Does Applebees Take Apple Pay? (What To Know!)

Applebee’s Restaurant LLC owns a number of bars and Neighborhood Grills in the United States. Its casual dining concept is unmatched and features American classic dishes like chicken, salads, bugsgers, and pasta.

Many people visit this restaurant and aren’t sure if they accept Apple Pay. This article will provide the answer.

Applebee’s accepts Apple Pay


To find out the type of payment that your Applebees accept, you can call your local Applebee’s.

Is Applebee’s able to order online?

Applebee’s has improved their mobile app and brought new services to their customers. Ordering is now easier and more convenient via your smartphone. You can search for nearby Applebees and receive the most recent updates and offers. The new features include:

  • Applebee’s full menu with photos
  • Pick between Carside To Go and pickup
  • Save your favorites orders from your favorite restaurant and place them in a bookmark for later use.
  • Simple ordering process

What is Applebee’s Carside To Go and How Does It Work?

Carside To Go, a curbside pickup service provided by Applebee’s restaurant is free and usually comes with a minimum order. Applebee’s website or app allows customers to order curbside pickup at participating restaurants. Carside To Go services are available at noon, although most Applebee’s locations open at a.m.

How does Applebee’s Carside To Go Work?

If Carside To Go is available at your location, you can place Applebee’s online order. Customers will need to park in the designated area near the restaurant. After verifying that the order is correct, the restaurant attendants will bring your order to your car. Order online, or download Applebee’s app for Android or IOS.

For easier identification when parking, please specify the motor vehicle model, make, and color. Your contact information must also be filled correctly. This information is necessary for the restaurant to contact you regarding your order status. At the time of pickup, arrive at your destination.

After parking in the designated spot at the restaurant’s parking bay, reply to Applebee’s email or text message with “I’m Here” and leave a response. Your order will be delivered by the restaurant’s staff.

What is Applebee’s Curbside Pickup Time Like?

Applebee’s stores are usually open by 11 a.m. every day. If you wish to order Carside To Go, you’ll need to wait until 11.20 a.m. Customers are encouraged to use restaurant to locate their preferred local location at the following times:

It will show both the opening and closing times. To see their full hours and operating days, you can choose your favorite restaurant from the menu. Applebee’s locator displays additional services such as free Wi-Fi, In-Restaurant Pickup and Carside To Go.

How can I order Applebee’s Carside To-Go

This service can be ordered online through the website or mobile app. You can place an order for Carside To Go pickup using Applebee’s mobile app.

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Applebee’s offers a wide range of delicious meals every day. Consider using a different payment method than Apple Pay when you visit them in person or online via their app or website.

This payment method is not accepted by many locations. To save time and avoid waiting, you can order Carside To Go online.

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