Ace Hardware Dress Code (hats, Leggings, Hair, Tattoos, Shorts + More)

Ace Hardware is the largest co-op chain in the United States, specializing in providing services and items such as tools and raw materials. With over 7000 current employees, Ace Hardware can be a great company to work for.

Ace hardware is very strict when it comes to work attire. They will not allow you to come in their office wearing shorts or flip flops. They are very business driven and make sure their employees are professional and clean. They will also not allow you to dress like a slob. They love their cleanliness and would consider you a slob if you were not neat.

Ace Hardware Dress Code In 2022

The logo t-shirt at Ace Hardware is a simple t-shirt with the Ace Hardware logo printed on it. The Ace Hardware logo is on it in the middle of your chest. Your name tag is usually put at the right side of your chest. It’s the best way to go about your day at Ace Hardware.

If you want to know what you can wear, you can read the full dress code and rules first. We don’t want you to be turned away or arrested for something you did not know about!

What is the Dress Code for Ace Hardware?

Ace Hardware has a dress code that is usually very nice. The dress code employees should be well-covered and not inappropriately dressed.

At Ace Hardware, you wear a t-shirt, shirt, or long sleeve shirt underneath a work vest or apron, or an Ace Hardware t-shirt.

For the ladies, the clothing at Ace Hardware will include low-rise and mid-rise jeans, as well as modest shorts and t-shirts.

Ace Hardware employees are also required to wear closed-toed shoes, such as tennis shoes. However, this isn’t a rule for you to follow as long as your foot or ankle doesn’t feel injured, and you’re not on your feet all day (i.e. standing for long periods of time).

What is the Ace Hardware Uniform?

To become an Ace Hardware employee, you will need to complete a training and become a licensed associate. After completing your training, you can become an employee.

If you are a senior employee at Ace Hardware, you may be expected to wear more formal attire such as a shirt underneath your Ace Hardware vest. You can expect to receive a higher pay rate.

The department you work at may have variations of the uniform such as protective equipment such as helmets, steel-toed shoes, and more.

If you want to ensure that you are well-dressed, your best bet it to speak with the store manager or supervisor. If your store has a uniform policy, you must ensure you know and abide by it.

Can I Wear Jeans at Ace Hardware?

All Ace Hardware stores require khaki pants, or cargo pants to be worn.

the guy that works in hardware should be wearing blue or black jeans, and he should have no holes in them.

It is required that Ace Hardware employees wear belts to prevent them from wearing pants sagging.

Can Ace Hardware Employees Wear Hats?

Since Ace Hardware is a huge company, the majority of employees wear a hat during their shifts. Hats can be plain, or with a logo. Stihl hats are not allowed.

To ensure customers are not mistaken, hats worn by employees at Ace Hardware must be worn forward-facing, and should not be worn at an angle.

A supervisor has the final say of whether you are permitted to wear a hat. They may be able to change their mind if they choose and if you do, you will be paid.

You can wear a hat, but you will need to wear a hard hat, and may have to wear a helmet if you work in the warehouse or have similar situations.

Can Ace Hardware Employees Wear Leggings?

Ace Hardware employees are not allowed to wear baggy clothes and informal pants during their shifts.

It is expected that Ace Hardware employees will dress in plain pants, like jeans, and in casual clothing, such as khaki pants or cargo pants.

Can You Have Tattoos at Ace Hardware?

Some Ace Hardware stores dress their employees according to company policy, and some do not. A few Ace Hardware managers that I know are happy to discuss their employees’ policies with those who wish to know.

In some places it is advised to cover tattoos up if they are visible. If you have a tattoo and its visible, your Ace Hardware manager has the discretion to allow you to work.

Tattoos should not be offensive, political, or have similar inappropriate themes and no one should be subject to being discriminated against because of a tattoo.

Can You Have Dyed Hair at Ace Hardware?

As they are a franchise, Ace Hardware stores are allowed to be a bit different, and dye your hair as you please so long as you get it professionally done.

If you are a manager at Ace Hardware or another store, your decision is final and you have the responsibility to enforce this policy.

Can You Wear Shorts at Ace Hardware?

A person can be arrested for shoplifting if they are caught carrying stolen property.

The following rules apply to women store associates. They may wear skirts between May and September.

They must be black, navy, red, salmon or gray. They must be no more than three inches above the knee. No visible underwear is acceptable.

Management at Ace Hardware is not permitted to wear shorts. You must wear pants.

To put it simply I think it should be the same thing as pants. Skirts should be knee-length or longer.

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The dress code of Ace Hardware specifies that employees are required to wear a red shirt or polo shirt with a red vest. Employees must wear closed-toed shoes.

All employees should be in professional, neat and business attire when on the company premises at all times. Work boots are to be worn at all times.

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