Safeway Dress Code (shorts, Leggings, Hair Dye, Tattoos + More)

Safeway has a dress code for their grocery store staff. To be professional, their staff must wear a dress that covers their arms. They must also wear a belt or shirt tie.

If you’re looking to work at Safeway, you might be wondering if they have a dress code that you need to follow in order to get hired for the job.
If you want to know more, keep reading through this article to find out what Safeway’s dress code is.

Safeway Dress Code In 2022

We have a code of conduct that outlines the work rules, dress code, and employee conduct. The code includes that employees must wear clean and appropriate dress. It also provides for the rules related to facial hair, hair length, tattoos, and piercings. The rules are in place to ensure a safe working environment for all employees and customers.

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What Are the Safeway Dress Code Standards for Every Department?

Although every department in Safeway adheres to a slightly different dress code, each department must dress according to the General Grooming Standards that Safeway’s handbook states.

Safeway makes a list which include the grooming standards and guidelines for men and women, and even divides them into male and female.

If you work for Safeway, you may want to keep in mind that it is not a company policy for employees to wear clothing that shows a religious preference.

To be fair, Safeway employees should not show up to their work unless they have discussed certain style with their store manager (ex. piercings, multi-colored hair, etc).

Does Safeway Allow Employees to Wear Leggings?

Safeway employees must wear dark pants in a color that is neither white nor black.

However, denim, corduroy, cotton casual, stretch pants, and leggings are not permitted according to the dress code applied to all departments of the campus.

Does Safeway Allow Employees to Wear Shorts?

The Standard Dress Code requires that pants must reach the top of permitted work shoes.

There was a policy that a supervisor was supposed to enforce the store dress code. It has been decided that this policy will not be enforced.

What is Safeway’s Policy for Hair Dye?

Since Safeway employees may not wear any unnatural hair coloring that is not considered conservative, they are not generally allowed to dye their hair.

But, because the Safeway dress code has not been updated since 2008, some Safeway managers may be more tolerant of non-conservative haircuts.

If a potential Safeway employee wears unnatural hair color, they can consider consulting their store manager, and their manager can discuss the possibility of them keeping (their) unnatural hair color.

What is Safeway’s Tattoo Policy?

Customers cannot have any tattoos showing.

This means that facial tattoos are not permitted, and any other tattoos must be covered by long-sleeved shirts or other appropriate clothing. If any facial tattoos are present, the applicant will be refused entry to the US unless he or she has a clear and convincing explanation of the tattoos.

Just so you know, Safeway managers may be a bit more lenient when it comes to having facial and neck ink. You can tell if a management is more tolerant by asking them.

What Is Safeway’s Dress Code for the Pharmacy Staff?

Safeway pharmacy staff must wear uniforms that adhere to the standard dress code. Women must wear clothing beneath the pharmacy clothing that adheres to the standard dress.

All pharmacy personnel must wear Safeway branded pharmacy jackets at all times. They must keep their jackets neat and tidy throughout the day.

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Safeway is one of the most consistent, formal and structured of all the grocery stores. They ask their employees to wear dark, color-coded uniform pants, dresses and jackets. They require their employees to dress in a professional manner.

Hair must be a conservative color, and facial hair not allowed to people.

Piercing and marking of your face can be a personal choice. However, it’s not a good idea to share this information with potential clients. It makes you look like you’re trying to over-personalize the service you provide.

However, Safeway’s updated dress code still doesn’t include anything about how employees should be dressed while on the clock.

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