Publix Dress Code (shoes, Tattoos, Pants, Hair + More)

While there’s not a uniform, some stores do have specific color palettes and you might need to consider the clothing you wear to work.

To make it easy for you to know what the dress code for the Publix is, keep reading this article for more information!

What is the Publix Dress Code for 2022?

You should wear green collared shirts, plain dress pants, and tennis shoes (not dress shoes) that match your department color. You can also wear apron, ball caps, and slip-resistant shoes. Long hair is acceptable, but you cannot have facial piercings, tattoos, or colorful hair.

Do you ever wonder what types of shoes you can wear, what colors you can wear, what colors you can’t wear and more? Read on to find out all about the Publix dress code!

What is the Publix Uniform?

The uniform consists of two collar shirts and two aprons which Publix provides, however, you have to buy your shoes and pants.

Additionally, you can purchase more pieces for your uniform through Publix, and Starbucks baristas and customers can also purchase and wear items containing the logo.

What Shoes Do You Have to Wear at Publix?

employees at Publix will have to wear slip-resistant shoes, including baristas, in order to prevent slips from slipping and falls.

Since Publix employees in other departments need not wear slip-resistant shoes, they can wear any color shoes they want. However, they are still supposed to wear green and yellow whenever they are in the customer service department.

However, the shoes can either be athletic or non-athletic, but non-athletic shoes have to be either gray, tan, dark brown, dark blue, white, black, or cordovan.

Shoes can be in any of these colors, including black, white, or off-white.

What Kind of Pants Do Publix Employees Wear?

You should always wear black pants no matter what department you are assigned to work.

However, there is no such rule for pants. You may wear anything you want, as long as you can button and zip the pants properly.

I’ve seen a bunch of pants that are just shorts, with a belt on it, and I think if they’re waist-high, they should be able to do that.

What Kind of Shirts Do Publix Employees Wear?

Publix employees must wear green shirts with a collar on them that button down. Department managers have the right to allow employees to unbutton their shirt if they are happy with the amount of time employees are exposed to the cold weather.

The shirts should be neat and clean; however, they should be wrinkled due to hand washing, not ironing. They should be professional and should be tuck in at the bottom of the shirt to avoid creases. They should only be worn by the employee with a uniform and/or a tie.

Can You Wear a Sweatshirt Over Your Publix Uniform?

You can wear clothes, except hooded sweatshirts, over your Publix uniform, but you cannot wear blue, brown, gray, black, white, khaki, or dark green.

You must also make sure that you still have enough room to write if you’re wearing a jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt.

Can You Wear a T-Shirt Under Your Publix Attire?

You are not allowed to wear a shirt under your green Publix shirt, because it is a brand.

Can You Wear Black Jeans at Publix?

You may not wear black jeans if you’re an employee at Publix.


*This is a paraphrase of the original text.

This means that you cannot wear pants while working if the pockets can hold a weapon such as a revolver.

What Color Hair Can You Have at Publix?

If you have naturally colored hair (no highlights), the company does not allow purple, blue or pink hair colors or you will be fired.

However, if your hair is longer than shoulder-length, you can keep it in a ponytail or in your shirt; or just pull your hair into a sidebraid.

Can I Work at Publix With a Beard?

Publix is the biggest operator of grocery stores in the U.S. It announced that it will let men and women wear beards as long as they respect company policy.

However, the beard must be maintained and clean. The beard may not be unkempt.

You can always ask for a hairnet though.

If you do choose to use any facial hair grooming products, you’ll need to check the use by dates to make sure you’re using the up to date and safe ones.

Can I Wear a Ball Cap Working at Publix?

Employees can wear any type of headwear but they must be purchased through the Publix supplier.

However, the knit cap that you can get through Publix can be used by any associates, and you’ll be able to wear it whenever it gets warm.

It looks like they were going to allow ball caps, but they were going to provide them for baristas.

Because of some policy restrictions, Publix does not allow its employees to wear ball caps while working in certain departments.

Can You Wear Earrings Working at Publix?

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The second is pretty much just “fix it” where you can find the original and fix it.

Can You Wear Long Nails Working at Publix?

Publix has a rule that no one can wear long nails while being employed there. They also require that all nails be kept clean and look presentable.

Can You Have Tattoos Working at Publix?

You can have visible tattoos, but most Publix locations ask that you cover them while you’re working. I don’t think there are any managers who would be upset if you have visible tattoos.

Most places aren’t really picky, but any tattoos with nudity will get you a visit from the manager.

Can You Have Facial Piercings Working at Publix?

It is not allowed for you to have more than one piercing in one ear, nor more than one piercing in one nose, nor more than one piercing in one tongue, nor more than one piercing in one nose.

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In response to the criticism, Publix said that customers can request to be served in a t-shirt, polo shirt, or tennis shoes but are not required.

Also, you might be required to wear other colored shoes, and you might be required to wear slip-resistant shoes.

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