Does Aldi Give Senior Discounts? (What To Know!)

Many public services and stores offer a variety of benefits for older people.

Aldi is well-known for its fantastic prices and numerous offers. But does this package offer senior discounts? Let’s find the answer!

Does Aldi Give Senior Discounts?

Aldi doesn’t offer senior discounts and there aren’t any policies in the US or UK.

Aldi offers many deals and the Aldi Finds, which allows customers to get products at a discounted price. These include furniture, pet supplies and food.

Aldi offers special shopping hours for seniors, even though discounts and deals are generally available to all customers.

The store will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30. This is for seniors and anyone with a health condition.

This is all there is to it about Aldi’s senior specials. But if you want to know which grocery stores offer senior discounts, keep reading!

What Day is Aldi Senior Discount Day

Aldi does NOT offer seniors a discount or any other discounts that are only available to them.

What Grocery Stores Offer Senior Discounts

Aldi does not offer senior discounts. However, there are many grocery shops that will. Let’s look at some of them and see if we can help you!

Food Lion

Food Lions is a well-known brand in the South. While most stores don’t offer seniors discounts, Hannaford might be able to offer them. Hannaford is one of the Food Lion brands.

If you’re 62 years old or older, you can get 5% off your entire purchase. However, Hannaford stores are not available in all states and only Maine.


Customers 55 years and over can purchase groceries at 5% off Tuesdays in this grocery store.

Fry’s Food

Fry’s Food in Arizona will offer you a 10% discount on your purchase. This is for people 60 years and older.

Concord Food Co-Op

This grocery store offers seniors some of the most attractive discounts. It can offer up to 15% off on Tuesdays and Sundays. However, to qualify for the discount, the customer must be the card owner and complete an application.

Customers over the age of 62 can get this discount and will be able to take advantage of these benefits in New Hampshire. There are only two locations in the US.

Discount Drug Mart

You can get senior discounts at this Ohio store. They offer 10% off grocery items and 20% off all health and beauty products if they are Discount Drug Mart Brand.

These benefits are available to customers 60 years and older. They can take advantage of these offers every Wednesday.

There are 130 Ohio stores, so there’s a good chance there’s one near you.

Hy Vee

This chain is not well-known, but it is available in South Dakota and Kansas. It is also available in Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri and Wisconsin.

If you’re 55 years old or older, you’ll be eligible for a 5% discount on your purchase. So make sure to visit one of their stores Wednesdays to take advantage of this offer!

All these stores have different policies so be aware that you might need to fill out an application, become a special member or have other qualifications. It’s best to ask staff members or the manager if you have any questions.

Learn more about Aldi. You can find out more about Aldi Pickup by visiting our related posts.


Aldi does not offer senior discounts but it is still a great option for low-priced products. They also have other deals that can be tailored to your needs.

There are many grocery stores that offer senior discounts. However, the majority of big chains like Walmart, Target, or Publix don’t offer these deals.

Don’t let senior citizens discourage you from shopping at Aldi. You’ll still be able to shop on Tuesdays before the rest, so they aren’t forgetting about senior customers.

Aldi also offers many other deals.

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