Which Credit Bureau Does Amazon Use? (all You Need To Know)

Even if you don’t use the service, the Amazon Prime Visa gives you access to the Amazon Warehouse which gets you in front of the best brands.

However, as soon as you sign up for the Amazon Prime Visa, you may wonder which credit bureau Amazon uses to check your credit score. If you’d like to find out, keep reading to learn what you should know!

Which Credit Bureau Does Amazon Use In 2022?

Amazon is now checking customers’ credit as part of the process of obtaining an Amazon Prime Visa. Amazon Prime Visa cards are generally processed within minutes, but you may have to provide more information about your identity before you are approved for the card.

> If you want to know more about Amazon’s credit check policies and how they work, check out this article to get more information and tips!

Does Amazon Use Equifax or TransUnion?

Amazon has confirmed that it actually checks credit scores through the main credit bureaus, but not all of them, according to a source familiar with the matter. The company will check with the three major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax), according to the source, to verify whether you qualify for the program.

Many customers who use credit reports from these sub-bureaus for free services tell that they use Chase for checking their credit scores.

Also, because Chase uses all three credit scores to determine your final credit score, it is important to have a good credit score.

After Amazon is done processing the check, they will decide if the customer is a prime member based on their overall score.

Amazon will only examine the credit score of a customer’s account if their contact and personal information warrants an identity check.

If you have ever applied for a visa to visit the United States, you know how important it is to have the correct documents in order to avoid delays in processing.

What Does Amazon Check Credit Scores For?

Amazon checks credit scores to determine whether or not people have enough money to take care of their Amazon Prime account. For people who want to work at Amazon, they are also required to have a credit score.

The fact that Amazon performs a credit check is not surprising, given the fact they are a huge business. Amazon has to make sure they know who is buying from them and they are not dealing with fraud.

As a background check the company does a credit check, they do a very thorough background check, where they make sure that the employee is not a criminal.

What Credit Score Do You Need to Get Approved by Amazon?

Amazon usually grants credit checks to anyone with a score of 641 or higher. They also reject applications from anyone with a score of less than 650.

The company will also reject credit card and employment applications if the applicant has received lower than an average score from the past four years.

If the customer is a minor, they will need to have their parent/guardian complete the credit card check process, but they will be required to show a valid ID and SSN.

If a customer does not meet the specified requirements, they will be rejected automatically.

Does Amazon Do a Hard Credit Check?

However, when looking through their own employee records, Amazon will often find illegal or questionable information within their own files.
While this information is not usually shared with any of the staff, employees with the right connections will often find how to navigate through Amazon’s internal systems and find their own employee records.

However, Amazon does not usually perform a deep credit check for their sellers or customers unless they require more information about their identity, or if they are facing a fraudulent case.

The reason for this recommendation is that customers who are applying for a visa can be matched with other Amazon customers by their customer profile information.

In addition, potential employees might need to make sure that they have good credit and no background checks are conducted in order to prevent any uncovered information about them from being discovered.

Does Applying for an Amazon Credit Card Hurt Your Credit Score?

The first time customers get an Amazon Prime Visa, the credit scores will change. This should not have a major impact as long as customers are paying their bills on time and not using the cards for a big purchase.

I had a Prime Visa and never really used it. I figured my credit limit would be higher due to having a Prime Visa, but my utilization rate actually went down when I added Prime to my credit card.

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If you have a Chase account, this means that you will have to have your credit card payment information rerouted to one of these companies, and you will have to answer some questions about your financial situation.

The company conducts a credit check on all people who apply to work at Amazon.

Amazon usually won’t perform a credit check only if someone is requesting additional information for their identity.

While Amazon cannot officially comment on the reason behind the crackdown, the company cited that there should be a “comprehensive” background check to avoid “irresponsible hiring,” which allows workers to “abuse” the power and rights of the gig economy.

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