Does Sam’s Club Take Apple Pay? (try This Instead)

With the ability to access information and communication from a single device, has turned the way we communicate.

As a retailer, Sam’s Club accepts Apple Pay and allows you to make purchases quickly and securely from the palm of your hand.

In this video, I show you that Apple Pay works with Sam’s Club.

Does Sam’s Club Accept Apple Pay In 2022?

Customers will still be able to purchase in-store and digital items at Sam’s Club from their smartphones using the apps and store’s kiosks. The service will allow shoppers to buy items curbside or scan items in-store.

The Sam’s Club app has tons of features, and you’ll be able to shop for items and make payments with the following!

Why Doesn’t Sam’s Club Accept Apple Pay?

Amazon’s membership warehouse company is not using Apple Pay because it had a bad experience with the mobile payments system.

The main reason why they do not take it is because they are a wholesale club and receive membership fees from various retailers.

Apple Pay has a very steep fee compared to credit cards as the company wants to make sure you will have a smooth checkout experience similar to what Google is offering with their Wallet app.

  The retail giant, which has stores across the country, isn’t interested in knowing more about its customers.

This is the data that Amazon collects from customers through the Sam’s Club app that allows shoppers to automatically find items that match their preferences at a low price. Information collected through the app includes shopping trends and purchase history.

How To Pay With iPhone At Sam’s Club

 Apple Pay does not work at Sam’s Club. However, you can still use your iPhone to purchase items.

The app enables you to scan things as you shop, order online, and receive a variety of membership perks like free shipping.

Now, download the app and register. Log in with your registered email. After that, start enjoying the app and start saving time.

Once you tap the ‘Scan & Go’ icon, your membership information will be displayed. You can then scan your items as you shop.

When you’re done shopping at Sam’s Club, make sure you pay for your purchases with your preferred payment method and show the QR code to an associate as you’re leaving.

Is Downloading The Sam’s Club App Beneficial?

The Sam’s Club app will make your shopping experience even more efficient and beneficial, not to mention that it is available to download absolutely free.

If you use the Scan & Go feature, you can skip the check out lines and pay for your purchase directly on your phone.

The Sam’s Club app also allows you to access your membership benefits, as well as find and reorder items for curbside pickup.

It’ll be perfect if I get the same thing every day, which means you won’t be trying to buy the same things all the time.

How Do You Use Apple Pay To Buy Items from Sam’s Club?

I found an alternative way to use Apple Pay to buy products from Sam’s Club. If you use Instacart to make your order, Apple Pay will accept it.

Grocery services are extremely expensive. I am not very happy with them in general.

At the checkout, the Instacart app will let you select items from your Sam’s Club account. And use Apple Pay for checkout.

What Payment Forms Does Sam’s Club Accept In Stores?

credit and debit cards
American Express
Additionally, Sam’s Club accepts checks when you use the in-store checkout or order online.

What Other Stores Accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is finally here and is accepted in numerous ways. Some stores that accept Apple Pay are direct competitors of Sam’s Club.

And if you want a similar experience to Sam’s Club, you can buy things at Walmart using Apple Pay.

If you have an Apple watch, you can also use Apple Pay with that. You can also use it with your iPhone or iPad.


Sam’s Club accepts Apple Pay. You can pay for your purchases using your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watches.

With the Sam’s Club app, you can use your smartphone to make purchases and track member perks. However, to use Apple Pay to purchase items from Sam’s Club, you will have to use the Instacart app.

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