Are Walmart airpods real? (Must Read Before Buying)

Apple has a couple of other headphones on the market. These are also really good and for less than $200, so that’s one easy way to get your hands on a new pair of headphones that are super cute.

Walmart has become famous for offering the lowest prices on the market, and has always been a great place for deals. However, the sale of Apple AirPods at Walmart is causing many people to be skeptical. Did Apple and Walmart have a deal? Find out the answers in the video!

Are Walmart AirPods Real In 2022?

People who buy fake AirPods do so because they can get these for $30; they also don’t need to bother with the Apple Store visit and will have a functional pair of AirPods within a few days. However, genuine AirPods only sell for $159, and are available for a longer time period. These are the two main reasons why consumers buy fake AirPods.

Walmart Airpods can easily be found on the Walmart website.

Are Walmart Copycat AirPods Good Quality?

Oh, that one’s a toughie, but I think the average person would say that you get what you pay for.

There are so many videos of people testing the quality of the Walmart AirPods against real Apple AirPods. You can definitely see a difference.

Additionally, Walmart’s AirPods tend to have lower battery life and poorer sound quality when compared to the genuine Apple models.

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– Some of the many complaints are that they do not fit comfortably.
– They break easily.
– They are not splash-proof.
– They have constant connection issues.

Do Walmart No Brand AirPods Work?

If you want to make it work, you have to use the stock Apple earbuds.

It is not clear, as long as Apple doesn’t approve the application in the first place, but the app will be deleted.

Additionally, unlike genuine Apple AirPods, the Walmart AirPods have been known to stay connected to devices for a long time.

Now for the final and best thing: some of the cheapest, but most durable, Bluetooth earbuds you can get. Not the Walmart, but the Amazon Fire Studio. Which, while not waterproof, are at least water resistant and can hold up to some rain and sweat when needed.

How Long Does The Charge On Walmart AirPods Last?

It seems that the AirPods battery will need to be charged after continuous use. However, it seems that it will not need additional charging after each use. But, it seems like the battery drain from using the AirPods is not significant.

A couple of Walmart Airpods buyers are reporting that the charging cable does not fit the charging port on the headphones’ case properly and that the iPhone 11 battery is not charging to max.

How Much Are Walmart’s Airpods?

If I were you, I would not buy a wireless Airpod. Instead, I recommend the wired ones instead.

But, you would need to order online in order to get it shipped to you.

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If you’re looking for a short term experience, then buying Walmart’s own Airpods is a great way to save money whilst feeling on trend, because in the long run you get what you pay for!

When using it on a walk for the first few minutes the battery will charge, but don’t expect it to charge itself every second.

The fit and finish is surprisingly good, even though the product is quite cheap, and although the fit is not the best, it is a bit snug around the ear but doesn’t feel too tight.

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