Does Costco Gas Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2022!)

Costco is a great place to fill up your tank if you run out of gas.

But, there are some who love apple pay. So the question is, can you use Apple Pay to buy gas at Costco?

Costco Gas Accepts Apple Pay

Costco gas stations will not accept Apple Pay payments because many of the machines they use don’t support it. However, some Costco gas stations will accept Apple Pay even though they don’t offer it as a payment option.

All it comes down to having a contactless reader that allows you to use your iPhone wallet for gas payments.

You should still be ready if you’re paying with your credit card at a particular gas station for the first time. However, all Costco locations accept them. We will discuss that later.

Continue reading to learn more about Apple Pay at Costco, and other payment options available at Costco’s gas stations.

Is Costco accepting Apple Pay at its stores?

Apple Pay is available at all Costcos, clubs included, as well as online and in the food court. Although you won’t find many Costco gas stations that accept Apple, it is still possible.

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How to use Apple Pay at Costco

Apple Pay at Costco can be easier than other stores. All you have to do is place your phone near the NFC card reader, and then complete the payment.

Keep in mind that your purchase method (in-store, online or via the app) could change the way the process works.

Costco Club

The process for making a purchase with Apple Pay at Costco Clubs will differ slightly.

These are the steps:

Apple Pay for iPhone Face ID:

Apple Pay using iPhone Touch ID

Apple Pay via Apple Watch

Costco Online

These are the steps to take if you wish to pay online from your computer.

Costco App

You can also pay using the Costco app. Follow these steps to make this possible:

Apple Pay and Apple Face ID:

Apple Pay and Apple Touch ID:

Apple Pay via Apple Watch

What forms of payment does Costco Gas Stations accept?

You can pay with Visa debit cards, credit cards and cash if you go to Costco gas stations.

Mastercard and any other credit cards, including American Express or Discover, won’t work. This is why you should be aware if you plan to fill up your car at a Costco station.

Remember that you must provide the PIN if you wish to use your debit card. It might take longer.

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Costco is both a reliable grocery store and a great gas station. However, not all Costco locations accept Apple Pay. So make sure you have an alternative payment method for gas, such as cash, Visa credit cards, or debit cards.

You can use Apple Pay to buy anything in the store.

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