Does Walgreens Have A Dress Code? (hats, Pants, Colored Hair, Tattoos + More)

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Walgreens has a dress code. It’s pretty strict. It’s not exactly like a dress code, but it’s a professional manner, as you might imagine.

If you do not want to be discriminated against you need to understand how it actually works.

Does Walgreens Have A Dress Code In 2022?

The only exception to this policy is the ability to wear jeans, but you really need to be able to button up the pant leg, as we are a retail store. As part of the dress code, we also expect our employees to make a good first impression with their appearance — that means that we will not allow our employees to wear clothing or accessories that are deemed offensive or that detract from the service that we provide.

To get a better idea on what Walgreens dress code include, such as if it prohibits dyed hair or the wearing of denim jeans, if you have to cover your tattoos or piercings, and more, read on!

What Is The Walgreens Dress Code?

Walgreens is known to care about its image, so the company takes appearance very seriously.

Employees are to strictly adhere to the Walgreens dress code and are to wear black slacks, the company-issued polo, nice sneakers or business casual shoes (close-toed).

It is possible to use the present simple to express this.

If you want to wear skirts in your area, check what people around you are wearing, and ask them to be the source of fashion and style if applicable.

Employees are permitted to wear long-sleeved shirts if they anticipate being cold. Solid shades of white, gray or black are permitted.

– **A:** The employee can wear long-sleeved shirts under the polos.
– **B:** The employee can wear long-sleeved shirts under their polos.

Walgreens is also interested in its team members looking professional and neat while limiting their use of cologne or perfume.

It’s a very comprehensive list of what can and can’t be taken into a Walgreens.

When the Trump administration tried to roll back an Obama-era rule which would have prohibited federal contractors from discriminating against employees because of their religious beliefs and practices, this resulted in a series of lawsuits against the company.

It’s hard to say what a “political-strategic-ideological” moment is in a language that has only about a dozen words for what we would call “political,” “strategic,” and “ideological.” But you’re not wrong about the context of the example, and these might (depending on context) all be true.

Pins or buttons of this nature are allowed to be affixed to the staff uniform of Walgreens.

Does Walgreens Have Uniforms?

Walgreens was very strict about giving new staff their polo shirts with the company logo.

Someone commented on this Indeed thread that they work for a small company, and they start you off with the equivalent of 3 shirts. If you ask them for more, they can tell you that the number of shirts in a given color is based on the company budget.

They are for beauty. They are the ones that look pretty when you put them on.

Can Walgreens Employees Wear Jeans?

In Walgreens, it was forbidden for the employees to wear jeans as part of their work uniform.

Black slacks are allowed. However, you may not wear black with any other color.

This helps Walgreens create a “business casual” and uniform look among employees, who are often the first and only point of contact for customers.

Can You Have Dyed Hair And Work At Walgreens?

Walgreens has no dress code but in the employee onboarding document concerning dress codes it is mentioned that hair is not allowed to be visible.

However, we should be careful about the fact that the FDA has no policy on this topic of hair-color, which is why any FDA policies on food ingredients are merely suggestions that manufacturers are free to ignore.

There are many ways to describe a professional look, but there is no official description of what constitutes professional.

You always want to ask your boss about the specific work environment first before saying yes.

What Is Walgreens Dress Code On Tattoos And Piercings?

Walgreens makes it clear that individuals in uniform cannot wear visible tattoos or any other tattoos that could be considered offensive while on the job.

However, as a courtesy, and to create an environment we can all be proud of, we will provide a dress code list to our sales associates that is applicable for the safety and professionalism of all of our guests.

We appreciate your feedback as it helps us to continually improve our service and your visit to Walgreens.

We can take it to mean that it’s unacceptable in the workplace, and that it won’t be tolerated.

Although this is a new service, some employees were able to get a free piercing for their birthday.

One person said that face piercings are okay, but another said that facial piercings were not allowed.

They were dressed like they were supposed to be and looked their best.

So, you should be asking your manager for their input because their preferences could play a role in determining what the dress code might be for that specific store.

> I can’t find any information on how to choose a color to wear.

Can You Wear A Hat To Work at Walgreens?

WALGREENS does not allow employees to wear branded caps as part of their uniform, regardless of whether their company logo is brandable.

Walgreens wishes to convey that it is a retail drug
store of the type in which one can buy over the counter.

And wearing any headwear that represents your religious views is certainly permitted as long as you have it on your head.

What Should You Wear to An Interview at Walgreens?

I would suggest wearing business casual attire. You don’t want to be too casual or too dressy. Your best bet is wearing a collared shirt, pants, and a blazer. Anything less will make you look unprofessional and will turn your interviewer off.

While you can wear blue jeans, t-shirts, or sweatshirts to work, the dress code is business casual. People who aren’t dressed formally may feel uncomfortable wearing casual office attire.

Chinos or khakis, closed-toe shoes, and a nice polo or blouse (for women) would all be appropriate when you are dressed to look like a professional.

The information on this page can be helpful in your decision process when considering to quit Walgreens.


A Walgreens employee manual lists a dress code for the front-of-house team, which includes black slacks and a Walgreens polo.

As far as wearing a button, employees can express their individuality with non-political buttons and pins, but otherwise, they are expected to strictly adhere to the dress code.

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