes Can I Wear To Work At Subway?

Subways shoes must be appropriate footwear for each and every position within the restaurant, because there will be many times where shoes will be stepped in and/or go wet.

Also, although it is acceptable for you to wear a tie, make sure that the tie is neatly laid out and that it is not a knot or a pile of twisted strings.

Can I Wear Crocs At Subway?

Yes, we are not allowed to wear Crocs, but only Crocs that are not non-slip; and the holes can be the reason why they are not allowed.

Are Shorts Permitted For Subway Employees?

The Subway Employee Manual seems to be very vague and states that no shorts are permitted. I doubt that Subway actually has a policy on pants.

The Subway restaurant in Lake Oswego, Oregon reportedly allows its workers to wear shorts during certain months of the year.

You can’t go around with your pants half-covered by your baggy t-shirts.

To learn about Subway hiring schedule, whether or not Subway drug tests, and Subway break policy, just keep on reading.


The dress code of Subway Inc. also requires a neat appearance for all employees. Therefore, employees should wear a clean, tucked-in Subway polo with an apron over the top and a Subway visor or hat.

Please consider your tattoos and piercings when purchasing the Subway Sandwich of a Lifetime.

When you working at Subway make sure your shoes are non-slip and your toe are close together.

Always be sure to ask a store manager for any questions or concerns about the workplace, as well as the general rules of dress and work environment etiquette, such as asking for help, or any other rules that might need attention. Asking questions will be very helpful for everyone.

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