Why Is Mcdonald’s Drive-thru So Slow? (7 Reasons Why)

McDonald’s is famous for being the fast-food restaurant that everybody likes. Most people would want their food delivered fast, and that’s no exception for McDonald’s drive-thrus. They’re usually located near the restaurants.

As you already know, America has McDonald’s drive-thru lanes. The fast food restaurant is a chain that’s popular all over the world. It offers everything from hamburgers and fries to sushi and salads. It’s even had a few restaurants in Russia and China. But the drive-thru lines are always there, and it’s always something you’ve got to do.

Why Is McDonald’s Drive-Thru So Slow In 2022?

1. Double Drive-Thrus

McDonald’s has added some double drive thru’s at many locations which is confusing a lot of people.

A new rule is being created to fix this issue. People in the line are now being asked to stand behind the people in front of them, and people are now being asked to walk through the line together. Those waiting to be called should stand behind those people. Everyone should be going through the line together.

One more time, the staff isn’t trained very well on handling double drive-thrus, so it’s hard for people to know when to go or where to go when the staff can’t even tell the customers.

We can apply the same steps for the other sentences.

2. More Fast-Food Ordering

McDonald’s is adding more food, specifically the fast food, and you can order it on your phone, and you can pick it up on your phone on the drive home.

With the convenience of ordering food from a mobile device, restaurant owners and managers are now finding more and more of their business being done from their mobile phones.

3. Delivery Services Are Becoming Popular

Now that online ordering is in full swing, people are doing all their food ordering through the drive-thru, which means they’re not talking to the person behind the counter or going to the counter themselves.

The traffic is getting worse since people are going through drive-thru and people are getting their orders through a delivery service.

4. McDonald’s Has Expanded The Menu

McDonald’s is getting bigger and it’s making drive-thru times longer because people are overwhelmed with all the choices.

But, the more options you have, the more people will be indecisive because sometimes having more options is just as bad as having too few options.

5. Lack Of Employees

Fast food restaurants are facing a problem as many restaurants struggle to find workers and are working with a minimal number of staff.

That’s why when McDonald’s has a shortage of workers, you will experience longer wait times and worse customer service.

6. Orders Are First-Come-First-Served

If an order is done and the person leaves the area, the next order will start taking their order.
If there is no one inside of McDonald’s, then it’s your turn.

People will need to be patient if they are ordering through the drive-thru of a restaurant instead of going in person to buy an item.

7. Food Is More Likely To Be Customized & Modified

McDonald’s is facing a major problem that now customers are customizing and modifying their orders, which means the food has to be cooked separately and on the spot.

When someone orders no cheese or no onions, and that burger has to be cooked right then and there instead of being already cooked and on the warming rack, the kitchen has to decide whether to cook the meat and cheese/onions there, or serve it anyway. The kitchen can’t just throw away the cheese and onions as a freebie.

That’s why we wanted to create an app that would deliver them to your home.
As an example, when a customer comes in at a store, they can tell the kitchen to deliver it fresh so everything happens a lot faster.

When someone orders fries without salt, the staff has to make them with salt, which takes a few minutes.

How Long Should A McDonald’s Drive-Thru Take?

If you’ve been to the McDonald’s drive-thru lately, you’ve probably seen the line extending from the parking lot to the drive-thru.

In a study by SeeLevelHX it was found that drive-thrus have increased by an average of 26 seconds over the past year and has shown no signs of slowing down.

With all the people ordering from the drive-thru, customers have not slowed down on drive-thru pick up since it started.

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There are multiple reasons why McDonald’s drive-thru has become so slow, including that McDonald’s has increased its number of drive-thru lanes.

The number of choices at the fast food restaurant can be overwhelming, but people would still rather wait for a longer time to get a fast food meal versus having to search for something else if they didn’t find what they wanted.

Even McDonald’s is facing a shortage of employees at some of their restaurants due to the huge influx of immigrants entering the US.

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