Does Costco Accept Mastercard? (why Costco Customers Are Annoyed!)

Costco is a store where you can buy large quantities of any type of food at a very affordable price. While this is a great feature of the store, the Costco experience is not always so great for shoppers.

In the last 6 months, Costco has agreed to accept Visa, and Mastercard, as a third-party payment card.

Does Costco Accept Mastercard In 2022?

Costco will stop accepting Mastercard credit cards in stores by 2022. While customers will be able to use Mastercard debit cards at Costco, members will not be able to use their cards for gas or in-store purchases. However, members will be able to use their Mastercard credit cards for online purchases at

It sucks for Costco because Mastercard is a widely used card, so their not having it will be very inconvenient for their current and potential customers.

See the original link for complete details on how to convert your Mastercard credit card to a Costco membership card.

Costco Has a Deal with Visa

Costco does not allow its customers to use Mastercard credit to purchase from any of its stores because it has an exclusive deal with Visa’s competitor, Mastercard.

This means that if you have a Costco Cash or Costco Gold Card you may be automatically enrolled to the American Express card if you purchase more than $35,000 in purchases from American Express.

The Visa deal ensures that when Costco accepts a credit card, it is only Visa and Visa debit and Visa prepaid. Many people who do not shop at Costco, but are considering a membership, do not like this.

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This move could convince new customers to not become members. It might keep them with other membership stores. But, it could also mean fewer new members.

Costco has done better than Walmart and others by not trying to compete with Amazon. They may make money the short term but the long term will be harder to compete with Amazon.

The most frustration that shoppers faced was when they realized they could not use their American Express Credit cards at Costco due to changes that were announced by the credit card company.

Will Costco Accept Debit Cards from Other Carriers?

Costco and Visa have an exclusive credit card deal which makes it so Costco customers can use their cards even with the debit cards.

This is a good news because people who use credit cards will still be able to use their cards for payments.

It is important to note that if you are using a different card, for example a Visa or Discover card, you should not assume that your credit and debit cards will work at an ATM in France. Many ATMs do not accept foreign cards.

Costco accepts the following forms of payment: Credit Card, Debit Card, cash, debit cards, cashiers checks, cash, money orders, and international money orders.

Costco and Visa did not limit the warehouse store from accepting broad range of payment forms.

So, this is good news for the frustrated people because it offers them several alternatives to pay at checkout. This helps those who do not use Visa credit cards.
[Verse 2]: So, with your money, you can go to a variety of sites that will help you to pay for your order.

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If you have a great credit score now, you can likely go to a new credit card for your next transaction. If your credit score is bad, you may have to get out of credit cards.

To learn more about Costco’s layaway program, you can check out our related article below that includes more information about Costco’s layaway program.


Another reason that Costco’s exclusive deal with Visa might not hinder customers is that they are not interested in using both cards. For example, those who are into extreme sports or those who spend less money than others do not necessarily want to carry both a debit and a credit card. There are times when people need both, but when you have enough money in the bank, you can pay for everything with debit card.

The Costco membership rewards program is only worth about $5 a month. However, that is more than the $4.99 that it currently costs to be a member of Costco, the largest grocery store in the United States. While it is definitely a great deal for Costco members, it is less of a bargain for the typical shopper. Costco’s current deal with Visa expires this May.

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