Starbucks Dress Code 2022 (Tattoos, Piercings, Hair, Tops, Bottoms)

Starbucks is a great place for entry-level jobs, especially if your high school diploma is not yet finished. Starbucks recently raised its minimum wage from $10 to $15 an hour.

The giant coffee chain offers a great work environment, friendly colleagues, and a relaxed dress code.

You may have been to a Starbucks store to get a cup of coffee. However, you might not have noticed that the baristas aren’t required to wear a particular attire policy. Even those who are in managerial roles like shift managers or shift managers have the freedom to express their individual fashion tastes.

Starbucks has a dress code policy that its employees must follow. It may not be obvious at first glance. Starbucks has carefully designed the Starbucks experience to provide the best customer experience. This includes how employees should dress.

Starbucks Dress Code 2022

Starbucks generally requires employees to dress in smart casual attire and muted colors. Starbucks allows employees to express themselves, provided that the overall outfit is appropriate and tidy. Starbucks employees must also ensure that their aprons are clean and in good condition at all times.

Overall Appearance

Initially, Starbucks provided a 15-page guidebook on dress code. Starbucks has simplified their entire dress code to a single page in 2019. Here’s a summary of the latest dress code.

All Starbucks employees, baristas and shift supervisors alike, must be clean and tidy while on the job. Your clothing must be clean, neat, wrinkle-free, spotless, with no holes and well-maintained.

Starbucks has some exceptions to its dress code, such as religious exemptions and disabilities. The store manager decides what is appropriate and inappropriate for work.

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Color palette

Starbucks employees must wear clothing that highlights its main color, green. They should also wear muted or neutral colours, such as:

  • Black
  • – Navy blue
  • Gray
  • – Brown
  • – Charcoal
  • – Khaki
  • – White


Accent colors can be worn on scarves, socks, and ties as long as they do not overshadow the Starbucks apron. Avoid loud patterns, distracting graphics and neon colors.

Your best friend is solid colors with simple patterns. Simple patterns or prints are acceptable for socks.


Coffee giant Starbucks allows employees to experiment with hair colors. You may see occasional baristas with brightly colored hair, such as shining blue, purple, and neon.

Hair dyes must be either permanent or semi-permanent to ensure food safety. To avoid hair falling into drinks, you must keep your hair trimmed and neat.


You can choose to cover your head if you have a bad hair day. Starbucks employees may wear:

  • – Solid-colored baseball caps
  • – The logo of the company
  • – Fedoras
  • – Bowlers
  • – Panama hats

Starbucks has a long list of headcovers that are available on its no list.

  • Baseball caps with sports logos
  • – Cowboy hats
  • – Bucket hats
  • – Fedoras in loud patterns
  • – Dirty caps
  • Beanies with additional embellishments
  • Caps facing forward


You want your facial hair to be neat and well-trimmed.

A single facial piercing is permitted, but it cannot be more than a dime. This means that you can now have a small septum and nose stud.

Earrings or ear gauges can be worn, but not larger than a quarter.


While tattoos are permissible, they can’t depict any obscene, profane or racist content. Tattoos are not allowed on the neck or face.


Employees are allowed to wear dark jeans, pants and shorts. Only, they can wear dark hues, such as black, grey, brown, or khaki. Also, Starbucks employees cannot wear clothes with tears or patches.

You can wear shorts, skirts or dresses up to four inches above your knees if you prefer.

Wearing dark denim is a good choice, as it is more comfortable than the green apron.


All shirts should cover the stomach (tummy) as well as the armpits. The same applies to other aspects, such as colors or patterns: muted, subtle or subdued to maintain a professional appearance.

Because they’re professional, comfortable and stylish, button-downs are a favorite choice for Starbucks employees. They can also be cold so they will keep you warm while you wait in long lines for your drinks.

However, T-shirts are not allowed.

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Starbucks offers a casual dress code for employees that allows freedom of expression. Starbucks employees must dress in smart casual clothes in neutral or muted colours, mostly because they want to appear professional and highlight their green apron.

Although casual wear is common in the coffee industry it is not uncommon for Starbucks to encourage its partners to dress professionally to match their company vision. Starbucks wants to “establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor and exporter of the finest coffees in the world, while preserving our uncompromising principles as we grow.”

It is fair to say that their company vision doesn’t reflect their sloppy, messy clothes.

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