Does Fedex Scan Packages? (alcohol, Substances, Cash + Other Faqs)

FedEx has to make sure your package is delivered. Then the package has to be picked up by a FedEx driver and placed in a FedEx truck. Then the FedEx truck has to drive the package to a FedEx sorting station.
Then at the sorting station, the package has to be sorted into a FedEx trailer. Then packages are shipped to the airport. Then the airport packages have to reach the flight, and then they’re loaded onto the aircraft.

For example, some packages may undergo the additional security checks, including getting scanned or searched. I’ll tell you about how FedEx handles package security in this article, so be sure to keep reading.

To see the official rules on shipping packages online, you can go to the [Shipping Center](). Alternatively, visit the FedEx [website]().

Does FedEx Scan Packages In 2022?

FedEx allows scanning any package as long as it’s not heavily taped, has been sealed in a vacuum bag or is packed in an insurance container. Scanning is not done as a rule in a routine manner, but rather is based on the potential for harm or loss to be greater.

In regards to FedEx, you can check your package status by visiting their website or contacting customer service.

Which Items Are You Prohibited From Sending Via FedEx?

It is to protect companies like FedEx from theft. Also, when packages are scanned in the U.S., it’s because the package is going from one location to another, which means that the package could be stolen. In other words, the shipping company has to trust the recipient to accept the package and make sure that the package gets to the right location.

When FedEx detects contraband packages, they generally do not scan them.

pornographic material (including child pornography);
hate speech;
material that is unlawful for minors;
fake IDs (including credit cards);
material that incites political violence or discrimination;
material that promotes or encourages genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes.

Individual shippers may only ship alcohol (e.g., wine, beer, and liquor) to other individuals.

Further, it would be illegal to ship money through FedEx and the shipping company would be able to charge the money due to the money having changed hands.

Does FedEx Scan Packages For Contents?

FedEx tries to find out if packages are actually drugs or if they contain explosives. Packages are X-rayed, so they can be scanned with a CT machine.

This approach is called risk-based screening. It means that a package could be cleared the scan the next day if all the information was right.

And so, the packages most likely to get scanned are those that look suspicious or those placed on passenger air planes.

Can FedEx Search Your Package?

As long as FedEx is allowed to search mail that’s going through its network, then the Fourth Amendment doesn’t apply to this situation.

When using FedEx, shippers must agree to FedEx’s Terms of Service, and there’s also a part of these terms that gives FedEx the right to open and inspect the packages you send.

FedEx employees will contact local law enforcement if they suspect a package is suspicious. They’ll also ask law enforcement on how to deal with the situation.

How should I handle the situation?

A: A FedEx employee may approach you to ask you questions about the package or ask to open it for inspection. Be respectful and ask them to contact the law enforcement.

FedEx claims that the information needed for a good security is a threat on its own and should not be talked about.

How Does FedEx Choose Which Packages To Scan?

In an attempt to speed things up for the package delivery services, FedEx decided to only scan those packages which come from a specific country.

If you package up the code then the user will get the errors from the package and not your application.

FedEx is very strict about packages that have tape, foam, or other types of packaging material around them.

In the United States, however, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and various airlines have come under fire from the Trump administration for what the President has described as “extreme vetting” of immigrants from certain countries.

We can all agree that most packages, including things that have been approved on board, are scanned for explosives. You can’t use them to bring knives, etc.

The US Post Office also has their own fleet of planes that are used for the same purpose, and these items are probably X-rayed.

And some of the people who buy their own checked baggage have become frustrated by not getting much help or customer service at the counter.

When it comes to goods transported by truck, safety on the roadways is one of the highest priorities. Inspectors will do a full physical inspection to check for damage and signs of theft before releasing the shipment. This is very important to the customer. Their goods will be delivered safely.

FedEx refuses to tell people for security reasons whether or not it screens people at drop-off points or distribution centers.

What Happens If FedEx Finds Prohibited Items In A Package?

If the package contains drugs or dangerous substances, the package will be detained until the items can be sent back to FedEx.
If FedEx discovers prohibited items in a package, the package and its contents will be detained until a customs examiner arrives.
The package will be opened and inspected. The customs examiner will decide whether or not to send the package back to FedEx, depending on the nature of the items.

If you’re in possession of, say, more than $10,000.00, you could be searched and your money could be seized by a police officer.

You can only get the tracking notes once it is actually delivered.

This is usually done by law enforcement officers in the mail because shipping companies can be used to deliver packages in ways that are more convenient for terrorist groups.

You can contact FedEx regarding if and how the company will go about returning your package once they have assessed it.

Since the agency can still choose to go to trial or settle, we will need to consider all the ways to resolve this case.

When police apprehend something that could be a controlled delivery, police might try to make a controlled delivery.

Controlled delivery systems are a way to transport drugs in a way that lets you track them to see if there is a customer, and they are also a way that the dealer does not know when the package will be delivered.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them. To learn more about FedEx, you can also read our articles on the many different areas they cover. To find those articles, click here or enter the term in the search box.


FedEx is probably most famous for just not scanning packages at all.

Yet, we can take a lesson from FedEx. FedEx made several mistakes while implementing a customer-facing process, which is a good example to follow. First, FedEx didn’t do enough research to understand how their customers needed it. Secondly, FedEx made some unrealistic claims about how their process would be a better user experience than their competitors. Third, FedEx underestimated the amount of work needed to implement a new process.

There is a list of all the acceptable types and their corresponding character codes available here: for your convenience.

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