Does Amazon Deliver To Puerto Rico? (What To Know!)

Amazon offers a variety of services that allow you to ship packages quickly and easily throughout the United States. These services may not be available for residents of Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii.

This article will provide details about Amazon’s shipping policies to Puerto Rico. We will also discuss related topics like the cheapest and easiest shipping method to Puerto Rico from Amazon.

Amazon Ships to Puerto Rico

Most Amazon products will ship to Puerto Rico directly. However, this does not include items shipped by third-party sellers. It is up to the seller of the item. Amazon Prime members get free shipping and shipping costs between $6 and $12. Amazon ships products to Puerto Rico quickly using Fedex and USPS.

  • There are some restrictions regarding the shipping of items bought directly from Amazon.
  • Standard shipping to the non-continental US is limited to items that are up to 108 inches long and 70 lbs in weight.
  • Shipping may not be possible for items exceeding this limit or those with unusual shapes.
  • Some items, like lithium batteries, are considered “hazardous material” and cannot be shipped to Puerto Rico.
  • Due to shipping restrictions, certain address types are not eligible for shipping in Puerto Rico.
  • For P.O., expedited and priority shipping options are not available. Puerto Rico.

These restrictions are not the only ones. Some Puerto Rico addresses will not be eligible for Amazon’s shipping services. You can check the item page from your Amazon account to see if an item will ship. You can also check out your options for shipping if you don’t have an Amazon account.

When ordering Puerto Rico items from Amazon, there are many factors to consider.

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  • There are laws and restrictions on items. There are many laws that apply to all countries. Just because Puerto Rico allows you to order an item, doesn’t mean that you should. Be aware of the laws governing imports in both domestic and international countries.
  • Fragility of packages Some shipping companies are not equipped to handle fragile packages or packages of irregular dimensions.

Does Amazon Prime Ship To Puerto Rico?

Amazon Prime is a great service that allows customers order items and receive free shipping within 1-2 days. Amazon Prime is available in many countries. Puerto Rican customers can sign-up just like any other customer in the US.

However, it’s not the same service as elsewhere. Customers in the US can receive free shipping within 1-2 days from Amazon Prime. However, Puerto Rico customers will get 3-7 day shipping via a ‘Parcel Pool. Your shipment will be processed by USPS and should arrive within 3-7 business day of your purchase.

Amazon Prime Puerto Rico subscribers should expect delays in shipping their packages. Amazon Prime can take up to 2 weeks to prepare your items for shipment to Puerto Rico.

How to Get Amazon Packages in Puerto Rico If They Do Not Ship

While most Amazon items will ship to Puerto Rico for free, some products may not be available. There is still hope! You have many options for ordering products to Puerto Rico from Amazon.

If you have a friend, relative or loved one in the US, they can order the item and send it to you in Puerto Rico. This is not always possible.

A package forwarding service such as is the best way to ship items to Puerto Rico. You can sign up to these services to have someone with a US address order the item and then send it to you. This will usually result in additional costs as you will need to pay the shipping charges of the person who is forwarding your mail.

There are many package forwarding companies in the US. You might need to look around to find one that suits your needs. Before signing up for any third party services, make sure to read the fine print.

Which is the cheapest way to ship to Puerto Rico?

Many shipping companies will deliver packages to Puerto Rico. USPS Priority Domestic Mail is the cheapest. In most cases, this service will deliver your package within seven business days. You should look for a service that offers priority domestic shipping if you are using it as a package forwarding company to order from Amazon.

If you’re looking for a good parcel forwarding service, you will find a variety of shipping options. When looking for a package forwarding company, be sure to check out their Puerto Rico shipping options. FedEx International Economy shipping, UPS Ground and DHL Express are all good options for shipping to Puerto Rico.

What companies ship to Puerto Rico

There are other online retailers that ship items to Puerto Rico if Amazon doesn’t ship the item you desire.

  • Sephora
  • Macy’s
  • Crocs
  • Forever21
  • Musician’s friend
  • Pet Edge

Many of these stores, as well as many others, offer shipping options to Puerto Rico addresses. It’s a good idea, just like Amazon, to read all the details about their shipping policies. You won’t be surprised if the item you’re looking for doesn’t ship from Puerto Rico.

You can also use a package forwarding company to have your items delivered to your address, even if the store doesn’t ship directly to you.

You want to know more about Amazon? These next steps will explain what Out For Delivery means on Amazon. You’ll also learn how to handle unknown Amazon charges and how to refuse an Amazon parcel.


Although most Amazon products ship to Puerto Rico, some third-party sellers might not. This is not uncommon, however, as most sellers will ship to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico residents have two-day access to Amazon Primes and can receive most of their products in two days, just like other Prime customers.

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