Can A Family Member Use My Sam’s Club Card? (No, But…)

Sam’s Club warehouse club operates on a member-only basis. This means that you can only shop at Sam’s Club if your membership is active. Warehouse clubs such as this are member-only to ensure that customers receive the best prices.

If you’re smart about your finances, Sam’s Club shopping can help you save a few bucks on your monthly spending. There are many household and grocery items that can be purchased for very little.

It can be a hassle for some to get everyone a Sam’s Club card to shop monthly. But what if you are busy and don’t have the time to shop? What if your family member needs to rush to the nearest Sam’s Club to get cheeses for their charcuterie boards?

Can a family member use my Sam’s Club card?

The Sam’s Club card can be used by any member of the family. Sam’s Club policy states that the cardholder must be present to make purchases at any Sam’s Club. In most cases, family members over 18 cannot use Sam’s Club card under another member’s name.

Although it is not clear if Sam’s Club will make an exception for minors or not, you can ask your local Sam’s Club staff to clarify.

Why can’t I use a Sam’s Club card from a family member?

Sam’s Club does not allow family members or anyone else to use the card except the cardholder. This is done for security reasons. This is to protect against any worst-case scenario, such as identity theft or misuse of a membership.

Sam’s Club requires that all members provide a passport-sized photo of themselves to use on their Sam’s Club cards to match their face with their ID. You can’t use another person’s card at the checkout, even if your face is very similar.

What can family members do?

If the cardholder is not available, they can’t shop. The family members who live together still have to shop for one another once in a while.

Sam’s Club also offers Add-On Memberships, which are often used by families and businesses. Sam’s Club cardholders can add up 8 members. Plus members can add 16. Note that Plus cardholders can add up to 8 members. Plus members cannot add 16 members.

Sam’s Club Membership Add-On Pros and Cons

Each Add-On costs $40. The benefits of an Add-On membership are identical to a Club membership but it’s a significant expense. The savings you make by purchasing an Add-On membership over having your own membership are almost negligible for most people.

Many people will also take the chance of using their family’s Sam’s Club card. It is still $5 per card and it is worth it if the Add on cardholder shops as often as the primary cardholder.

The Add-On system has another problem. Membership cards can’t be used by other Addon members. Each member of Add-On must use their own card even if they live in the same household.

This is not an easy situation to find yourself in. However, Sam’s Club has very strict policies regarding their membership and the use of their membership cards.

AmEx and Sam’s Club

AmEx users sometimes find gold despite all of this. Sam’s Club occasionally offers AmEx members a Sam’s Club membership free of charge for a short time. This offer is only available to AmEx members who log in to view their card details online. The offer is not available to Sam’s Club cardholders.

You may be lucky enough to get a Sam’s Club membership, which will be valid for one year. To claim it, click Add to Card. You can then use your AmEx card to purchase Sam’s Club cards for the whole year.


Sam’s Club membership cards can only be used by the card owner. There are several policies that prohibit multiple use of membership cards by wholesale clubs, even family members.

You may be lucky enough to find a helpful cashier at Sam’s Club the next time you shop. However, it is still a risk.

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