Can My Husband Use My Costco Card Without Me? (all You Need To Know)

Members who are not from the US or Canada must pay full price for Costco’s merchandise. One of the benefits of the company is they do not carry all the brands they previously did, as they feel it’s beneficial for customers to have a variety of options.

Okay, so if you’re a member you might be wondering if your husband can use your Costco card without you.

Can My Husband Use My Costco Card Without Me In 2022?

Costco says there are a few things that determine if a card can be a primary card or not. The first is the primary person’s birthday. The birthday is the only thing that matters when it comes to assigning a household card. “If you have the same birthday, you are considered the primary cardholder and can use your own card. If you are assigned a household card, the last digit of your date of birth will be used,” Costco said.

Read on to learn more about whether your husband can use your Costco membership card, if your spouse can shop at Costco without a membership, and other details!

How Can My Husband Shop at Costco Without a Card?

You can buy Costco goods with your personal credit cards or debit cards.

The free Visa gift card is for your Costco membership, but he can be treated like an official member. This is where Costco’s Costco Elite program begins.

In order to add your husband to the account, open the Account Details menu, then include their details.

You will need to verify that the additional person lives in your residence and you will need to provide official documents.

Once they have filled out the necessary paperwork, your husband can pick up their membership card at the nearest Costco location.

Can My Husband Shop On Without a Card?

Since you don’t need a membership, you can also use your husband’s information to buy things from

On the other hand, with a Costco membership, you will be able to purchase products with your Costco club card at at a 5% discount in addition to the discounts offered to Costco members and on

In order to avoid paying more, it’s better to register as a member or register her husband for a free household card.

How Many People Can Be On My Costco Membership?

Add as many people as you like to the Free account, and you also get the ability to add more to your Free household membership.

This is the law in the USA, and all other countries that have these same immigration policies.

As the primary member, you can always change the person who received the second card at any time.
You can change the primary card at any time, but if you change the primary card, the secondary card automatically becomes the primary card.

The Business membership allows you to add more than one person for the same cost.

What Happens If You’re Caught Using Someone Else’s Costco Card?

Customers are not supposed to use coupons without a Costco membership card.

No Costco card is really your own which means that it can be easily accessed by anyone.

If a retailer found out that you’ve used a card from another member and the retailer has to cancel that member’s membership, the member could have their card revoked and they will have to pay a certain amount of money to return it.

How Can You Shop at Costco Without a Membership Card?

To go shopping at Costco without having a membership, you can come in with a check to pay before you shop. Or, you can come in with cash and buy what you want.

In a recent survey of our audience, we found that a lot of you buy your Costco gift cards with a credit card. I’ve done a little test with Costco, and they do not accept debit cards for Costco gift cards. If you want to use your gift card like cash, you should use a credit card instead of a debit card, or you won’t be able to use the card at Costco.

Costco gift cards can be easily accessed from different websites which makes it easy for non-members to get their hands on them.

If you don’t have a Costco membership, it’s still possible to shop at Costco.

You need to fill out a prescription at the pharmacy.

Pharmacists don’t have to be Costco members to work there; therefore, any one can work at a pharmacy.

You don’t need a membership card to buy over-the-counter medications now, however, you’ll need a membership card if you have to buy more items like glasses or hearing aids.

If you go shopping together in a group of people, you’ll end up getting a better deal.

The cost for the first guest will be free,
and the second guest will be $5.

The cost for the second guest will be $5.

In this type of situation, the person who is going to pay you back will put the money on your account, and then transfer the money back to the person who was supposed to pay you back. is a website where you can buy items in bulk.

You can shop on the Costco website and take advantage of the discount and offers. However, non-members get a 5% surcharge on some items.

You’re a new parent. There’s a whole lot to learn! You can use a
delivery service — you can get a lot of the practical stuff
you’ll need shipped to your new home. That can help you get your
mind off the whole new-parent thing. But most importantly, it can
help you focus on the actual birth.

If you want to shop at Costco, but you have no Costco card you can also use third-party delivery services like Instacart.

When you shop online or in a Costco store, you don’t have to provide your member number.

What Is a Costco Card?

You can register for a Costco membership and then shop with the rewards of storewide discounts and the great experience Costco members enjoy.

After registration and before the card will be mailed out, you will be sent an email with all your information they need to create your card. Then it takes 3-5 weeks for the card to be mailed to you.

If you are not a member, you can purchase your membership at the membership counter.

We have decided to show the card on the screen before the store owner can allow you to enter the place.

This is the most common type of visa that you can apply for at the airport, but it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed entry.

Who Can Use Your Costco Card?

For the Costco card, it’s worth signing up for the Costco membership. It’s free and you can save so much money.

If you don’t want your husband to use it, you can purchase an Annual Membership Card that is good for six months. This card is not non-transferrable, so you can give it to him to use or not.

You can bring two guests with you with a Costco membership. You can shop with your guests, but you have to pay for the items as a primary member. To shop with two guests, check out in the primary member and when you leave, open a second transaction with the guests.

We are also seeing a number of cases where a customer signs up for a
membership, but then forgets to renew the membership. Unfortunately
that results in a lapse in coverage. And it’s a great deal of extra
work for our staff.

Costco will not issue membership cards to people who are not members. Only relatives of someone who is a Costco member can get a membership card if they live in your household.

They also allow non-members to pay by cash or debit if they get angry, even if they’re not members.

These are just a few of the reasons why you need to ask your Costco membership for a refund.
If you still haven’t gotten a response to your request, contact Costco’s customer service department as soon as possible. This will give them the chance to resolve the issue.


The Costco membership card is non-transferable — that is, it can’t be used by anyone other than you. You can share your Costco membership card with someone, but you will need to have your own Costco account to make purchases. When you use your card to pay for merchandise, you’ll be able to see your own order history.

In some shops, you can pay for your membership before shopping, and if they find out you don’t have a Costco membership, you might find yourself having trouble buying the products you want. In other shops, it’s okay to pay for your membership after shopping, so you won’t have problems.

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