Kroger Dress Code (hats, Shorts, Hair, Tattoos + More)

A large retail corporation typically is a place where every employee has a clear identity and the purpose of the company is to provide a service to its customers.

When looking for an employer you might want to be able to dress like you work there. So I started looking into what Kroger has to say about their dress code and found out they have a dress code.

Kroger Dress Code In 2022?

Kroger employees must wear apron, and are not allowed to wear any clothing or hats with visible pictures, abbreviations, words, logos or any other logo. They are not allowed to wear khaki pants, blue or black jeans, and skirts without cuts and holes.

If you want to find out about the dress code, what kinds of clothing are appropriate, policies on tattoos, and other related topic’s, keep on reading!

Does Kroger Have A Uniform For Employees?

Kroger employees must wear an apron while at work to show that they’re serving customers, and if they don’t, they’ll get into trouble.

In April 2019, the supermarket chain Kroger changed its employee dress code and made employees and associates must wear a blue apron with a rainbow heart on it.

The apron must be worn with a strap around the neck and tied around the waist at all times while an employee is in the work place.

The new dress code prohibits employees from wearing their own shirts (short sleeves or long sleeves with a solid color or a tasteful pattern) with a collar.

Although many employees believe that apron strings are an annoyance and sometimes pose a safety hazard, management states that its policy on uniform dress is not open to debate.

What Shirts Or Tops Can You Wear As A Kroger Employee?

I am not sure where you got your information from but if you are working an evening shift you are not required to wear a blue shirt.

Other kinds of shirts that you’ll be allowed to wear include those with appropriate Kroger logo.

They can also wear business casual v-neck shirts or business casual button-down shirts with solid colors or a tasteful pattern.

Shirts, tops and bottoms must not have graphics, logos, writings or other non-Kroger logos.

Kroger does not allow tank tops, crop tops, camo, sheer shirts, muscle shirts, t-shirts with slogans and messages, and t-shirts with large images on them.

What Type Of Pants And Skirts Can You Wear As A Kroger Employee?

The company’s updated dress code gives associates and employees leeway to wear blue, black, khaki or other basic colored jeans or pants in good condition.

Female workers are allowed to wear plain white T-shirts (with a plain collar, and without any cuts or holes), but long-sleeved shirts with any type of pattern are not allowed.

The requirements for white shirts with a collar differ significantly, even among the same companies.

As well, employees are required to wear pants or shorts that do not show under the waistline of the pants or shorts on the hip or waistline.

Does Kroger Allow Employees to Have Tattoos and Piercings?

The Kroger rule is not about tattoos, but about face-coverings. However, the employee does not have to be a cashier. It would generally be a good idea to be a cashier to minimize your chances of being caught.

Supervisors and managers who want to show their tattoos on their arms should keep them moderate and cover a small area. The tattoos should be simple and have no sexual connotations.

Krogers does not have a specific policy about piercings. It accepts both earrings or nose rings as well as pierced eyebrow or lips.

You can’t go wrong by hiding some of the ones that are too obvious. Then, later on, when the interview is over, you can ask if there are any other ones that you can’t be sure about.

1. The rule of thumb is to shop Kroger online for deals, and then go to the store to get the products.
2. Store shopping for the week will be done on Sunday or Monday. Look for a coupon you like, and use the coupon on Sunday.
3. Store shopping for the week will be done in the middle of the week. Look for a coupon you like, and use the coupon on Tuesday.

For example, people inside Fred Meyers are often asked to don some earrings, necklaces or other jewelry.

Does Kroger Allow Associates To Wear Hats?

The rule is intended to protect Kroger’s trademark, however it has the unintended effect of discriminating against employees who wear a hat with a “distinctive” logo on it.

Additionally, the hat must be clean and worn properly at all times, i.e. the bill of the hat must be placed over the top of the head and the brim must be drawn up so that the hat is not too large around the ears and not too small around the head.

Does Kroger Permit Different/Unnatural Hair Colors?

Kroger employees can wear any hair color they choose, just like tattoos, but they need to be discreet.

The employer is not going to give any complaints because the employee’s appearance does not look bad.

What Kind Of Shoes Does Kroger Allow Employees To Wear?

When employees wear shoes that are not in compliance with this policy, they will be subject to disciplinary action.

Slip-resistant shoes are important because of potential injury from slipping down wet ramps. The risk is higher if the ramp is wet all the time than if it’s only slippery occasionally.

Can You Get Fired For Refusing to Abide By Kroger’s Dress Code Policy?

Based on the terms of employment, the store management or the company reserves the right to terminate your employment upon failing to comply with the approved dress code during business hours.

If someone steals something from a Kroger grocery store, the Kroger store has the right to ask for information about the person and whether they are willing to sign a statement. If they agree, they will have a criminal record, and it could affect their ability to get work or housing. If they refuse to sign such a statement, the person will not be prosecuted for the Kroger loss, as it is assumed that they didn’t intend to steal.

Conclusion: Kroger Dress Code

This means that Kroger associates and employees must wear uniforms consisting of an apron and a Kroger hat. If they wear a uniform, they must not have a visible tattoo or a visible logo on the apron or hat. If they do not wear a uniform, they must wear a Kroger hat.

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