Dairy Queen Dress Code (Hats, Hair, Tattoos, Shoes + More)

Dairy Queen is one of the most popular places for people looking to get into the food service business.

When you first start a new job, make sure you know what the dress code for your location is. The dress code is found at the front desk at your place of work.

Dairy Queen Dress Code In 2022

The Dairy Queen uniform can consist of a shirt, tie, and khaki work pants. In addition, employees at select locations may also require a nametag, nametag holder, apron, and/or hat/visor.

In some locations, an employee must wear pants and tennis shoes, rather than slacks.

Please continue reading for more information on Dairy Queen uniforms and dress code!

Does Dairy Queen Give You A Uniform?

Yes, all employees of the Dairy Queen receive a uniform consisting of an employee name tag and an employee hat or visor.

If you want to look professional, then make sure you have the right uniform. Other than that, a DQ looks for how well you know your subject matter so get to the knowledge base.

Still, all of these items are paid for by the company, plus they have a footwear assistance program which is offered to DQ employees.

What Shoes Are Required For Dairy Queen Employees?

The dress code at Dairy Queen requires employees to wear non-slip shoes and be black.

The non-skid shoes prevent accidents due to spills or slips and falls.

Dairy Queen is also encouraging its employees to purchase new shoes for an additional charitable purpose.

Hopefully, the company will allow you to pay for the shoes through two different paycheck reductions.

What’s more, Dairy Queen will give us $15 for buying your shoes when you order from Shoes For Crews.

If you were to consider those shoes, you would need to spend twice as much as you thought you could afford for a pair of “cheap” athletic shoes.

But if you have time, it’ll be better if you can purchase white non-slip shoes from stores. You can use the same method to purchase shoes that you use for slippers.

Can Dairy Queen Employees Wear Leggings? 

Employees are not allowed to have leggings. The most common options for pants are black slacks and jeans.

Even though most establishments have their own dress code policies, each of them is owned and operated individually.

Can You Wear Ripped Jeans To Work At Dairy Queen?

That’s right. You cannot wear ripped denim in the workplace.

Also, a lot of places don’t allow ripped jeans, and instead require black pants, while some places allow both unripped jeans and black pants.

Can Dairy Queen Employees Wear Hoodies?

Employees can wear a hoodie over their DQ uniform shirt if they want to.

Employees should wear the DQ apron all the time, and never wear a non-uniform shirt.

Can You Wear Shorts Working At Dairy Queen?

Some restaurants let the employees wear whatever they want, while some don’t allow the employees to wear shorts. This can be a very important factor in deciding where to eat at, but it is also a very personal decision that each person should make for themselves!

The standard dress for cats is usually very simple. They are kept indoors and they don’t wear a lot of jewelry or other accessories. They don’t tend to be fashionable in any way.

Can Dairy Queen Employees Wear Hats?

The uniform or dress code for the job is to wear a Dairy Queen hat or visor, and will be provided when you start working.

Are Dairy Queen Employees Allowed To Have Facial Piercings? 

To protect us from catching AIDS, many of our franchise owners ask us to put a bandaid on our nipples or to remove the piercing.

Since jewelry was used in the service of the Gods, it is not allowed on your arms and hands.

Can Dairy Queen Employees Dye Their Hair?

In order to find out if your hair color is unnatural, you will need to check in with your local Dairy Queen.

However, many owners ask that you just keep your hair a natural color. The rest doesn’t matter much to them.

Can Dairy Queen Employees Have Tattoos?

Most businesses ask for tattoos to be covered and not vulgar and are often asked to wear sleeves, pants or long shirts to cover.

I think this is a pretty good strategy for covering up a tattoo, but I’m also trying very hard to keep my head up right now.

To know more about Dairy Queen, you can also read this post on the Dairy Queen locations in the United States, and this post on the history of the company.


The dress code varies between locations because all restaurants are independently owned and operated.

Not to mention that you need to prepare, mentally, for the possibility that some of your fellow contestants may not get along with you.

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