Does Amazon Deliver To Po Boxes? (All You Need To Know)

The problem with all of these methods is that they’re a bit of a hassle! To find out if Amazon delivers to PO boxes, keep reading!

Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes?

Amazon shoppers will have to find workarounds as of 2022 to get their Amazon packages. They can either go to a physical location to pick up their packages or they can use a General Delivery address provided by Amazon.

When you want to order an item from an online store, you have to enter your billing address and shipping address. Often, these addresses are different. It is possible to have your billing address be a post office box, and have your shipping address be your home address, or vice versa. Amazon will try to ship the item to your billing address, but if not successful, the item will be returned.

Try General Delivery Instead For Amazon Orders

The way to format your shipping address on Amazon when adding an item to Amazon’ s “Cart by Click” feature.

You can also use a private mail service to send your package. However, it could be slower and less reliable.

If you are nervous about shipping items to a friend or relative, get them a mailbox address.

There are other shipping centers which accept orders, and if you rent a box from them you can have them ship directly to your physical mail box.

Amazon Locker Is Also a Great Solution

Amazon’s new service allows you to send certain products to a locker located at your local post office. The service even includes a delivery driver, who will retrieve products from the locker and deliver them to your front door.

Instead of a box, Amazon Lockers are storage compartments arranged in a certain order and location.

If you want to get rid of your junk you can also sell it online for cash or trade it for other items.

The Amazon Locker locations are conveniently located across the country and are available up to 24/7. You can even choose which location to use.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes?

We are currently using third-party carriers for many of our deliveries, but unfortunately, only offer delivery to physical addresses.

Although Amazon has stopped its partnership with FedEx, it can still use the service for some listings. Some sellers have to use FedEx because of contractual obligations with their customers.

Amazon’s reason for choosing UPS or other delivery services is primarily financial.

A shipping weight of between 1 and 6 pounds is considered “light” while a shipment that weighs more than 20 pounds is considered a “heavy” shipment.

If you need to replace or upgrade a mobile phone in a post office box, you must have a street address. There are also exceptions for a mobile telephone line to be installed in a post office box.

The website states you have to buy a “Medication from your home” card when you sign up. It also states I can’t buy it from a PO Box and it’s not valid for Prime customers for orders over $100.

I don’t have any orders over $100 so I’m not sure I understand.

You’ll need a qualifying street address to obtain any products of this kind, including mail-order and Internet orders; no off-site pickup locations are eligible to receive prescription drugs.

Does Amazon Prime Ship To PO Boxes?

Prime members can receive benefits like free or cheap shipping and access to Prime Now, a site that allows you to order Amazon goods in a matter of minutes or ship with Amazon Flex couriers.

Amazon Prime covers most Post Office Boxes in the continental United States when selecting qualifying marketplace sellers or buying items directly from You may need to contact your local Post Office to verify whether your PO Box will be eligible for Amazon Prime benefits.

At the same time, people with PO boxes don’t always make it on Amazon release day and may not qualify for free shipping on Prime Day. You may also need to ask a little extra patience.

If you have an address of a zip code that has no delivery service, the retailer downgrades some orders to standard shipping rather than same-day or two-day delivery.

Does Amazon Ship To PO Boxes In Puerto Rico?

If you reside in Puerto Rico or want to send a gift to someone who lives in this U.S. territory, further restrictions apply.
[Original and Paraphrase]: If you reside in Puerto Rico or want to send a gift to someone who lives in this U.S. territory, further restrictions apply.
[Original and Paraphrase]: If you reside in Puerto Rico or want to send a gift to someone who lives in this U.S. territory, further restrictions apply.

Amazon is not available to all addresses on Puerto Rico. If you have not received an email or other correspondence from Amazon on your Puerto Rico address and you have an eligible Amazon fulfillment address, you can place an order for eligible items.

However, Amazon does offer priority shipping for mail held at the U.S. Federal Mail Service and for USPS mail.

You’re not allowed to send certain products, such as heavy or potentially dangerous items, to Puerto Rico. The weight limit for a package that is sent to any address in Puerto Rico is 70 pounds.

Does Amazon Fresh Deliver To PO Boxes?

There is no PO Box option. Fresh only delivers to qualifying street addresses at the Amazon Fresh Pickup locations in Austin.

You can also manage your store order history in the Amazon Fresh app and website.

What Stores Ship To PO Boxes?

You have to buy the same item from another company. Like Amazon, numerous stores restrict shipments to boxes. Some retailers don’t offer overnight or two-day shipping in this situation.

For example, FedEx offers a PO Box delivery that is free for small packages.

You’ll probably have better luck if you order small things from any store, but a lot of stores ship to a lot of different locations. It probably won’t matter for clothing or shoes, but if you are ordering something like a big bag of dog food, it could make a difference.

Target’s shipping guidelines are pretty clear: if you get a return for a product that has broken or damaged packaging, or that has any “open” or “damaged” stickers, this product won’t get shipped to you.

That’s right, and the other end of the spectrum is when the seller has a delivery company pick up an item and drop it off to the person at the residence.

Customers can shop at Staples, Sears, Big Lots, and Dollar Tree. However, all these four companies also have available online ordering and delivery of items.

A few days after Amazon started allowing delivery to post office boxes, the company only allows you to send a small selection of products to one location at a time.

If you buy an item online and there’s no shipping charge, the store will put the order in a box and ship it for you to its final destination.

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