Does Starbucks Have A Dress Code? (hats, Pants, Colored Hair, Tattoos, Apron + More)

The company has a dress code that prohibits baggy pants, sleeveless shirts, and anything that exposes the bottom half of the face. So keep your hair out of the face, and don’t wear flip-flops or tank tops (even if the brand is called “Tanks”). Also, don’t be too flashy, as the company’s logo can be found on most of its cups.

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Does Starbucks Have A Dress Code In 2022?

Although Starbucks’ dress code does not strictly prohibit pants, the store’s policies prohibit wearing too many accessories or other garments that may interfere with a customer’s flow when completing a transaction.

At Starbucks, the company encourages its employees to wear a name tag while on duty, which allows customers to address them by name.

Read below about Starbucks’ dress code policies for the coffee shop chain and how strict they really are.

What Is Starbucks Dress Code?

* Women:

* Men:

And you can even get a discount if you bring in your own coffee.

Let’s take a deep dive into each category and see what you can do with them!

Your appearance is very unique and interesting.

Starbucks is known for their baristas’ stylish and professional looks. They believe it’s important that your barista is clean and attractive.

If the clothes are damaged (dirty, worn out, torn), if they are not of good quality and fit well and if they can not be washed/dry cleaned, then they are not suitable for the application and they can not be accepted.

I would like for my desk to look as if I had done some work before I came.

The apron is useful.

Upon hire, Starbucks will give you at least two aprons.

These are essential because Starbucks doesn’t make customers buy coffee because its employees need to look good.

Starbucks also makes sure that the employees always wear their uniforms. The black and white apron, with the coffee company logo as the center, pulls everything together.

While there is no strict dress code, we tend to err on the side of formality at least for most of our customers.

The colors are chosen for best readability and for their “clean” look.

Starbucks was unique in that it didn’t give employees restrictions on the types of clothes they wore.

All of which are the same as the logo’s, excluding the yellow color.

Black, white, blue, yellow, red, and green.

It’s so soft.

 All of our employees are welcomed and encouraged to express their individual style in their personal lives.

Just make sure to use a permanent hair color. For an even better effect, add a little highlight to the ends of your hair.

There are two main reasons for not using a ponytail:

The hair needs to be kept away from the food/beverages, and so needs to be kept back.
The hair needs to be accessible for the customers, and so needs to be long.

__________ is at the top.

Starbucks also asks employees to not wear clothes that are too dark, too bright or too busy with patterns.

The contrast of colors is much lower than the original, and the plaid is even more obvious.

In this scenario, there is no need to worry about getting the best score on the test. The interviewer is also more likely to have a higher grade than a student dressed in a hoodie or t-shirt or dressed casually.

Customers can choose from a variety of clothing combinations, including white shirts, white blouses, blue blouses, and brown colored shirts.

The only time I have ever seen bottoms is when people get excited at an event, like a play or an audition.

I’m super excited to see that Starbucks is now allowing their baristas to wear jeans!

You don’t want to go too crazy with stripes, though, as it’s not something you’ll see often in a corporate environment.

However, loose-fitting or baggy jeans, leggings, and athletic wear are not allowed.

It’s the year 3000 and we now know that everything has been made out of shoes.

If you are working in Starbucks, make sure to choose comfortable business casual shoes and boots, sneakers and fashion sneakers, and other closed-toe shoes.

Although these shoes may look nice, they are not allowed in the venue.

The best things in life are free.

Starbucks’ coffee shop is where you will get a nice work outfit!

This is also a way to put your own personality on display. It is just as acceptable to wear a hat that is too small or too big as it is to wear the wrong color.

The author did not use accents.

The fashion of dressing a bit more casual can also help the business to look more professional.

You are done!

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It is not broken.

On the last page of this article, you’ll see a description of the finishing touches.

How Strict Is Starbucks Dress Code?

We are a company that celebrates the arts and artists. We hire those who do
and will express themselves no matter the medium.

This should also help you to save some time (you don’t have to ask any questions to a group of people you don’t know) and also reduce the potential for awkward social interaction.
This guide is not meant to be exhaustive and by no means is meant to be a substitute for the official company Dress Code Policy available here.

Does Starbucks Provide Aprons?

I have to ask to use an apron [because I am at risk of contaminating the food/cleanliness of the restaurant].

However, you are expected to maintain your apron in good condition; normal wear and tear are to be expected.

The company will return the aprons upon departure.

Can You Wear Your Hair Down At Starbucks?

If you have shorter hair you can wear it down while working at Starbucks, but the company policy indicates you should have your hair tied back or tucked in or something like that.

The word “while” is sometimes used to begin a sentence in a question; however, a “true sentence” is almost always followed by a comma.

Besides, it is a sanitary issue, since hair that flows from your head can get stuck or caught on things, and that means that it creates some risks of infection.

Does Starbucks Let You Have Colored Hair?

It is allowed to be any color as long as the color is different from the last time.

If the hair is colored for the first time, Starbucks will take it on as a customer for six months. If the hair has been dyed once before, Starbucks will take it on as a customer for four months.

Also, no glittery sprays, powdered sprays, powdery sprays or sprays that can fall into foods or drinks are allowed.

Can You Wear Leggings At Starbucks?

Unfortunately, even though wearing leggings is comfortable, that doesn’t make them appropriate attire at Starbucks.

If jeans are out of the question, think about khakis, a soft chino, and even jeans with a waistband that is elastic.

Does Starbucks Let You Wear Jeans?

You can wear jeans anywhere, provided that they meet the dress code for that place.

Jeans are to be long enough not to show any underwear, but also not to be so short to expose the underwear. If you really have to go without underwear, please bring a slip for you.

And finally, it’s a good idea to bring a spare pair of long pants (ie – longer than your jeans) just in case.

If you find any errors, please let us know. We will correct them as soon as possible.


Starbucks only expects its employees to wear a button down dress shirt which is a size small or medium.

Therefore, an employee can wear jeans, dye their hair with a bright color, and if they want, they can even wear a hat or a scarf. It can be anything as long as it matches our color palette.

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