Does Usps Ship To Puerto Rico? (cost, Is It International, Flat Rates, Types Of Mail + More)

However, if you are sending snail mail to your mom, you should know that there’s a chance it could get lost in the mail.

The United States territories are unincorporated territories, meaning they are not states within the United States. They are not states but they do have a constitution. Guam and American Samoa have a constitution. The U.S. Virgin Islands have a constitution.

If you live in Puerto Rico, you can get anything delivered to you by using United Parcel Service. They will deliver the package for you or they can have it sent to you at the post office and pick it up for you.

Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico In 2022?

The post office does ship to Puerto Rico as of 2022.

This is incorrect. Puerto Rico is an American territory. The USPS does not ship to American territories. Puerto Rico is not a part of America; it is an American territory in the Caribbean. The USPS does not ship to American territories; only to the other 49 states and to other countries.

Read below for more information on shipping to Puerto Rico, whether you can ship through USPS/UPS, what shipping costs, how to ship flat-rate and more.

How Do You Ship To Puerto Rico?

There are extra steps when shipping outside the U.S. (especially to Puerto Rico) because of the additional government regulations.

The original article is reproduced in its entirety below.

The residents on the island are mostly Puerto Rican so they live in “urbanizations” of houses on the island’s west coast. The houses are usually large and there are always plenty of trees and other greenery in every neighborhood.

We will ship the items to USA, and your office will need to print out the labels to reflect this.

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I found this a great source of information but there is still some need for improvement, such as the missing street name element.

If you mail something to Puerto Rico, it may be important to ensure the contents of the package are stabilized and safe.

The item will be traveling a very long distance – 1,000 miles from the southernmost tip of Florida – then shipped across the country to its destination.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship To Puerto Rico With USPS?

Because Puerto Rico is part of the United States, there is a domestic shipping rate with U.S. Postal Service.

It means you can use the regular U.S. mail system to send a letter to a friend or family member who is just across the street in the same city. It is a good way to save money.

If you want to send something a bit larger like an envelope or package, then you need a courier service.

If you have a lot of documents that need to be sent, you can always opt for flat rate mailing boxes and envelopes.

This type of packaging is the Priority Mail service; which, if you want two- to three-day delivery, you have one price.

Flat rate $0.00 is for up to 4 people traveling together.
Flat rate $6.99 is for 5 people traveling together, but your booking must be for at least 3 nights.
Flat rate $49.99 is for 6 people traveling together, and your booking must be for at least 2 nights.

For more information, including how to get an application that will show the costs, you can go to this page.

You’ll need to pay extra for a two-day shipping option that’ll guarantee your package arrives at PR a day faster than standard shipping.

However, you can get Priority Mail Express Flat Rate for $25, which is a discount compared to Priority Mail.

Envelopes, Legal Envelopes and Padded Envelopes are the only mailpieces that will ship via PR Priority Express.

Priority Mail Express guarantees that you will receive your package within one day.

For the small order volumes, where there is no “big deal” if it ships today or tomorrow, the price is still the same. It’s only for bigger orders that there’s a chance of significant delay.

If you choose Priority Mail Express it will probably take a longer time to arrive.

Does USPS Ship Flat Rate To Puerto Rico?

The cheapest option is First Class Mail, which ships for $7.50 to $12. You can also upgrade to Priority Mail, which will cost you between $18.15 and $29.90 to send to Puerto Rico.

The second choice, which is less expensive and slower is the Priority Mail Flat Rate service which includes both envelopes and boxes.

The second option, which is more expensive but takes less time is Priority Mail Express which only ships envelopes to PR.

As you can see from the above images, the box and envelope size is slightly different. The boxes are not quite the same size as the enveleopment, as in the “1.8” version, but if you have a large order, this may not be a problem.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship To Puerto Rico USPS?

If you have a postcard to send from Puerto Rico, you could send it for just 40 cents.

If you can fit it in a larger box, you can use the Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping options to ship things quickly.

No extra fee for shipping! The flat rate also applies to any weight up to 70 lbs. Saturday delivery is also included at no extra fee.

And in order to get service in a timely manner, you’ll need to pay an additional $5 fee for a signature.

The flat rate envelopes are $7.95 for a standard envelope, $9.20 for a larger envelope and $14.20 for a large flat rate box.

This is also more expensive than the cheapest (but slowest) option for Priority Express envelopes, which start at just $11.20.

FedEx uses Puerto Rico as an international destination, meaning it’s classified as such in its systems. And as a result, its rate is high in Puerto Rico.

I can get a 10-lb. package shipped from Philadelphia to San Juan via FedEx International Economy for $109.52.

You can get a similar shipping service from UPS for $87.42.

Here is a picture of an actual USPS shipping box:

The USPS boxes are a bit more sturdy than their Fed Ex and UPS competitors.
That being said, this is a pretty hefty box for a box of books:

You could probably get them to ship a smaller box, but shipping $45 to $50 to get a box that is just big enough to fit 3 or 4 books, isn’t likely to be worth your time.

Is Shipping USPS To Puerto Rico International?

You should never confuse USPS prices with international mail; the USPS international website has separate rates for different countries, and these are not equivalent to international rates charged by other shipping carriers.

What FedEx and UPS do and what FBA does are two different things. For FBA, it’s actually an “International Shipping” option. While for FedEx/UPS/USPS there are domestic and international shipping options.

You need to have a shipping account with DHL or some other reputable company.
You need to pay $40 to DHL for what the company calls the ‘standard shipping rate’.

Does Shipping To Puerto Rico Require Customs Forms With USPS?

Don’t worry about customs forms, just ship it as your regular mail to Puerto Rico.

In response to the PR postal service, the United States Postal Service treats mail originating within Puerto Rico as domestic mail.

If you know of a company that can ship USPS to Canada or that updates tracking, you can also see our post on USPS and tracking updates.


Puerto Rico is in the same time zone as Florida, so for both postal and shipping purposes it’s considered domestic territory.

This makes it easier to contact the country because you’re getting the same rates as other US residents. In addition, you’re able to use your local post office.

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