Does Chipotle Have A Drive Thru (No, But…)

Many restaurants provide drive-thru services, so customers don’t have to go into the restaurant. Many customers are curious to find out if Chipotle offers a drive-thru service.

Many fast food chains, such as McDonalds, have a drive-thru. Does Chipotle have drive-thru? Let’s see.

Is Chipotle a drive-thru restaurant?

Chipotle does not have a traditional drive-thru. They do offer a Carside’ service which is different from the traditional drive-thrus, but very similar. They call it the Chipotle Carside.

Chipotle Carside offers many benefits, including:

  • Online ordering is possible without the need for a drive-thru speaker box. It is therefore ideal for those with speech impairments or drive-thru anxiety.
  • You can still personalize your order.

How to order using Chipotle Carside/Drive Thru

To use the Chipotle Carside, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create an account

Register for an account on iOS or Android. Log in to your account and complete your profile.

Step 2: Create your menu

Choose the Chipotle Carside where you would like to pick up your food. Browse through the menus to find the one you are looking for. Place your order.

Step 3: Visit the Chipotle Walk In Restaurant

Park in the Chipotle Carside area and drive to the Chipotlane. There is also a parking spot right next to the entrance. To let the crew know that you are available, click on “I’m Here” on the app.

Step 4: Get your food

You can have your meal prepared by the crew and then enjoy it when you return home.

Is Chipotle offering curbside pick-up?

Chipotle offers curbside pickup, in addition to delivery and carside. The drive-thru pickup service at Chipotle is the same as the curbside pickup.

Only the difference is that your order will be placed inside and you just need to go into the restaurant to pick it up. You can use curbside pickup by following the steps.

Step 1: Create an account

Register for an account on iOS or Android. Log in to your account and complete your profile.

Step 2: Create your menu

Choose the Chipotle restaurant walk-in and browse the menus to find the one you prefer. You can place your order and then pay with the compatible payment method.

Step 3: Walk-in to Chipotlane

Take a drive to the Chipotlane restaurant. To pick up a pack, go to the Chipotlane walk-in location. Pick up a pack containing your last name by checking the box.

What should I do if I have a delivery issue?

It depends on how you place the order. You can contact the team by chat or calling the number 1-833-860-0467 if you ordered via the app or website. Contact Chipotle’s delivery partners if you used their support.

Can I cancel my delivery time?

It’s not possible. Chipotle cannot cancel an order as it is submitted directly to the restaurant staff. However, customers can cancel their orders by contacting customer service. This option is only available for orders made via the website or mobile app.

To cancel an order placed using third-party Chipotle delivery companies like Postmates, please contact the team using the confirmation email you received. This will result in a cancellation fee.

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Chipotle drive-thru is different from other drive-thru options. Instead of shouting your order into a speaker box you can simply order and choose the drive thru option.

You can also use the pick-up method, in addition to the drive through.

We hope you have found the answer to your question about whether Chipotle offers a drive-thru. We are happy to answer any questions you may have via the comments section.

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