Sephora Dress Code 2022 (Hats, Tattoos, Piercings, & More!)

Sephora, one of the most prestigious makeup retailers in the world, is a leader in high-demand retail jobs. Sephora offers many perks and amenities that help employees stay motivated and happy. This makes it an attractive place to work. Sephora expects the same from its employees.

Sephora employees often wear a stylish uniform that consists of a tunic, white dress, button-up, and tunic. Sephora employees used to wear black uniforms with stripes. However, the company recently switched to a white and dark motif.

These uniforms are part and parcel of a Sephora general dress code. However, you might be surprised to know that Sephora has some very flexible uniform policies and dress codes. This allows employees to show their best while still looking professional and uniform.

Continue reading for a breakdown on the Sephora dress code requirements and information about what Sephora employees can and cannot wear.

Sephora Dress Code

Sephora’s uniform pieces in black and white are the focus of Sephora employees’ dress code. You may need to wear a tunic, button-up, or striped top depending on your job. Solid black pants are recommended. For promotions and special events, you may receive printed t-shirts.

Sephora may not send you your uniform immediately if you are just starting your job. You can wear business casual all-black outfits in this case. Sephora has additional expectations about employees’ appearances.

This article is mostly focused on the makeup and fragrances employees use during work shifts. We’ll discuss this topic a little later.

Sephora – What Tops Are Available?

Sephora offers a variety of tops including tunics and button-up tops. The original design featured a red-and-black motif. However, the company now offers a white-and black option. The black and white uniforms are available to full-time employees.

It is acceptable for employees to wear sweaters or cardigans when it gets cold. Be sure to not make it too distracting or graphic.

Sephora – What Kinds of Bottoms Are Available?

Female employees won’t need to wear a bottom piece with the general Sephora uniform tunic (dress). Employees may also choose to wear solid black uniform pants.

Employees who are going to wear the tunic should wear leggings, or other pieces that tie it together. Adjusting the length of skirts and other parts of uniform is frowned upon.

Sephora allows you to have facial piercings and color your hair.

Sephora employees can wear whatever hairstyles they like, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their job duties. Ex- and current Sephora employees can color their hair as long as it does not interfere with their job responsibilities.

Sephora does not specify any expectations about piercings. However, employees can assume that they should limit facial piercings. Sephora employees are expected to respect their piercings. This should be clarified by your manager at the time of hiring and/or onboarding.

Sephora: Can you wear makeup and fragrances?

Sephora employees are expected to show off their makeup products when on shift. Employees should always be wearing at most three products. You can wear a simple two-product look as long you are wearing at least one perfume.

Sephora: Can you wear a hat?

Sephora employees are discouraged from wearing caps as part of their uniform requirements. You might find that some locations allow certain types, so you might ask your manager about the headwear policy.

Sephora: What Shoes Are Available?

As with most retail positions, the dress code policy for shoes is mainly focused on ensuring that employees’ feet are clean and safe while they perform their duties. Closed-toe shoes must be a part of your Sephora uniform.

Sephora allows body art and tattoos

Sephora employees are usually fine with tattoos and body art as long as it is not too graphic or extreme. Employers are discouraged from having visible tattoos as it can distract customers.

Sephora Does Not Allow Certain Things

The Sephora dress code prohibits certain things, provided you wear your uniform pieces. These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Excessive or extreme tattoos
  • Too many facial piercings
  • Open-toed shoes
  • Accessory hairstyles and accessories that compromise safety or efficiency

You should not have any problems with the Sephora dress code as long as your appearance is professional and consistent with uniform expectations. However, repeat dress code violations could result in you being sent home to make changes or being disciplined.

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Last Thoughts

Sephora offers many perks and benefits to employees. Employees must be professional while working for Sephora. Sephora employees must adhere to the dress code.

Sephora’s uniform policy is quite relaxed. Employees should not have to worry about wearing their uniform and three makeup products throughout their shift. In most cases, hairstyles, hair color and tattoos are acceptable.

This is only true if things begin to impact your work or reflect on the company. It is generally not acceptable to have very graphic tattoos on your body or to have a lot of piercings on your face. Shoes, accessories, and ro hairstyles which compromise safety or efficiency are also prohibited.

Feel free to post any concerns or questions in the comments section.

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