Does Sam’s Club Take Your Picture For Membership Card? (No, But…)

We are all familiar with streaming music and streaming movies sites. These “memberships”, which are now essential for our daily lives, have been essential.

Many big wholesale clubs like Costco, Walmart, and BJ’s Club offer memberships. Their memberships offer many benefits.

Sam’s Club is not a stranger to this, and even has its own membership. A physical card is usually used to signify your membership. But are wholesalers doing it? Continue reading to learn more!

Sam’s Club Will Take Your Picture for a Membership Card

Sam’s Club does not require you to have a government-issued photo ID in order to use your membership card. Over the years, physical membership cards have fallen in popularity. It takes up space in your purse or wallet, which is one of the reasons it has fallen in popularity.

Here are some ways you can become a Sam’s Club Member.

How do I become a Sam’s Club member?

Register online or at any Sam’s Club to become a Sam’s Club Member. Register online to become a Sam’s Club member.

Fill out the Personal Information Form once you have been selected.

Next, choose your preferred payment method.

To confirm your membership number, check your email.

This is how you can become a Sam’s Club Member online. To create a Sam’s Club membership, simply visit any Sam’s Club store and fill out the Membership Desk application.

What are the Sam’s Club Membership Benefits

Sam’s Club members enjoy many benefits, just like other wholesalers.

  • No Shipping Charge
  • Pick up at the curb for free
  • Same-day Delivery
  • Pharmacy Savings
  • Optical savings
  • Members only Fuel Savings
  • Membership with complimentary membership

Sam’s Club members also have access to Sam’s Club gas stations. These gas stations can only be accessed by members. Sam’s Club’s stations are sometimes open to the public, but they are very limited.

Sam’s Club also offers a Mastercard, which you can apply to. The Mastercard offers 5% cashback on all gas-related purchases

Sam’s Club members get special discounts on many of the bulk items they purchase. Sam’s Club memberships are great for those who regularly buy groceries or produce in large quantities.

What is Sam’s Club App and how does it work?

Sam’s Club created an app that allows you to do all of your shopping. You can also manage and access your membership to gain additional shopping tools.

Most features in this app, such as “Scan and Go”, are only available to members.

The app allows you to reorder frequently-ordered items. Sam’s Club app keeps track of items you order regularly and displays them. These items can be selected and reordered.

The Sam’s Club app also allows you to access your virtual membership card. This feature is for those who don’t want to carry a physical card around or forgot theirs at home.

You can use your digital membership card in place of the physical one. This will allow you to access Sam’s Club locations and make membership purchases.

Find and download all features in Sam’s Club App here.


Sam’s Club offers two memberships to the general public. These memberships will give you access to exclusive benefits such as daily discounts and same day shipping.

Any Sam’s Club location can create your membership card. The Sam’s Club staff will require you to show your photo ID. If necessary, you can use your digital membership card instead of your physical one.

What do you think about Sam’s Club’s memberships? Is it worth it? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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