17 Reasons Why Aldi Is So Cheap! (you’d Never Guess)

For many families and households, grocery shopping can be overwhelming. A lot of them rely on the best price deals for their daily needs.

Grocery chain Aldi has become the go-to for many budget-friendly shoppers because it has a lot of cheap products available.

In this article Aldi explains why they’re able to deliver the best prices and the best products to their customers.

17 Reason Why Aldi Is So Cheap In 2022

1. The Store’s History

I think of it like a grocery store in the 1950s. I’ve been to the same grocery store since I was a kid. We all know the prices, all the products are the same, we only buy the bare essentials.

A mission has never wavered, and the company has kept its promise to its customers by offering them the essentials at the lowest possible prices, while also providing a wide variety of products and services.

Albrecht came to America from Europe where he learned the discount business.

2. No Fancy Displays

You might be surprised when you notice that the cubes are made of soda.

3. Private Label Brands

When you walk down the aisles of Aldi, you see that they’re filled with a variety of cheap grocery brands.

It’s the same thing for books. If you look at any list of books on Amazon, you’ll see that they all look very similar, and that’s because the vast majority of titles are identical.

This is because Aldi keeps the prices low by selling almost entirely their own private label products

The price of a product may be even lower, but if you see it listed as a private label product, you may want to check the ingredients before buying.

While these off-brand names might mean a slightly cheaper price, they in no way mean a less quality product.

Now, you can get all these great brands of milk without the big label. Our Happy Farms milk has no artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners.

4. Smaller Stores

It’s not just Aldi stores that are growing smaller and less warehouse-y. It’s the way we do business. You might be thinking all the time that your building is full of small places, but if you have a closer look at the design and construction of your building, you will realize that it is anything but.

I would suggest that if you are a homeowner who pays the property taxes in your community, that you ask your local government (city, town, or county) to approve the use of a green roof. To find out about your local government regulations and laws, you can use a search engine like Google.

5. Less Warehouse Space

You can walk in, buy what you need and out in a matter of seconds. You don’t have to go around the store hunting for what you want (which is what most people do).

First of all, it helps to make the stores smaller (and therefore less expensive), but it’s also a double-win because it ensures the freshest items are always available on the floor.

6. Limited Stock

Since aldi doesn’t have a lot of shelf space, they’re using as much space as possible to maximize the amount of product that’s available to their customers.

I can’t imagine being without a freezer, coffee maker, or blender to make smoothies, but I’m also not thrilled to have a list of what I should buy to fill my fridge.

Your best bet if you are looking for certain items is to buy online or order ahead for pickup. You’ll also find that prices are better there than at stores. You’ll see a lot of sales items that are on clearance.

You’ll still find a good selection at Aldi, you just have to keep your eyes peeled, but that’s another lesson that can be learned.

7. Cart Deposits

The Aldi quarter is so ubiquitous that they sell cute “quarter keeper” keychains and they serve dual purposes which enable prices lower on the shelves.

Secondly, it helps ensure that the stores get their money’s worth, and not just put a bunch of empty space on the shelves.

Aldi no longer has to pay extra employees to monitor the carts in the parking lot. This means the employees have more time to do other things and the carts are not constantly being pulled back into the store.

8. Bring Your Own Bag Policy

There are lots of stores out there that use this model, but what makes Aldi unique is that you can scan the items you want to buy in your own backpacks, purses, boxes, and any bags/pouches you have. It’s a quick process and they’re always out of stock because they can’t just magically pull items out of thin air.

To make it easy for the consumer to purchase items, the stores have the cashiers sell only those items that don’t require bagging.

If a person walks into a shop for the first time and they start on their purchase, they’re more likely to buy more stuff than they normally would and they’re also going to shop longer than their first purchase.

9. Limited hours

Aldi supermarkets run on limited hours, so when you visit you won’t be able to walk around at will. You’ll have to plan your shopping trips carefully and make sure not to miss out on anything too important.

There are a lot more people to pay, meaning less energy is needed to heat and cool the stores and buildings.

So the electricity and water use are drastically reduced with this system.

10. Limited Staff

Due to the Aldi philosophy to only sell food with healthy benefits and to keep their prices as low as possible, the typical Aldi store needs very few helpings of employees.

Employees are not paid as much, so they don’t need as much money.

11. Well-Paid Employees

Aldi’s employees pay well over the minimum wage on US bases, and they offer benefits like health insurance and paid days off.

The fact that companies are looking at people as a way to be more efficient and cut costs does not mean that companies are looking to replace workers with computers. The reverse is true. They’re looking to replace lower-performing workers with higher-performing workers. It’s simply recognizing that better people will stay longer, which will also help improve business- and operations-related metrics.


Both are correct.
It has a different meaning depending on the context.

12. Well-Trained Employees

I know some people think the workforce at Aldi is a mix of young and old, but I have yet to see anyone that isn’t well-trained.

Whereas in large warehouse chains, it is more efficient to have a team of five manning the refrigerated carts, while a team of three work in the refrigerated section.

You can help store managers limit the number of employees by requiring them to hire based on need, and you can do that by offering them a bonus for hiring employees who have not been hired before, or giving them a bonus for their first hire.

13. Barcodes everywhere

Aldi’s market share is very high because of their private label merchandise. They can make the store look beautiful by simply changing the product labels.

The barcodes help the cashier check out faster by allowing them to find and scan the barcode without having to manually search through the shelf.

14. Sitting cashiers

One of the biggest challenges stores are facing today is the fact that it’s extremely difficult to have any kind of an efficient service if you don’t have a knowledgeable cashier serving your customers.

One of the reasons why they scan faster in Aldi is they don’t use a lot of people. In a supermarket like the one that I work in, we have one person in each department, and sometimes there can be as many as 20 people in a department.

15. No Superfluous Services

It’s even harder for Aldi to cater to everyone. They also don’t carry the same brands they carry in other stores, such as the brands of household goods or cleaning supplies.

In addition, there are some stores where you can’t even call for help if you don’t understand the English instructions. A store that has a sign saying that employees are not welcome in the store is a problem.

16. Limited advertising

there are many items in the world such as Mt. Everest or beyond that would happen before Aldi spent the money on a Super Bowl ad.

But they’re more focused on their brands than Walmart. It doesn’t matter what products they put out, people will shop at Walmart because of their name and the quality of their products.

Aldi has lots of word-of-mouth advertising and they have very impressive social media presences. They also have big media buys on national TV and radio but smaller buys on local TV and radio stations.

17. No store music

Shopping at Aldi is just like shopping anywhere else. The only good thing about Aldi is that there’s no music playing.

I’ve been researching low prices at other stores, and found it interesting that the cheapest prices are at TJ MAXX.


At Aldi, you can find a discount grocery store that is low-cost, yet is still stocked well with the latest products. In the company’s stores, they provide a low price so that you can purchase healthy and affordable products.

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