Franchise Statistics (23 Interesting Facts, Trends + Statistics)

I like to know about the people, their lives, and their stories, and also I like to learn about what others have done with their businesses. That helps me understand what I could do with my own.

This infographic takes a look at the most successful series over the history of the United States, and ranks them by what they’ve grossed (in millions of dollars). The infographic looks at the most successful franchises of all time in the United States–from the beginning of time to the present–and ranks them based on how much money they’ve grossed.

And here’s the link to the free.pdf version of this chart.

Franchise Statistics In 2022

Franchising is a method for small businesses to become successful by acquiring a name, image and a product line. In addition, franchising allows companies to offer customers a service they want at a price they want. Over 50% of franchise owners have at least a Bachelor’s degree.

If you would like to know more about a specific franchise and what it is like, please continue reading as I dive into the complete list and so much more!

This stat is really surprising. This shows that there is a real potential for new franchises. It is likely that we will start getting new franchise opportunities around the middle 2010s.

Only a small percentage of these people will be successful in the long run because of this.

I have no idea how many franchises there are, but I’d say they’re more than 750,000.

Franchises employed more than 8 million Americans last year which is a good news for the franchise industry overall.

Franchises employ about eight million Americans, and out of that number, fifty percent of workers are employed by fast food or food service businesses.

Franchises work by creating demand for the product, and in the case of the American economy, it is demand for goods that are produced.

More businesses will start using this franchise model because it’s very easy to be setup, plus there are endless opportunities for profit.

It’s not surprising that franchise owners tend to have college degrees. They have to have a high amount of business knowledge and know how to start and grow a franchise.

As the U.S. pandemic and other social and economic disruption continued, fast-food giants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC led the pack of franchisees in terms of overall business across all franchise categories, despite their dominance in earlier years.

In the United States, 10.5% of all businesses are franchises, with limited-service restaurants accounting for a majority of those franchises.

In order to generate revenue, many of these businesses sell goods and services to the public.

It’s hard to get a read on this one. The wording is very awkward and makes it sound like they’re just stating a fact rather than analyzing the situation. What I think they mean is that men are overwhelmingly in charge of the larger companies (as this is a trend that seems to hold true across all sectors and industries), but it’s not a trend that holds true among smaller companies.

While men are the majority of franchise owners, women are stepping up and taking on the role of franchise owners too.
The next person up is Maryellen from Brooklyn. She’s a mom of three and a self-professed “dessert” lover.

Women’s franchise ownership has increased by 38% over the past ten years. And, this trend is expected to continue for the next several years.

Isaac M. Singer was an American who invented the business model of franchising sewing machines. He thought this was the only way to improve upon and modernize the sewing machine.

When he was not selling the goods for the licensing fee he was trying to make the license to sell the goods and that is why he came up with the idea of selling merchandise through auction.

And that is actually how the modern sewing machines came into being.
Now, it might seem like the invention of sewing machines was the first technological advance of the industrial age, but in reality, it was just the beginning.

Veterans are an important part of our community. More than 66.000 U.S. veteran own a restaurant franchise.

McDonald’s is the biggest franchise in the world, with more than 38,000 locations, but it’s also the most poor franchise.

Hertz is a worldwide car rental company whose headquarters are in New York, New York and it has more than 10,000 locations across 150 countries.

This is a very interesting fact because it is very easy for us to get a chance to be part of a company that has a great reputation and does the same job as us.

The top ten brands on Yelp aren’t all in the food industry. The number one restaurant, Zaytinya, is a Greek restaurant and the numbers three, four, and five are in the education and medical industries.

In the same way that we use a lot of expressions like “the best” and “most” to qualify certain adjectives like “the highest”, we sometimes use “the most” to qualify certain adverbs like “the fastest”.

Every 8 minutes someone opens a new store. That said, I thought this was a fascinating statistic to share with you!

If you own a franchise, sometimes changing the name is the best move you can make. That’s a leading fact about owning a franchise.

Professional sports is a franchise-based model, where a group of individuals own the franchise, and the franchise licenses the right to play a particular sport. In these cases, each professional sports team has a name, colors, logo, and other identifying elements associated with that team.

There are hundreds of food franchises in America, but nearly one-third of the top 200 are also based outside of the USA.

The only reason the franchise would build their international presence is to help bring in customers in other countries. This is a good way of branding themselves and creating more loyalty with their existing customers.

The Cowboys have a value of $5.7 billion, which is the fourth highest amount of any professional sports team in the world.

I’m sure that the Cowboys are an entertaining team to watch. The United States is an entertaining place to visit, but the Cowboys are like a movie. You can’t watch them as an individual. You have to watch the whole movie, and it makes you happy because it’s entertaining.

McDonald’s has franchises because of their consistent and reliable profit margins, which is higher than those of other restaurant chains and has also been one of the main reasons for McDonald’s success since the 1950s.

China is a huge place and there are more than 4,500 different franchises. This isn’t too surprising to those of us that already know it.

The franchise agreement includes any written or oral agreements with the franchisee and the franchisor. It can include a franchise agreement, a lease and other agreements related to the franchise, and it usually lasts between 10 and 20 years.

In the event the franchise is not successful, a franchisor may invalidate the agreement or terminate the agreement for cause.

What Percentage Of Franchises Are Successful?

A franchise was founded by an industry professional that has a track record of success and can offer a great service.

Entrepreneurs often find ideas for new projects and businesses from ideas that have worked for other companies.

How Profitable Is Owning A Franchise?

Owning a franchise business is very profitable and depends on the industry you are getting into and the franchise’s brand.

If you are a restaurant franchisee, it is possible to earn a salary of as much as $82,000 per year, but several outside pressures will also influence this figure.

Why Do Most Franchises Fail?

Successful franchising depends on the franchisee and business matching. They must also match on finances and business skill. Finally, the franchisor must be able to make the investment in the brand.

We’ve seen a lot of failures over the years, which is why we focus so heavily on creating the best franchise offering in our marketplace.

You can actually become a franchise owner without a college degree, but you need to be willing to put in the time and effort to learn more about the business side and the franchising side.

How Much Does A 7-Eleven Franchise Make?

7-Eleven is known for its delicious food and drinks, and on average the franchise stores make about $1.4 million per year. In 2019, the stores turned over $18.66 billion.

That means you can conclude that your 7-Elevens are doing very well financially regardless of location.

If you’d like to read more about 7-Elevens, you can read more about the franchise and franchise chains in general in our posts on whether or not 711 is a franchise, franchising in general, franchising in Canada specifically, and franchise chains.


When the film was first released, it was marketed as a women’s empowerment film. Women were told that it would feature a woman who was a victim of abuse who takes action to take back her rights and that the movie would make women stronger.

Additionally, 62% of franchise owners have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and veteran franchise-owners account for about 14% of all franchise owners.

Although Franchise Business is a good choice for someone with good business skills to start a business and a good experience in business as it can be very profitable. But it should not be the first choice of a person who doesn’t have a good financial condition.


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