Lowe’s Dress Code (hats, Leggings, Hair, Tattoos, Shorts + More)

Working at Lowe’s is a great way to meet people and work in a fast paced retail environment where there is a lot of opportunity to learn and grow.

If you’re wondering if you should wear the same dress as you did for your last job interview at Lowe’s, including what type of dress to wear, what to wear with it if possible, and how to dress for a job interview at Lowe’s, I have all the answers.

Lowe’s Dress Code In 2022

Lowe’s encourages its employees to dress casually as long as they have a tidy look. Additionally, Lowe’s employees are issued a red vest that indicates their name and other pertinent information. Lowe’s also allows employees to have piercings, unnatural hair colors, and tattoos, as long as they’re not offensive.

For more information about what you can and can’t wear while you’re working at Lowe’s and for other details about the company’s dress code, keep reading!

What Is Lowe’s Dress Code?

Lowe’s employees are required to abide by a dress code that states that they should be neat and well-presented in their work. It allows for more comfortable clothing options.

Lowe’s allows employees to choose their own clothes, as long as they don’t make any offensive or provocative statements or pictures.

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In some stores the dress code is more relaxed than others. Some managers may have a different dress code than what Lowe’s is stating.

There are so many things that you can do to make your business more successful if you are looking for a job.

When management and senior members get together, they must wear a proper suit.

And because Lowe’s is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, Lowe’s employees often perform a wider variety of tasks than other home improvement employees. For example, Lowe’s employees often carry heavy boxes of materials and other large items while performing their work.

What Is The Lowe’s Uniform?

Compared to other stores, Lowe’s employee uniform is rather casual. For example, all Lowe’s employees must wear a red vest, provided by the store, over their clothes. In the US, a red vest over casual clothing is generally considered acceptable, although a t-shirt and jeans is more acceptable.

While Lowe’s had previously worn a similar vest to identify store employees, this version is specially designed to be more visible, according to Lowe’s.

I also have a Lowe’s vest with the Lowe’s logo on the back. I received a Lowe’s employee vest of the red color and it’s a large size. I will be working in the ProServices department during my shift and will be wearing my Lowe’s uniform.

There’s also a requirement, in addition to a face shield which could be a full face shield, a pair of goggles or face shield to protect against these kinds of particles.

For the employees in the food area, the company’s logo can be found on a t-shirt or a long sleeve shirt, and employees are required to wear jeans and a belt.

You will also have to wear appropriate food safety equipment such as gloves.

Can I Wear A Hat At Lowe’s?

Yes, employees who wear Lowe’s branded baseball caps are not required to take the cap off when not at work.

 But Lowe’s cashiers are not permitted to wear hats unless it has a Lowe’s logo. Even if the cashier is employed by a smaller store.

Can I Wear Leggings At Lowe’s?

Leggings can be worn at Lowe’s if the pants are long enough to cover the knees. People can’t wear tight-fitting leggings to work, though.

However, Lowe’s does not allow joggers or sweatpants at work because they’re not dress-for-success.

Lowe’s prohibits their employees from wearing denim leggings, or ripped or dirty jeans, or with any holes in them.

Can I Wear Hoodies At Lowe’s?

Yes, you can wear hoodies at work for the entire year, since it is a seasonal job.

Then Lowe’s made their employees wear plain, non-branded hoodies while at work.

Lowe’s said it does not ask employees to wear political shirts. However, they can’t wear a political shirt or sweatshirt, including a political logo, or something that could be considered obscene.

Can I Have Piercings At Lowe’s?

Yes, you can get a tattoo on your face at Lowe’s. The tattoo does not interfere with your work or is obscene or offensive.

In case of piercing that may cause harm to others at work, such as piercings that could make you bleed, you must cover or remove them while at work.

Can I Have Tattoos At Lowe’s?

While at work employees may not be allowed to have tattoos; they may have tattoos on their own time off.

If you are asked to cover your tattoo, the company will require that you cover the tattoo for your shift.

Can I Wear Shorts At Lowe’s?

If you work at Lowe’s, you may be able to wear shorts while you’re on duty.

Can I Have Colored Hair At Lowe’s?

Well, let’s just say that I have blue hair and I’m not surprised that Lowe’s stores have dyed hair. I think she even says that the dye is natural.

Lowe’s did not object to colored hair as long as it doesn’t distract the customers.

What Should I Wear To A Job Interview At Lowe’s?

While a Lowe’s job may not be for everyone, the interviewer may want to know if you would be comfortable working in a business casual environment. If you are interviewing at, for example, a warehouse, you should wear business casual attire.

A dress shirt and tie or a polo shirt and tie with a blazer
over it.

If you are not very good at dressing up, you need to dress up as neatly and cleanly as possible.

For now, we will update our posts as soon as any new and interesting information comes up.


Lowe’s encourages its employees to wear suitable and casual clothes for work to fit the environment and customer interaction.

The real Lowe’s has a dress code, so most of them don’t go to the ones who are not of the culture.

As another measure, Lowe’s also provides employees with a name tag that they can wear on their clothing to indicate their affiliation to the retailer, name, and department.

Most Lowe’s stores have at least one safety person who will be your primary safety officer. Some stores may have one dedicated to safety, and others may have multiple safety officers who work together.
Most Lowe’s stores have special safety clothing to wear as a uniform alongside the red vest. The red vest and the safety officer uniforms will be issued together.

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