Does Amazon Ship To Puerto Rico? (yes, Here’s How)

And in this sense, Amazon is the online retail equivalent of walking into a local store an picking up a product you see in the window.

While Amazon does ship to Puerto Rico, it must be imported from outside the U.S. The company has no distribution centers or warehouses in the U.S. And it doesn’t pick up or deliver items directly to users in Puerto Rico from its distribution centers or warehouses in the mainland. So, if you’re based in Puerto Rico and want something from Amazon, you’ll need to order it from outside the U.S.

Puerto Rico is a United States territory and a commonwealth. It is the only island in the Caribbean, and is the most populous island in the Caribbean.

Does Amazon Ship Products To Puerto Rico In 2022?

As for your questions regarding Puerto Rico’s status, I don’t think that Amazon will be in a position to make changes to that until 2019. The US will elect a new President in January of that year, which might result in a change in their status. A status change would require congressional action, which would take a long time. The current status will probably be maintained for the time being.

In order to find out more about the shipping process, keep on reading!

What Items Does Amazon Ship To Puerto Rico?

Most products that are shipped within the United States can also be shipped to Puerto Rico at an inexpensive rate. But remember you will be charged shipping and an additional 15% for sales tax.

You may receive a message saying “We’re sorry” if you do not use the international Amazon page and do not purchase the product.

You can start your search with the Amazon international page to avoid wasting time with items that don’t ship outside the United States.

this page is for people who live in Puerto Rico but can’t find anything in the USA.

If it is not restricted by law, then it may be illegal for it to enter or be brought into Puerto Rico, but again, this is the law.

Although, Amazon will notify you before making any payments whether or not your items are eligible for shipment to your destination.

How Do You Get Amazon Purchases Delivered To Puerto Rico?

If you want to find out how to ship products to a specific address in Puerto Rico, you’ll have to set that address as your default address.

If you want to see how much of your Puerto Rico order will be delivered to your address in Puerto Rico, you can go to the ‘Purchase Preferences’ section to see what address is your default.

From now on, every time you use your phone to send or receive money, it will use the Puerto Rican address you gave in the App, unless you change it in your settings.

And it really helps to be an Amazon Prime member if you’re living in Puerto Rico as they offer next day shipping.

Amazon Prime members get to enjoy faster shipping options, and you don’t have to wait for your item to be shipped from an Amazon warehouse in an unknown location before you can get it.

Are There Additional Ways To Get Amazon Packages Delivered To Puerto Rico?

The other way to get a package delivered to Puerto Rico is to use a package forwarder like Planet Express. Planet Express forwarder requires you to open an account with them.

Once you create an Amazon account and connect with the package forwarder, the package forwarder will accept and ship your Amazon orders directly from Amazon Fulfilment Center in the United States to your Amazon account in Puerto Rico.

This is a very good service at work. Usually, package forwarders will send you notifications directly to your email or smartphone on the whereabouts of your order.

Once your package is delivered to the forwarder’s warehouse, you’ll still have to choose your shipping options. Then you can decide whether to add insurance.

A lot of companies (like Ford or GM) provide shipping service into Puerto Rico.

If you’re shipping a costly product and you’re worried about insurance, we recommend getting insurance.

I can’t see how it’s going to get cheaper, I think it’s going to get more expensive.

How Much Does Shipping Cost To Deliver Amazon Packages To Puerto Rico?

Amazon has different shipping costs for packages that weigh less than or exceed 10 pounds, and the price goes up if your package needs to be shipped to the United States.

However, sometimes, the shipping charges can be as high as $50 to $100 for the average package.

In addition, some package forwarding companies will calculate the exact shipping cost before you even place your order!

As of now, there is not free shipping available and that usually is the reason Amazon shoppers to order from that site.

Who Is Responsible For Delivering Amazon Packages To Puerto Rico?

According to the US Post Office, United States Postal Service delivers a majority of the packages to the Puerto Rico residents.

The order total can’t change or it won’t validate.

When you are selling from Amazon (via Seller Central or Amazon FBA) it is usually a third party company that does the delivery.

How Long Does It Take Amazon Packages To Get To Puerto Rico?

If you are a Prime member, most of your items will be eligible for free shipping. Amazon has already said they are working on this issue.

While Prime Now is definitely a great service, it only applies to about 50% of Amazon’s inventory that is located in the US. Unfortunately for Puerto Rico, Prime Now does not ship to this island.

Instead, Amazon will guarantee their shipments to Puerto Rico will arrive between three and seven days.

The United States Postal Service provides Parcel Pool, and you can pay an extra fee for expedited shipping. Parcel Pool is an option for customers who place multiple orders at one time and want shipping options in one box. If you are not an Amazon Prime member, some orders may take up to two weeks to ship.

Puerto Rico customers who ordered products from Amazon said they received packages that usually take about 10 to 14 days.
The reason Amazon stopped shipping to Puerto Rico is still unknown.

If you want to learn more about the different types of services Amazon offers, check out our related articles: Amazon ships to Mexico, or Amazon ships to Alaska.


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3. The address you entered is not your default address on Amazon.

Shipping from Amazon is usually between $7 and $12, but it can be higher if the item weight is very heavy or the size is a bit big.

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