Home Depot Dress Code 2022 (Tattoos, Hair, Bottoms, Tops, Shoes)

Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer worldwide, with more than 500,000 employees as of 2021. Home Depot is a great place to work for both current and former employees.

Home Depot does not seem to have a strict dress code. They emphasize performance and attitude more than appearance. You can’t wear what you like to work as Home Depot is a billion-dollar business.

What is Home Depot’s dress code exactly?

Home Depot Dress Code – Overall Appearance

Staff should wear collared shirts and jeans, Home Depot’s work apron or shorts, not less than 4 inches above their knees. Associate can also have their hair dyed, tattooed, or pierced, provided that they aren’t obscene, offensive, dangerous, or a danger to safety.

We’ll go into more detail about Home Depot’s dress code. It is business casual or baseline casual.

Associate must make sure that their clothes are clean and neat. Associate are encouraged to wear colorful, comfortable clothing while maintaining a professional appearance.

Home Depot’s dress code is casual so you might see some employees in t-shirts. It all depends on the position of the employee and the discretion of your store manager.

We recommend that you wear the orange uniforms provided by Home Depot for your first day. Company clothing is a great choice!


Associate must wear collared shirts or button-ups and blouses that have at least half of the sleeves. They can also wear sweatshirts or jumpers in colder conditions. Your tops should be neat and crease-free, as with all work attire. You want to make a good impression on customers.

It is not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts, tanks tops or shirts with large logos. T-shirts are not allowed for sales associates, however, those who do not work in customer-facing positions tend to wear tshirts on a regular basis. For your first week, make sure you wear collared shirts. Then, consult your supervisor.


Jeans, khakis and skirts are all acceptable as long as they don’t rise above the knee. Associate cannot wear tights, sweatpants, yoga pants or tights with holes or stains.

Hair and Face

Home Depot’s dress code policy, which is quite lenient, emphasizes safety at work and not micromanaging employees’ hair. To avoid workplace accidents, long hair should not be tangled. Any hair color is acceptable, provided that the hair doesn’t get in the way.


While working, all associates must wear Home Depot aprons. Home Depot’s trademark orange aprons must be worn by all associates.

The apron is not allowed to be worn off-site by staff unless they are at work, even if they are cleaning. You can also decorate the apron with pins, company badges and other creative artwork to add a personal touch.


As long as the Home Depot logo is on the hat, you can wear it. Safety gear is acceptable and encouraged. You can also use your headcovers to express religious beliefs.


Safety reasons require that all associates on the floor wear closed-toed shoes. No flip-flops or sandals, slippers or any other open-toed footwear are allowed.

Body Art

Home Depot employees are allowed to display visible tattoos or any other form of body art. They cannot however, indicate any political or religious, racial, offensive, or other messages.

The Dress Code is not permitted

Home Depot doesn’t allow associates to wear these:

  • – Wear tight shirts and trousers
  • – Clothing with logos from other brands
  • – Athletic shorts and sweatpants
  • – Sleeveless shirts, such as tank tops
  • – Open-toed shoes
  • – Garments that promote religious, political or personal beliefs

According to the New York Times, Home Depot prohibits associates from wearing “causes and political messages unrelated workplace matters” on clothing items. Home Depot threatened to expel an employee in 2021 for wearing a slogan supporting Black lives Matter on his apron.

Home Depot takes a public position on social justice topics, but its dress code does not align with political views. Home Depot doesn’t care what your position is on the matter. It has made it clear that associates can’t wear clothing with slogans or logos that don’t relate to them.

Merchandise Execution Team

You might have seen certain Home Depot employees wearing orange collared shirts. These Home Depot employees are part the Merchandise Specialists Team, which consists of specialists who maintain bay- and aisle-level areas.

Because it makes them stand out among other workers, all Merchandise Execution associates should wear the uniforms.


Home Depot’s dress code allows employees to wear business casual. Because there is a lot of walking, comfortable jeans and closed-toe footwear are recommended.

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