Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps (+ Other Common Faqs)

However, there is a small, yet dedicated group of people who have a different idea about how the United States Postal Service should be run.

If an item is lost or stolen, a scan will be sent to the account holder’s email. This is done via the ‘Tracking Updates’ option within Mobile.

You probably don’t want to start your day right off with panic, so let us guide you through the best possible scenarios!

What Does Awaiting Delivery Scan Mean USPS In 2022?

While parcels are scanned by our postal carriers, this is not the same as tracking; it is simply a way for the post office to know where your package is. This might be something that happens for a few reasons. For example, it can mean that your item is in transit but there is a delay, or your item was delivered and then lost.

The Awaiting Delivery Scan is a part of the overall shipping process, so we’re going to take a look and find out everything you need to know!

Why Does Your USPS Package Say “Awaiting Delivery Scan”?

This is because the package in the morning was scanned by FedEx, and it was placed into the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” state because the data was not yet available. As the afternoon rolls around, the package is scanned and the data becomes available.

A mailbox is a great option as mail carriers can scan packages directly into the USPS database.

The package is ready but the driver can’t leave the building!

The most suspicious package and it’s the one that’s been sent the most frequently, the one that’s been delivered in the largest quantities is the one that could just be a coincidence but also we see this kind of thing all the time. So, it’s the one that’s been delivered the most frequently and I’m gonna start to look closer at that.

This could mean it also means that they’re keeping track of who shipped what and putting a note in the parcel to mark which packages are out for delivery or whatever.

If you need to do something really quick, we can email you back with a tracking URL in a couple hours.

A typical reason it might not be delivered within the time you expect it to is that your package is in its transit from a warehouse or post office in one city to another.

If only it was that simple… You’ll have to wait until that package gets to you before you can open it!

If you click the “open” button, the app will send a signal to the order API so that this order can be processed immediately.

I can not find “File > Save” option.

When the time came to collect my order of about 300 items, everything,
except for several bags of dried beans, was delivered to my apartment.
But I discovered that my package of dried beans had somehow been
missed. It was probably hidden by the larger boxes.

A parcel can stay in the scanning status for several days.

However, a carrier can put a parcel in the scanning status at any stage, even if the parcel has already been scanned and picked up by the delivery agent.

Unfortunately, the recipient will have to wait until someone finds the package, but at least there’s a chance for it to be delivered.

The package was delivered but not updated by the local repository.

In other cases, a package might arrive at a location where nobody is present.
For example, if you are not home when your package arrives, and if the delivery person leaves it in the hallway, your home assistant might mistake the package for a package that it thinks is going to be delivered to another address.

In some cases, mail carriers scan the barcodes on the shipment and manually update the status. This process is time consuming.

Because mail carriers are human they might forget to update their status, they might not update their status at all, or even make a mistake, it is easy to pick the wrong status or forget the update altogether.

How Long Does It Take USPS To Scan Your Package?

The more you put into the mail box, the longer your package will need to be scanned.

Now, if you take that same scenario, and you take the packages that you’re scanning and you combine them into delivery trucks, then the larger the delivery truck that you’re driving around, the longer it will take you to scan the packages.

Since, it takes the Postal Service mere minutes to scan an item it can take hours or days to scan an item.

The package will be delayed until the delivery worker is done scanning it, then it will be taken to another building where it will be put through a sorting machine that is very similar to a scanner.

Remember, sometimes, even when your package has been delivered, the carrier might forget to update the delivery status. If the carrier has been notified, but your package is still not there, be patient. As long as the carrier says he’s coming by, he will.

Can A Package Be Delivered Without Being Scanned By USPS?

If you’re trying to get your items delivered, make sure you’re delivering to an address in your account. You’ll be charged for delivery to the destination you select, but your items will be delivered to the correct address.

The postal service says that it makes every effort to scan and update tracking info for packages, but there’s the possibility of human error.

This means that even after a huge surge of new users, even if they were all on the same page at once, at some point during the day, the site will get bogged down. It will slow down and become less usable for everyone.

If you’re done, you can remove the package with the “Complete Delivery” button.

What Does USPS “Awaiting Item” Mean?

Awaiting Item means the package was not processed by the carrier yet and is not in transit.
Awaiting Delivery Scan means that the item has been scanned but the carrier is having problems delivering the package.

Once a shipment is placed in USPS custody at a facility ready to ship, the shipment will be scanned at the facility and the tracking information uploaded to

This system means that when you want to know where your package is, you don’t need to go somewhere else. You can go to the official USPS website and see the location of the package at any given time.

It’s a weirdly specific time that something interesting is about to happen. Because the Postal Service isn’t even in possession of the package yet.

The label has been created and tracking number has been assigned, but Post Office has not yet received it.

But if an email has no labels, the content is handled differently.

To learn more about which parcels do they deliver at which address, you can visit the USPS website to find out the delivery address of your package or just call them.


In this case, your package should arrive in the neighborhood of four to five days, and the scan that says “Awaiting Delivery Scan” means it’s probably going to be delivered in about a week’s time.

This means that your parcel is still in the delivering mail carrier’s hands and should be delivered to your address within a few hours.

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