Does Amazon Ship To Hawaii? (Everything To Know…)

You may be an Amazon customer in Hawaii or a relative who lives there and would like to purchase something and have it delivered.

Shipping to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska can sometimes be a mystery. Let’s clear up any doubts.

Amazon ships to Hawaii

Amazon ships to Hawaii. However, there are some exceptions and restrictions that may prevent your delivery. These are the restrictions may place on you depending upon your situation and the product you bought for delivery to Hawaii.

Continue reading to find out more about Amazon’s restrictions and shipments to Hawaii.

Size limits

Hawaii shipping regulations have a maximum length limit of 108 inches and a maximum weight limit of 70 lbs. If your item is larger or heavier than this limit, it will not be eligible for shipping.

Hazardous Materials

You should not be thinking of using materials that could pose a danger to your health. This includes sprays, oils, hair dyes, and some other products.


Some carrier restrictions may place your shipping on hold. Make sure you have another option if your address is unavailable for shipping.

These are just a few of the reasons you can buy on Amazon and have your item shipped to Hawaii without any problems. If there are any doubts, contact support to let them know.

Shipping to Hawaii is not difficult, but there are still some questions. Let’s clear everything up!

Is there an Amazon Warehouse in Hawaii

However, Amazon does own land on Oahu, but there’s no Amazon warehouse located in Hawaii.

Amazon bought land in Honolulu back in June 2021 to build a new distribution center.

It is a 14-acre parcel on Auiki Street that is valued at around $76 million. This land will likely revolutionize Amazon’s operations in Hawaii.

Sherry Menor McNamara is the president and CEO of The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii

We want to make sure that our small business community understands the e-commerce process for Amazon and is prepared for any opportunity that may arise.

The distribution center has been getting ready for the opening of its doors, including getting staff trained and preparing for a warehouse.

Amazon Prime Offers Free Shipping to Hawaii

Yes! Amazon Prime shipping is free for all customers in Hawaii, provided they follow the steps to become Prime subscribers.

Keep in mind, however, that not all purchases will be eligible for free shipping. Many third-party sellers will still charge full shipping costs. This is why many customers make sure to check out products sold by Amazon first before contacting other sellers.

What is the Average Time It Takes for Amazon Prime Shipping to Hawaii?

This is the main difference between Amazon Primer for Mainland USA (Hawaii) and Amazon Primer.

A Prime membership in Hawaii won’t allow you to receive the popular two-day shipping. At least, not until the new distribution centre opens.

This makes sense as it is impossible to ship a package outside of the state in 2 days. Prime will offer regular free shipping, which can take up to 2 weeks. That’s not bad at all, and you still get free shipping!

Amazon Prime Hawaii: Is it the Same Price?

Amazon Prime Hawaii is $99, almost $10 more than the regular price, but it is still worth noting.

Although it is unclear if prices will increase after the new distribution center opens, there isn’t much information. However, this package will still provide you with great service and a great deal.

Amazon in Alaska and Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico and Alaska are in very similar situations. Amazon ships to both countries but there are the same restrictions as Hawaii. Prime subscribers also get the same benefits.

Amazon Prime Hawaii: Should you Buy It?

It’s an amazing deal when you look at the whole picture. It’s not easy to find certain items in Hawaii, and it can be quite expensive to purchase them. This is why it’s so great to have an option where you can access a huge catalog of digital products and other items to satisfy your needs.

You get free shipping. But, Amazon Prime Video is an additional benefit to a prime subscription.

Netflix is the most well-known streaming service. However, there are many great movies, shows and documentaries, including some exclusives, that will be worth your time.

It’s worth considering though: if you plan to watch movies and shows, while also shopping on Amazon, Prime may be right for you. If not, casual buyers might be a better option. You will still get your package.

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You can be sure that your Amazon orders will reach Hawaii residents without any issues.

There are restrictions and differences to the products you can find on Amazon, but most items are shipping-friendly. However, Prime members won’t have access to every third-party seller item that comes with free shipping or the 2-day shipping offer.

Amazon, despite its small drawbacks, is still one the top online retailers for shipping to Hawaii.

Remember, Amazon will make it even easier to use once the new Distribution Center is open.

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