Best Costco Tires (7 Tires To Keep An Eye Open For)

If the tread on your tires starts looking worn, you sigh in relief, thinking that you might be able to extend the life of your tires for a few more thousand miles.

The Costco tire market is very competitive. They carry tires from four different manufacturers, and have had the same tire for over a year. There are eight more to choose from, but these are what I recommend.

Best Costco Tires In 2022

1. Michelin Primacy All Season

The Michelin Primacy All-Season tire is an all-season tire that is designed to handle all kinds of road and weather conditions.


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So, the main factor is the quality of the tire, and it is the quality of rolling resistance of the tire that determines the quality of the tire. But for most people, that is not what matters. Most people don’t even seem to be that particular about rolling resistance. They just buy whatever tire will look good, and not worry about how good it is for the actual function.

Through the application of our proprietary technologies, we have developed a tire that maximizes rolling efficiency, helping you save up to 5% in fuel on your every-day commute.

All summer and all season tires are designed to provide traction and grip in the wet and dry. They also work well for a quiet ride. They are best suited for cars and light trucks.

The tire has the same tread pattern, and the same design and construction so it should be the same pricing.
At Costco, the tire costs $999.96 with a $50 rebate, and at Sam’s you would need to pay $1,000.00 for the tire.

2. BF Goodrich Advantage Control

Goodrich, founded in 1853, is an American tire company that produces various types of tires for vehicles.

The “Advantage Control” series tires feature a network of curved sipes which help when driving on soft surfaces like wet roads.

The tires also offer improved handling and stability, and the braking performance is upgraded.

Despite what it may look like here, there isn’t the same traction in ice as on dry pavement. There is no magic involved.

There’s still no definitive answer about which tire is the best for winter weather. World Tire Review has said that the Advantage Controls is the best tire for the snowy and icy conditions while Tire Rack says that the Tire Guard is great for the same conditions.

A lot of people look at buying a cargo van as a permanent solution for hauling, storage, and moving.

The other main difference is Costco sells a set of tires for $999.00 and you can buy the same ones for about $908.00, but you get a $20 rebate when you purchase through Costco.

3. Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack

When you’re driving on the highway or in a parking lot, noise from the tires will often be too much and can make your car hard to hear. You also want to be sure that your tires can handle all the driving and parking conditions you’ll encounter. If you’re driving on the highway and you need to stop, and you’re worried about your tires holding up, consider these Bridgestones.

Not only does the Turanza Quiettrack help make your daily commute more comfortable, it’s also extremely quiet and comfortable, compared to other tire models.

The reason they do so well on all types of roads is because they feature a long wheelbase with a short overall length. In other words, the chassis is wider and the body longer and more stable than most other small hatchbacks.

On top of this, the XCX Snowboard has a rocker shape and a slightly shorter sidecut that will help you turn more easily.

If you buy all four sets of Turanzas from Costco for $666, not only will you own the tires, but you’ll also get a free rim protector at no additional cost.

4. Michelin CrossClimate 2

And the Michelin tires come highly recommended as they provide a nice driving comfort even in the wet conditions.

The new CrossClimate 2s allow for better traction and more immediate braking in both wet and dry conditions.

The tires that we sell are very good quality. We have also had nothing but good comments from the people who have purchased tires from us over the years.

Also, one Costco customer reported that they could get all four Michelin CrossClimate 2s, plus installation and tax, for just 786 US dollars.

$50 for income, $165 for tires and taxes, and we need to add a little extra to cover the cost of inflation of tires over a year. So, we should be charging $215. To calculate inflation, we divide the price of tires today by the inflation rate, which is 2.50%, to get a percent change.

5. Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

I love my wife and my boys, I love the ocean and I love to travel and to see new things.

If you’re doing a lot of acceleration and braking, you’re looking for all-season tires that can provide plenty of grip without wearing or overheating quickly.

The Firestone Firehawks Indy 500s are an excellent way to enjoy the Indy 500, while also promoting the Firestone brand.

We’re very excited about the performance this tire will lend to the car, we know you guys will be, too!

When the roads are wet, the wheels will be in contact with the road and grip well while still ensuring low rolling resistance and good safety.

Costco’s Firehawks come in a myriad of forms – from the standard to the ultimate and everything in between.

6. Michelin Defender T + H

I have a set that I’m getting ready to replace, and I want the longest lasting set; so, I want to know about it.

The Michelin Defender T + H tire was created to be a great tire for cars. It allows the car to drive in all kinds of weather conditions, it’s comfortable and durable, and is very safe.

This tire is also the longest lasting and is used on the most vehicles. Also, the type of tire, if it was not already mentioned, is one of the best tires for trucks, and the tread is long lasting.

7. Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport All Season

In addition to providing superior traction, the Dueler H/P Sport All-Season features an all-season tread compound that is built for extended use in the harshest weather conditions.

Additionally, the wheels are manufactured with the highest quality alloy and the tires have been specifically designed to provide the best driving experience.

Thanks to the high-silica tread compounds, which are molded over high-stiffness closed shoulders, the tires grip and evacuate water, so the rubber stays in touch with the ground.

To learn more about the cost of Costco tires, we also have a post on whether or not tire dealers give Costco tire prices along with a post on whether or not Costco installs tires.


And along with Costco’s members-only pricing, Costco has some other great products, like the $50 off four tires.

And five year/unlimited mile powertrain warranty. And complimentary scheduled maintenance for the vehicle\’s first 5 years/100,000 miles.

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