What Is Sam’s Club’s Scan And Go? (how It Works, Gas, Ebt, Products + More)

Sam’s Club recently introduced several improvements in stores including a new app that makes it easier to check out and purchase what you need.

Before using the Scan And Go feature in Sam’s Club’s app, you may have a few questions about how it works, and how to use it. Here are all your answers to your questions!

What Is Sam’s Club’s Scan And Go In 2022?

With this partnership, members are able to pay for select in-store and gas station products without having to leave their app. This partnership comes in addition to Walmart’s partnership with Walgreens to let customers make purchases in-store and online.

You can learn which payment methods are eligible for Scan And Go and how to print receipts from the app by keeping on reading!

How Do You Use Sam’s Club’s Scan And Go Feature?

Scan the QR code on your phone to connect you to the Sam’s Club app.

The first step toward using Scan and Go is to download the Sam’s Club app which is compatible with iPhones and Androids.

For the fastest way to get the item you need at Sam’s Club, tap on the Scan and Go button on the screen’s top left area to get it delivered.

Then, put in your email address and Sam’s Club password that are associated with your Sam’s Club membership account.

As you are shopping in-store, you may scan the items you plan on buying on your mobile device to add them to your shopping cart.

If a barcode cannot be found, or cannot scan, you can select an item from the look up list in the app.

Additionally, you will find the UPC number for the item, which is the first series of numbers below the bar code.

As you shop around, you can pay on the app with no line, allowing you to wait less time in line.

You can do this by taking a photo of the bar code using your phone, scanning it at the end of the transaction and then the total cost of the items will be added to your receipt.

Can You Use Scan And Go At Sam’s Club Gas Stations?

Scan and go is the new feature that will be added to Walmart gas stations. Tap the Scan And Go icon in the Sam’s Club app to scan the QR code and start pumping.

Next, set the amount you want to purchase and continue your payment.

Once your order has been processed, you will be notified via email that your purchase has been shipped.

The Scan and Go feature is a way to make purchasing products easier by using the gas pump.

What Products Can Be Scanned With The Scan And Go Feature?

Grocery. You can check the weight of products at Sam’s Club.
Wine. Sam’s Club prohibits the sale of alcohol items.

You are only allowed to use the Scan And Go feature when you have $750 or less in your account balance on your card.

Additionally, I want to verify that you are at least 21 years old to use the scan and go feature, which has your QR code displayed for verification before exiting the store.

Do You Have To Register To Use The Scan and Go Feature?

There is no registration required, however doing so will help you to take advantage of special deals and discounts.

All you have to do is to enter your membership number and postal code and the Sam’s Club app will do the rest of the work for you.

That feature will only serve to those who are active members of Sam’s Club. You need to be a member to use the service.

Can You Use EBT To Pay For Scan And Go Purchases?

The feature will be supported in the future. However, it might not be supported at the exact same time across all Sam’s Club locations. But, you can use SNAP benefits to buy items at Sam’s Club locations.

If you get an error, you can use any available Cash Rewards for Scan And Go purchases.

Can You Return Items Purchased On The Scan And Go Feature?

If you buy something using the Scan And Go feature and later want to return it, the Sam’s Club app makes it easy to do so!

If the app finds that the device has been opened, the receipts section will appear on the screen. Click on the paper icon and then the search icon.

Then, visit the Sam’s Club Membership desk.
Show your digital receipt and associate them with your Sam’s Club membership card, if you have one.

Can You Add Items After You Check Out In The Scan And Go Feature?

When you have all your shopping done in the app, and the cart is empty, you will be able to go back into the app and add items to the cart and checkout.

Unfortunately, the Sam’s Club app does not allow you to add items after you pay. If you forget an item in your cart, you have to use Scan And Go to start a new purchase.

Other apps may work better for you. Check back with us later for updated apps compatible with the Sam’s Club app.


What Payment Methods Can You Use On The Sam’s Club App?

You can use your Chase Debit card, your PayPal, or your VISA card.

You can choose to either prepay or credit cards.

Do You Have To Be A Member To Use The Scan And Go Feature?

You are eligible if you are a Sam’s Club membership card holder (even if you’re not a member), and you are the cardholder (even if you’re not a member).

Does The Sam’s Club App Save Your Credit Card Information?

The Sam’s Club app makes it easy to do all your shopping. One aspect of the Scan And Go feature that makes using the app easy is that your login and credit card information is automatically saved so you don’t have to enter it every time.

However, you can still re-enter your information when you want to change the currency or currency-exchange rate.

It also allows you to remember different payment methods that you have saved over time.

So, when you need to check out, Scan And Go will present you with a list of saved cards. After you select your preferred method, Scan and Go will complete the checkout seamlessly with your new payment method. With Scan and Go, you are never forced to use a specific payment method.

If you log in to your account and do not sign into it, you have a strong chance that your credit card information will not be saved and you will not see the confirmation code. Please try to avoid that.

What Phones Are Compatible With The Scan And Go Feature?

The Sam’s Club app will let you shop your Sam’s Club membership online or inside a Sam’s Club, and then pick up your pick at your local store of your choice.

Microsoft said that Sam’s Club plans to release a version of the app that will work on Microsoft phones, which means even more people could use the app.

Can You Print Receipts From Scan And Go Purchases?

This app is perfect when you need to keep a running list of all the receipts you get on your phone. It’s also useful for making a return for those receipts where you need to keep a physical copy.

Scan And Go brings all of the items you have previously scanned into one convenient shopping list, so you can find them again more easily.

To print a receipt, click on the one you would like to print and click the export button on the top right. After you export the receipt, you can print it off.

If you have any questions or comments about your receipt, please contact us.

How Much Does Scan And Go Cost?  

The Sam’s Club app for Android now has a Scan & Go feature in which you can scan the barcode on each product you get and it will offer to add it directly to your Cart.

For more info about Sam’s Club, see our related posts on Samsung Pay, if Sam’s Club accepts Apple Pay, & If Sam’s Club accepts Android Pay.


The feature lets members skip the checkout lines by scanning and paying with the app for merchandise.

Sam’s Club app was launched for Apple and Android devices and is available for all active members.

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